Saturday, April 26, 2008

To Girls

A lil deviation from my usual style of topics , thought that had to write something about what we all are - no actually some1 commented on my blog " a lady engineer's blog - novelty !" , thats what made me think - this guy had not commented about anything else but just about the fact that its a "girl engg. 's blog" . Was he so surprised?? really !! thats the 1st thought that came to my mind .

But then again i read an article in Times O. I , about 2 lil girls who had to scavenge for their food in garbage dumps bcoz their mother would not cook fresh food for them - only for their brother . The last line of the article read " wen will we care for girl child ?" . Yes I know that our heart goes out 2 such people , we feel bad , maybe for a sec , a min or an hour but after that we get on wit our lives as we were ! Then again on the first page was an article about how women nowadays are calling shots at relationships - kareena dumped shahid , padma lakshmi did that to salman rushdie & britney to kevin f.

What absolutely opposing ideas they were !

Even in colleges like mine & many u'll find subtle changes made for a gal - like girls shud be paired up wit some hatta gatta guy during workshop , by 3rd year a boyfriend is a must, girls can only ratta marofy everything witout understanding etc etc the list goes on . Call it what u may , but i can never get it that y many girls submit 2 such nonsense , y the hell can they not stand up 4 themselves ? Ofcourse there are the beautiful ones who wit their "nekami " ( sry cudnt really find a better word ) get what they want .

Excuses like " have walked too much in the sun so wont be able to give the test or cant stay out for classes at 5 coz " oo I'm so tired " " should be banned !! how can u even say such a thing .

& u know wat's the worst part is wen u dont do such things u r dubbed " grl who's a boy or boyish girl " ya well i'd like to hear what they'd call those who hav 2 walk 5km to get to their school or about women who have to toil in fields all day long but even then wen they come back home they have 2 dabaofy their bloody saas's feet !!!!

When i was in class 7 , there was a chapter in our hindi book called " ladki" that was the 1st time i had known that such behaviour existed . It is such an irony that girls from villages or relatively bad financial cond. homes are the ones who tolerate everything even though they know that it wrong while richer girls like us submit to all types of nakhras !! This is more shocking bcoz most of the girl child education , rights etc have been made keeping in mind the poorer girls .

Girls & Guys are genetically & mentally different - you cant change that . But just think a lil b4 being what guys will call chivalry ( which may be cheating during exams basically to show off , no offence against those who do it wit pure intentions :P ) would u have helped some old lady on the road or shown lil kindness to the lil girl begging by singing songs . to girls who do all that please have some respect for urself . & To those who dont do such lallu giri " I like u & keep it up coz ur true value will shine through & u dont need to any silent norms of this society"

Saturday, April 19, 2008


yipppeeeeeeee!!! i used to see this tag thing on other people's blog & longed 2 write 1 myself :) thanx saheli :)
ok here it goes
1.last movie you saw in a theatre?

2.what book are you reading?
I am so boring that i'v been reading only S.P. seth ( electromagmestism ) , salvihanan(digital) ,boylsted(analog elec.ckts)

3.favourite board game?
scrabble,carrom i used 2 like playing UNO

4.favourite magazine?
Filmfare, Stardust , used 2 read Reader's Digest :) no study things here :P :P

5.favourite smell?
has to be of mummy ( really i know wen she's near) , that after the rain smell of mitti, & ya success smells sweet

6.favourite sound?
the sound of chatter, tht of koel, waterfalls, & also try listening to the serenity of mountains -its divine

7.worst feeling ever?
feeling tht i cud've helped but cud'nt, wen used 2 see ppl enjoying & knew ws nt 1 of them.

8.what is the first thing you think when you wake up?
"geyser on kori , breakfast me kya banaoo, rony ke jagaii?"

9.favourite fast food place?
Burp @ Forum, KKusum's @ park st , & ya exide ka puchkawallah

10.future child's name?
really embarrasing 2 write abt it but some months bak, i thought "geet" wud b a nice name :)

11.finish this sentence " if i had a lot of money i'd...
"buy 2 merc , & a nice house , some property of my own , loads of diamond jewellery 4 my family & me , wud meet indira nooyi ( @least wit pretext of buying pepsico. :P) , buy bags by louis vuitton, clothes by Versace, shoes by Jimmy choo & then make size 4 the nu size 0 hhehhehehhehe you drive fast?
no yaar , even witout driving "fast" i crash -always :( you sleep with a stuffed animal?
NO- im not retarded

14.storm cool or scary?
didnt get this Q - but i like cool weather but am more of a hyperactive person

15.what was you first car?
dont have 1 now , but u can refer 2 Q.11 for future ref.

