Thursday, June 24, 2010

Batch 2006-2010

I'm leaving , I really am and its unavoidable, not that I ever wanted to avoid it.

I've been walking down the same lane for the last four years, knowing always that this day would come.I haven't been sentimental at all, except the day before my last exam, didn't study, kept remembering everything and everyone. How we'd all met, congregated together, all with specific goals for the future. Things, goals, people have changed in these four years, the change was subtle yet now one can see them clearly.

Few people know this, but when I was taking a year break after my boards, I had enrolled in a day college (just like that, to have something to show for the year lag) I went there for exactly one class and hated it. I knew that place wasn't me, I cried when I got home and resolved never to go back there. That was the best decision.

I guess I'm not really feeling a sense of loss, because I know what's mine will always be there for me. It was one of those places where there was a strong sense of belonging, it kinda adapted itself to me like I was always meant to be there, like I knew that good things were bound to happen here and that nothing else would feel the same way.

.Life is bitter sweet you know, and most people leave a fleeting impression on us , however there are some who bring out the best in us by letting us be what exactly we are. We face life in the best way possible, and it might boomerang, nevertheless your strength lies in thinking that some fine day it would all measure up.

Have been thinking of a hundred ways of writing this post , and with three drafts ready, still can't decide which one sums it up. 'Coz nothing could sum up everything. It"ll pitiable if I even attempted to add it up. So lets just live the moment and look forward to whatever comes along.

We"ll be stepping into a new kinda world ( to state the obvious) but wherever y'all go , what we had was good and it"ll remain that way. Let's just have cool lives.

And now for some fun to end this post. Following is an excerpt from something a silly girl wrote four years back..


"........... right now my life is pretty smooth with studies going good( touche wood). You know I just love going to college and I mean anyone would after an isolation period so long. And since I'm writing after such a long time lets start by giving an intro of my classmates :-

S :- She's become a relatively good friend over a short span of time, especially since I'm so not into fast friends. She seems a lil shy but otherwise is pretty nice and really helpful!!.

........... I think A is a little mad as in he is not as mature as a regular 19 year old should be but that's likable and its always cute to watch a " A and R " fight......... "

I could only smile when I read it. :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food For Thought

What do you like? When you get up in the morning? Something to go with your tea? or coffee? or the plain good old beverage.
Cream biscuits or the butter filled ones never really made my day good, always preferred the Krack-'n'-Jack variety and with coffee would be best.Maybe a Plain cake with no other variants like fruit or nuts would be nice too.

Breakfast when I'm alone consists of two dark toasts with honey (never preferred butter but make do with it when necessary) a nice lil sandwich made with my special family filling - just jab at a boiled egg, some tomato sauce, cheese, and more sauce and its done. Tastes delicious!

How do people eat butter? like literally eating it without putting it on/in something. Its like it sticks to your throat.
waise upma tastes yummy with it in it and so does soup.

At midday again, when there's that familiar feeling of not wanting to drone on and yet have something to nibble at they say you should have some fruits. I hate fruits btw, most of the time, with a very few exceptions. Its summer time and I haven't yet come across a single mango I like. woe begone! Way back when we were in Assam, there used to be a litchi tree in our garden, a big one, I remember climbing it, putting up a cane jhula on it and then having a massive fall, but the thing one rememebers the most are the litchies, loads and loads of them. I think I've had strawberries only once at a friend's house. There's this scene in Pretty Woman about how strawberries bring out the taste in champagne. yet to try both :)

I make do with some kind of shake ( My mom gives me the eye if I have more than 1 spoon of coffee a day so no cold coffee every day)

Lunch is usually home made stuff, dal with ghee and achar,rice,fish curry (detest fish but eat it nevertheless) or chicken or my rajma (which is seldom cooked coz' I'm its only fan) or paneer (which is awefully cooked by maid dearest). Mom cookes only on holidays making them more delicious and my appetite more eager for each of her biryani/echor/posto/malai chingri/ilish/keema yum yum !

I guess what I'm trying to say is that food connects. Its not only the aroma or the flavor that you remember its something of a memory too. Like whenever we order a Sizzler, the story of how when I was lil girl of only five had polished off a full sizzler leaving my parents astounded coz' before that, my appetite was unheard off. There are these little things which connect us with people, some food my evoke good memories and some bad ( Like Chandler Bing's memory of Thanksgiving. heh!)

There was someone who once asked me why I didnt shift to hostel( my home was about an hour and half from my college then) , and I seriously couldn't find a better reason than 'good ol' home food'.

I remember my brother most when it comes to sandwiches. He makes even the simplest ones taste and look so good. He and his gf have this rule of not buying gifts for each other. So on her birthday he baked a cake for her, and for us too :) Young love !

Once my dad tried to cook some dinner, well he tried making some kinda roast with red wine which was to put it in kind words : Puke worthy. He has since then, been restricted to breakfasts only. Mum though, specialises in everything and scolds me if I sing when helping her, she says hey it requires as much concentration as your padhai.

That leaves me, the one who spills more pours less, burns more cooks less, eats more asks less, and if left to her own means would truly sincerely doggedly try to pursue what they've accomplished.However, After much trying & failing would take out a pack of cheeselings and munch on them.

And therefore I usually eat anything eatable. No complaints , no demands :)

P.S: Reading about food makes me hungry as well.