Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Girl at the Desk- Silver Linings

It had been five years that life had slowly passed by me as I worked in the same company , the same floor and the same project .

I had become the spider queen who had spun her web round and around the same desk .

The festivals , the appraisals , the competitions, the coffees , the politics , everything repeated over the years. And so did I.

When things like this happen , we often tend to give up , settle with what we have and loose hope bit by bit.

Its a test of your optimism where a constant feeling gnaws away saying
that just like others this too wont work out and this too shall pass. "You should not have hoped at all"

We often like to think , that things will turn brighter one day ,
 that one day by some miracle we will get what we think we have always deserved,
that one day life will change.

I do not have the heart to be as deluded as I once was and shout
"Yes , it's possible , you will get your shiny horse and will ride away to the sunset" ,
but I am also a realist hanging on the tenterhooks of optimism so I"ll say yes it's possible .

When returning from office today ,with the sun shining in all its glory on me ,
 I realised that its been three months that I have changed countries,
that I will probably not have to see that same desk for a long time now ,
that those same sickening and tiring words and people wont be seen now.
And that while moving away , I have left a certain part of me behind.

That part of me , the girl on the desk is still there ,
 she knows her wait is almost there ,
but some part of her still doesn't want to let go of it .

The other part is here . This is the present and the now.