16.favourite drink?
mazza, frooti, milkshakes , cold coffee, - yummmyyyyy - u know i maybe 1 of the few people who actually likes her morning glass of milk

17.finish this sentence "if i had the time i would?
really like to visit all my ex-schools & areas wr i had stayed , take photos ,recount old lost memories you eat the stems of broccoli?

19.if you could dye you hair,which colour would it be?
a ill part of me wants 2 dye the insides of my hair a shade of very dark blue the different cities /town you have lived in?
hmmmmm kolkata, dehradun, missamari ( in assam) , bhatinda ( punjab) , shilllong, tezpur ( assam) ,& bak to kolkata . have been to delhi , shantiniketan ( for hols only)

21.favourite sports to watch?
occasionaly cricket , but i just love how a gymnasts body twirls nice thing about the person who sent you this?
always helping , never imposes her marzi on u , really kind & sweet & yet wit correct amt of morals

23.whats under you bed?
dunno , havent been there u see!

24.would you like to be reborn as yourself?
lets ans tht ques aftr 24 yrs

25.morning person or night owl?
both - but nt the 4am kind :) , but im ceratinly nt a noon person
26.over easy,or sunny side up?
sunny side up!

27.favourite place to relax?l
in front of the TV ( the best man made invention - i think :P :D )

28.favourite pie?
chocolate yummmmm

29.favourite ice cream flavour?
chocolate wins hands down , but i also lovee the orange ice candy in summers

30.of all the people you have tagged who will respond to this first?
nobody reads this blog - but even then i"ll tag abhay ( hope he's nt too lazy 2 respond)

& devajeet

Friday, April 18, 2008


wats this yaar ? out of the 75 odd people in my friends list only about 4 or 5 read this blg o' mine ( thanx u guys) . ya i agree that iv nt added any intresting pics or anything but i will learn how 2 do that soon ( as soon as these moronic xams finish off . )
but those who do read it give suggestion na ? & spread the word na !!! u know how shy i am hehehheeh ,chalo chalo dost ki help to kar hi do OK???
cya gtg nw have almost 5 exams nxt week - teachers gone mad syndrome , dunno wats gonna happen ? anyways ciao 4 now & bbyye

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


1st of all here's wishing u all a SHUBHO NOBOBORSHO

ya getting back to the topic now , our fest this time was a 7 day affair - 3days for the tech fest DAKSHH 2008 aaaaannnnnnndddddd 4days for ECELECIA 2008 ( hhehhehe what fun it was!!)

So, the tech fest started on 28.04.08 with a bang , ya i mean this time Red FM & Telegraph were one of the many sponsors !!!!!! & it was far more exciting than last time , we did take part in the brainotonics wala contest , but alas! we had to show our identity cards ( mine was stolen in thhe 2nd sem *sob* ) to get a prize , anyway still cant make head or tail of the only problem we got stuck on [ L + O = SS : which corporate saying does this signify ? , if any1 knows bout this 1 plzzzzzzz tell us]

hehehehhhe and after that we tuk a spur o' the moment decision & went to c RACE . ( wow kya muvi thi yaar , super cool , { only anil & sameera shud've been thrown out} i think now i know a part of wat kareena sees in saif ]

returning to the fest mania - the rest of it was on a sun & sat ( i didnt go - how bad of me )

heard that there was an aeroshow - which was faboulous , & ya was quite happy to know that many of my friends had taken part in it & also reached quite far - like devajeet's grp ( saw their cute robot - abhay sez its a boy! ask him y ) then heard that snigdha - avishek had also participated & so had the high IQ grp o' our class ( vijay , santosh , sharad , & a 4th 1 - really how much do they have in their brains yaa? ) , dhruhin got thru the semifinals in some hacking wala game ( i hope they dont give u kaya skin clinic ka voucher - u dont need it hehehhehhe )

- while urs truly sat at home & watched tv lalallalaa .

