Thursday, July 31, 2008


" I would call you up every Saturday night
And we both stayed out 'til the morning lig ht
And we sang, "Here we go again"And though time goes by
I will always be, In a club with youIn 1973
Singing "Here we go again"

Thats how this song of James Blunt goes by & it makes me smile .I had actually hated that " you are beutifaaaaaaaal" song , but this one sings of an era where the guy still calls up 'Simona' even when he's really old.

& no I'm not going mushy or expecting the same , i just tend to like this song :)

Then again, saw a movie "THE HOLIDAY " day before yesterday .
this is what a really old guy in the movie said

In a movie there's always a leading lady
&there's a best friend , but for some reason ,
you are behaving like the best friend of your life

For the time being , I cant really find words more truer than these. Its nice to be good to others , but there's a leading lady in all of us , is'nt there ? all we have to do is let her take hold :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

* why is it that time spent with friends flies faster than usual?? *

* killed a cockroach today . poured the water from the pan in which had boiled an egg on the creature *

* what say about Bachna ae haseeno? confession -- i like ranbir k. in this movie ( this after blatantly lying to many (sorry)) . He does look like a cad .I mean Deepika & Ranbir do seem to be made for each other , but lets see what happens nxt with these serial partner changers :) .

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hey all , have literally been down in the dumps for the last few days , but as they say ''lekin raat ke hi baad to savera hota hai " I'm back & could'nt be feeling better about it . Instead of boring you further with the 'whats & why's ' let me get straight to the topic .
Have realised that however much one puts up with this big bad world & shows that "Ha ! I care two hoots about what you say or F*** off or get a LIFE , dude" , there is a teeny-weeny portion of our heart which feels a lil bad when someone says a awful things about us . & there I was thinking what the hell was I being so morose about ? then realised it was a ' who' the hell was I morose for ?? People , this post is dedicated to those jerks , who have no other work than giving me advice ( ahem) about how I should live my life or rather these are the kinds jinke cheek par mera abhi man kar raha hai ekkkk faaaaaaaattttak lagaoo . :D did you say " the jab we met ' principle , as in where geet anshuman ko bhar bhar ke galiyan deti hai . I actually believe thats good for your health.

Ha ,so a zoooorrrrrrr ka punch to the following **^%%@ ( think of the person you hate the most)
wierdo no 1 ---> those boorish people who pretend to be judges of one or the other reality show . there are many of the same kind roaming in our society , & some of them may be even living in our nieghbourhoods,homes etc. these are those losers who pass comments like " My god how did you lose / gain so much weight " & this will be from som1 who's pakka anoerexic or a blue whale ! . " or " hainnn I thought you were a gooooodd kid , how did you get only 8.37 '" i feel like telling " abbe kabhi integration ka nam bhi suna hai??"

jerk no. 2 ---> the likes of rakhi sawant , & most of the splitsvilla girls ( esp. bosky & bianca ) --- ya everyone realises the their utmost urgency to talk but cant these glorified maid servants atleast talk within normal human decibel range instead of SHOUTING almost anything and everything.
ps - isnt Vishal like sooooo cute ( never thought i'd use that word :p ) hai na???whos Vishal did u ask ?? tune in to Mtv sat 7pm

gadha no. 3 --- now when i see them all i feel like saying is " maar maar ke aisa haal banaoongi & sharm nahi aatii?? " girls also do it all the time but I get more pissed off when a guy does it .
these gadhas try to use quick one liners on you thinking that you'll be swooning over them & what do they do all this for " eh heeh hey darling will u sit in front of me in the next class test or baby could you lend me those notes " YUCK , cant they just straightaway ask for it & plz dont even get me started about the cheap 'quick' flirts . I dont how many of such people can i take on !!!

madam idiot ---> she tells me to wear a salwar kameez citing it as a formal wear IN COLLEGE !! all the time !! will some one please tell her kind about things like backless 8 stringy salwaar kamezzes?? & its not like i wear tank tops & prance around . seriously ! this is also the kind which believes any one & everyone must get married by 24 :o
air ,air i need oxygen . before any of you jump down my throat , let me also clarify that i dont have any problem with people wearing it , i myself had it as school dress , but its just a matter of choice .

hahaha,am really enjoying this now

duffer no 4-- you guys must have experienced this that the so called 'comitted' couples get possesive about their other half as soon as a singleton arrives , throwing various warning glances at you all of which say " mera saiiyaan sirf mera hi hai ' ohhh god , & then these duffers start linking you up with anybody you speak to & mind you that is supposed to be a ploy of theirs :p , somebody please give them some sense of security as ashirwaad !!!!!

and of course last but not the least
loser no 5 ---> what can i say about these losers yaaaar , inke khilaf kuch bolo to gussa ho jate hai . Yup , they have never taken a sane bit of advice once in their entire life because , yaaa how do they put it " I'm the best , why should I see beyond myself " meaning " I have an ego the size of a T-Rex " !!!! They think that they have every right to demean everyone else , but if you dare say anything against him / her basssssss you'r dead man !!

