Sunday, March 30, 2008


yesssss so i've finally decided on blogging yes i'm gonna do it :)
           hope it wont be hard
yours truly was born 1987  ,26thjune COMMAND HOSPITAL, CALCUTTA ( yup back then that was what it was called , it sounded soo nice naa) ,to army parents , dad was a lieutanant back then &ma just 25 ( yup really young)
ma says she thought it was a boy 'coz well hehhe, my cry was pretty much like a roar ( oops!!)
 my dida ( granny) used to make these wonderful sweaters 4 me ( she sez its always 4 the baby's best to have human touch in her clothes ) , right after that we went 2 some posting ( sry cant recount the name of that place) . so here are a few of my karnama's :p
a) as a baby i hated cerelac , & well , actually threw a whole bowl on some lady who tried 2 feed it to me forcefully

b) 1ce me & my brother had a pneumonia , and those sisters %%@#* well they used to inject me rite where it wud hurt most only wen i'd fall asleep , now being a kid of 4  yrs i couldnt take this na insaafi any more - so after 1 such attack , i 'd taken all the cups , dolls , slippers etc that i could gather & went up to the nurse's room & had thrown all that on them with full force( poor mom)

c)now this 1 is the best
  i had to give an admission test 2 get into Army public school ,Bhatinda( Punjab) for class 1 , bt the teacher there gave a class 2 questionnaire by mistake!
i did almost everything but cud'nt figure out the hindi , thats wen my mom thought hey wats taking her so much of time as every1 had gone away & i was there 4 an xtra 1/2 an hr . my mom came & saw tht i had been given a class 2 ka paper & pointed tht 2 the teacher , the teacher meanwhile , quickly to cover up her mistake sed " ohh!! koi baat nahi she'll get it"
but she didnt know the fury of miss roy did she??

   uhh mmm & then all she cud see was my pencil box flying 2wards her , but thanx 2 my mom's practise she caught it jst b4 it cud hit tht teacher . & then walked out miss roy with her head held high .

that was what childhood was like 4 me - in general i wud be this really well behaved girl in a nice frilly frock , who did her h.w regularly , but hey if u had done anything wrong to me , well , lord save u .

somewhere down the line maybe i havent changed at all , but being an army kid one of the 1st lessons we learn is  enjoy every moment as it comes along coz u know it wont last long . time doesnt stand so that u can feel sad to have left ur school , there r tests to be studied 4 , new friends to be made , parties u have  to attend , & things to be packed again. 


vanilla sky said...

wow ! a star is born !

last para is very nice :)

vanilla sky said...

hahahaha! u had told about those pneumonia and class 2 thing!!

sher bachha!

Mads said...

u used to throw things at people when ur angry, eh?
God save your husband when u have a fight :-s