& After 2 -3 days of boring classes wit a test thrown in - we had our CULTURAL FEST !! :) :)

me & saheli decided not 2 go on the 1st day - bangla band *duh* , anyway the show gt washed out -thanx 2 the kalboishakhi , norwesters wateva u call it .

i shifted to dida bari - to b closer to clg :) & friday came - ahhh the dj nite

god knows wat got into me & i wore high heels *ahem* tht wr painful 2 say the least !!!
but it was 1 cool nite ( no nothing to do wit the fact tht people thought tht i ws lukin good )
kya masti kya dhoom - we had - dj played all the nu remixes - & some ppl went mad ( some others wr drunk ) taught saheli a to -n-fro motion wala dance vich she did all the time - but of course there wr gals - & wat grls they wr - who went all wild - dancing full on wit bf's ( he he)
finally wit feet aching a head full o' sweat we went bak home @ 8 ( my dida sed its allrite coz " ekhon shopping er jonno rasta jomjomat " )

Saturday - ahhh we thought tht we'd see the fashion show ( having missed the backless wonder last year ! ) & reached @ 5 wit full enthusiasm . but alas rain devta ko ye manzoor nahi tha & garaj garaj sawan ghir aayoo , we had 2 sit in the canteen for 2 whole hours wit hopes of seeing the fashion show dashed ! oh ya 4gt 2 mention ws wearing a salwar kameez ( 2nd time this yr !!!! ) had my hair open (i guess it must've luked ok or weird coz sourav asked wether it was a wig :0 !!!!!!!! ) finally, it was 8:30 b4 we knew it & we rushed bak wit the whole day gone waste . But of course all hope ws not lost coz there ws still a day more left

THE BIG SUNDAY - In case u all hav been wondering wat happened about my gal frnds , oo well then must say each 1 o' them loked completely like a hoor ki pari ( angels i.e. ) , i think dusk does this something to females that they luk cooler , prettier , i really want 2 use that s wrd now , heheehhe & a lot more ( i really hav my tongue in my cheek :P )

ya as we wr going , gt a sms 4rm victor - he's gt thru tcs & cts ( & also went on his 1st " ahem " date ( plz dont kill me 4 writing abt it ) ) wish him all the best

So we finally reached our clg - & by god kya bheed thi waha , after all EUPHORIA was coming yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) ;) :) ( i swear aisa laga vanvallah ke bacche had also come )

me , saheli & parnisha as decided wr wearing skirts ( ah the 1st time this year ) lets say we wr luking gud :) , i had taken the risk of nt wearing my glasses , abhay sed adtya will appear slim ( actually he did appear so ! )

&then after much waiting shaiting Euphoria finally came at 9 pm , or wo bhi ane ke pehle itna bhaav !!!!!!!! some guy came & pakaoed us so much!! i really felt like kicking him

& then " om bhur bhuvasvahaa.... " the crowd erupted wit cheers & palash sen belted out some of his spcl hits & then came tht chat wit the crowd " ekhane ki all meye ra engg ??? " we wr all like " yaaaaaaaaaaa" then he sed " oh god engg grls r worth a golds wait " i thought ki oi idhar to tera wait hum kar rahe the , then another song & every 1 ws singing along

oooofffffff fir na bande ne bare sexist jokes mare lk " eto kom engg girls tht means grls hav kam dimag " or " grls dont hav any sur ka gyan coz all our band members r guy s"

DUH! I was almost going to throw snigdha's sandals at him ( grrrrrr)

but jo bhi ho after tht they sang song after song & really every1 had fun , out of the few compli's we received, avishek sed " tu finally larki lag rahi hai " *gosh* thanx yaar never thot tht way (hmphh)

then it got really late - 10 pm u know . since none of us hav a bf me saheli & parnisha formed a 3ka circle & wr ball dancing ( guys ke sath ye maza kaha ) it was real fun , also we wr standing on chairs half of the time to get a gud view hehhheheh , tuk care nt 2 wear heels this time ,

and it was 10:20 - me & saheli ran like 2 cinderellas only it was 12 for her & 10 for us .

the fest fever was over , but u know wat these 4- 5 days r wen the whole clg comes alive , i mean 1 day u may be a nobody but after fest maybe every1'll point at u n say hey isnt this the guy / grl who won a date wit palash . Also more than the functions & nach gana , its also the grt company that u r in makes an event so enjoyable , i mean can u imagine som1 witout any frnds , no 1 to dance wit or crack jokes wit - usko kitna maza aaega yar ?? Cant wait till the next one :)

P.S. 1. saheli & i r seriously thinking abt bf's - itne raat ko 2 bechariyan ghar akele laute ? after all akeli larki khulli tizori hoti hai :p :P hahahahahahaha . we r also willing 2 share a guy:P :P

