Saturday, September 12, 2009

a time long gone by

No one is blogging.

I don't have much to write about either.

will be soon shifting from colony-mode to apna ghar wala mode.

will really miss diwali celebrations and football ground and basketball court even though i never played.

Once upon a time there lived a sweet family, all in coherence with each other. 'tis was a time when the word 'dysfunctional' was unheard of . The kids used to study hard and play harder. The mom used to cook dinner and make her children learn the intricacies of addittion and fractions . Every Dussehra she used to draw on the chart papers for her daughter's school project. She taught her son the art of bicycling. Winter mornings were spent making up "snow" and as evening came a big red star would be put up . Socks used to be hung in excitement about what Santa would bring. 9pm would be the time to turn in .

Then that time would come . Mom would let them miss the noon nap . And with baited breath they used to wait for him to come . Dad used to bring along crackers of all shapes, sizes and colors. 'Tis they celebrated together.