Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Start of the Middle

Age, I seriously used to think , was just a number. And that was before I realized that I would turn a quarter of a century in about a 2 months.
The "realization" came today, while having my regular shaam ki coffee, and discussing why aries and cancerians are not the ideal match whe, my friend asked me my birthday. 26th June.. yes , its arriving and fast.

Its like a chant shot through my head "Turning 25th, This 26th"

catchy huh? Maybe could it be useful to some ad guy running through 'these blog shogs'.

25 is the middle of turning 50.
50 is the age when you ought to be well into your way to prosperity, have had 2 or 3 kids (all grown up) ,going off to college, your home is all set ,your car is tuned just the way you like it and finally you can claim to know your partner (mann mann me you know its almost 75%) in and out.

So, 25 is the beginning of the middle.

Flitting between work , home and trying to learn a thousand new ways of growing up, the age factor skips you.You know that 2 years back you were in college and haven't probably done much of growing up , one day you were meeting up with the H.O.D discussing frantically about some ATMEG microcontroller and the next day you are meeting up with you Team Lead , deciding what your future initiatives will be.

You tell me , where is the difference?

And then there are some people who squash your ego daily and you learn how to deal with it.
Then there are some more, who love you to no ends and you learn how to love them back (though in an off handish cool manner). Then you learn , how to brush apart "stuff" , cry some tears , have some fun and get over with it and again face the day with a new you.

25 is when you stop taking most things to heart, and know how to keep it straight.
You realize that though there are many things undone ( that sport you had learn, that Masters degree you wished to complete, that guy you had to date , those whole new possibilities which sound a bit stale now), there are still lots to do .

Though this time on , one has much less time that before. And then I think, are those things achievable, or should I just settle for something which will be just achievable and wont put the burden of thoughts on me again.
Be Happy with what I have? Or yearn to have more and more (of me?)

Is it enough (or really required) to follow the path your thoughts paved or is it time to make another one (yet again) .

The start of the middle tells you how time is flying .

I did not think that I would be what I am when I was 13 , and yet I feel smug. If I met Amrita Age 14 , I would be kind to her :)

Is it time to pick up the pieces and assemble them ? Or break the vase , stow away the flowers and start with some fresh coffee.

So yes things didn't quite turn up the way you (yes the Utopian you) thought would and neither does it show any signs of being such.

But there are new motivations, satisfactions and things to derive from and somehow these "things" seem better options. ( who knows I might someday write atleast almost like a certain Durjoy Dutta, haha)

Maybe life is but a Piece Of Cake, nice, moist, spongy and with the bitterness of chocolate.
We know it makes us fat, but what the heck is a lil bit of cholesterol , if its so lovely while it lasts.

I already feel invigorated.

And its only 25 right ? Who says I wont be hot at 50 ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rolling In The Deep

"We could have had it all

Rolling in the deep

You had my heart inside of your hand

And you played it, to the beat"


Linkin Park