2. saw some pple dancing wen they wr drunk hahahahahaa very funny that was, also grls smoking was a ramapant scene ( shud i change my conservative thots ? )

3. abhay has particularly mentioned tht he likes bhaggu girls & will marry a gujju grl 4 sure ( so any1 thinking otherwise , try ur luck somwr else)

4 , saw ratna's spcl som1 , both looked cool ( abhay & co. plz dont tease her anymore tht guy is double ur height) , also heard abt komolikas bf ( missed the sight ( ! ) )

5. congrats to devajeet & all for the fashion show ::)

The day after the fest too i kept thinking about it :) - wat fun all of us had - this will be reflected in the SKP's test taken nxt day :( , & ya those who missed it this time must catch up the nxt time coz u know wen these 4 yrs r over maybe even if u'd want 2 come in u wont b able to . so jst make the best of this time :)

I'm really gonna miss my college days

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Now those who have read my previous posts , may have wondered that why do i use the word "civilian" .
To start with , being an army kid u learn almost everything about life by 19 ( ie how to face people , wat 2 say wen & wat not 2 say , wat 2 say jisse fayda ho , all etiquettes & ya all that ) but wat u dont learn , is that , how to mingle with the 'non -army ' people .
the trick that most of us learn is to charm ur way thru people , lets c wether that helped me in my life or not.
lemme start with the samll things - while growing up we never really stayed in kolkata 4 long , jst 4 the summer holidays which wud b divided between dida bari & thakumar bari , & ya visits to & from relatives wud b inevitable ."inevitable " because at that time we didnt like them , not the relatives of course they wr really sweet people trying to make us comfortable all the time , but me & my brother cud'nt really understand the language ( i mean yaaa we did speak it at home but only bcoz of ma - thank god ki she taught us som bangla , me & my bro never speak in bangla , nor do we do that with papa ) especially wen pple speak it soo fast , also the culture wud be so different , durga puja meant a 10 day ka hols 4 us but we came to talk about it as dussehra , funny it seemed then that people didnt know wat it was to ' close ' their plates , that
some laughed and sed " ohh maaa" wen we sed " good afternoon / morning / night , uncle /aunty" .
if some1 else asked us " hey r u 4rm calcutta" , we wud be quick to reply " yes we are , but we dont know bengali " , It was only later on did i realize that that every armi bachha does that , doesnt matter 4rm vich part he / she is 4rm " all they sat is - yes we r 4rm there , but we dont know the language"
So y is it so ?? y r we so uncomfortable wen we go 2 our own relatives? I think its because deep down its embedded in us that we r some how different 4rm the 'civilians" . I was going thru life like this wen we got posted to kolkata.

After coming here we made many bengali friends ( yes they wr civilians) & u know wat slowly we realized "hey they r nt bad or anything"
actually the thing is wen u dont understand a language , pple r nt always kind enuf 2 translate it 4 u , thats wen u think that perhaps they r making fun of u .
By now i had many friends here , & had slowly started to resent the feeling about the difference between . there is this thing in army circles - u r either a MAY QUEEN ( a beauty pageant vich takes place every may) grl or u r not . i belong to the latter . & thankfully i had many civilian friends who neither knew about such a thing nor asked silly questions , THANK GOD
Its been about 8 years since we've shifted to kolkata & it finally feels like home . i mean abhi bhi lagta hai " hey 8 yrs se no posting , can u imagine that??"
i travel by state buses & not 3tons or jeeps or jongas anymore ,nothings more yummy than phuchka. I'v learnt loads of bangla , thanx to clg people , but hindi still remains my language , i have also learnt that to many people my background doesnt matter , that all i need is to be happy with the way my friends are . Well there are some people who ask me" hey amrita , tui gun tulechis?? AK - 47 dekhechish?? kabhi chalaya hai" or just " arre colonel ki daughter "
But u know wat all i can do is smile coz im just as proud of wat my dad does as anybody wud feel about their dad . & for those who dont know , an officer is not really allowed to take home AK 47 and show it to his kids ;) , nor do they really talk about wat they all have to do in kashmir or any such area .
SO i guess now im an Army-Civilian gal & referring to the may queen thing . a friend recently sed " hey amrita , army grls r supposed to b the sexy cutey types , u r not , but ur intellect is maha attractive" . he he eehhehhehe :)