aaahhhhh !!! am already feeling so light :D this venting out session was good . I mean I've finally got it out of my system , negativity zindabad !!! actually i just wanted to give all of the above 1 tight slap & was rearing to go . Immaturish , did you say ? to mat bol na yaar , gussa sab ko hi aata hai :)

ps - friends who know me personally -- plz i want to say this in a way as less rudely as possible , but plz dont question me whether whatever I post was / is true or not , coz it is , remember the title , ? :) confirm kyu karna ? :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have I become snobbish of late , or rather out of touch with reality? I feel as if have created a world of high ideals which even i cant satisy all the time . no smoking , drinking or pyar mohaabat , & I think only I'm well off without these. .No bitching ( well , sometimes), no emotions, no laughing at 'sex'y jokes -How nicely has this art been perfected by me or maybe not coz I'm not like that in college - have I started caring whether people take me seriously or whether they percieve me as 'cool' or then again is it all an attempt to be someone who's out of league & 'different'?But I dont fake emotions , then what is it?
/*A friend once said " I know you think of me as a wierdo or rather a person who's just too common , but I'm the one whos normal"*/
And , now again I think , am i boring you all with my jibberish again , have'nt I bored you enough with my over enthusiasm?
Just some thoughts , these were , wish someone would say " wats this " & slap me now to wake me up from whatever crazy thoughts have been thinking .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jane tu Ya????

Kahin to.. kahin to,hogi woh , duniya jahan tu mere saaath hain ,
jahan main ,jahan tu, aur jahan bas tere mere jazbaat hain,

hoti jahan subah teri ,palkon ki kirano mein
lori jahan chand ki sune teri bahon mein...

[Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
jahan meri zindagi mujhse
itni khafa nahi ] - [2]

Saasein kho gai hai kiski aahon mein?
main kho gai hoon jane kiski baahon mein ?
manzilon se rahe dhondte chali
aur kho gai hai manzil kahin rahon mein,

Kahin to ,kahin to hai ,nasha teri meri har mulakat mein
honton se honton ko ,chumti rehete hai hum har baat pe,
kehti hain fiza ,jahan teri zaameen aasman
jahan hai tu meri hansi ,meri khushi ,meri jaan....
[Jane na kaha woh duniya hai

jane na wo hai bhi ya nahi
jahan meri zindagi mujhse
itni khafa nahi]-2

/*Kahin To Hogi Hi Song Lyrics @*/

I had forgotten all about innocent love , having seen so many couples who really make u wanna puke with their coochie coos & then right in front of you , go & hitch up with 'someone else' !!
Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na had all the cliches - knight in shining armour , good guy beats up bad guy , best friends becoming soulmates & more , but , then again , life itself is a cliche.
I can't forget that scene where the above song is played & Jai realises that Aditi is the girl he has loved all along but had'nt thought about it before .
The only character I felt sorry for was the one played by Manjari Phadnis. Here's something for some one like her--:
" They fought , in front of her , behind her back ,
she hid under her bed , in her cupboard ,
to escape from fear ,
fear that they might leave her too just as they had left the love for
each other,
So one day she closed her eyes ,
she closed her eyes to reality ,
now everything was hers to imagine ,
she could get all the love she wanted this way
But then again He came ,
she liked him , thought that he would be with her ,
stand by her , comfort her ,
This time around she opened her eyes ,
and reality stared back at her
He left her or did she leave him & her fear??? "

hopefully zyda soppy or childish nahi hua hai :)
& now for the equally lovely translation of "Kahin To Hogi Hi"
Somewhere, somewhere ,must be the world , where you are with me ,
where I , where you , and where only our emotions reside ,
where the morning approaches only in the rays of your eyes,
where lullabies of the moon are heard in your arms.

Wonder where that world is,
wonder if it even exists,
where my life is not so disappointed in me .

In whose longing am I breathless?
Do not know whose embrace I'm lost in,
left searching the route from the destination,
[But] the destiation is lost somewhere in the route.

Somewhere, somewhere ,there is an intoxication in each of our meetings,
where our lips kiss with every spoken word,
the horizon , the earth , this world & sky ,all say
wherever you are ,my laughter , my happiness my life resides

Wonder where that world is,
wonder if it even exists,
where my life is not so disappointed in me.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

In Idleness

Aaahhh , the sem holiday has finally taken its toll on me . Lying listless for most part of the day is what I do now . Have become lazy to the power of infinity .

Woke up at 9 am !!! Can you believe it?? 9 am . haahhaha. & to think of it during the sems , would be awake till 4am , & then would again get up at 7 . I mean it seems as if the more you work , the less is the need to take rest . & when you have the time to do anything , you dont do that. After a lazy morning starts an equally laa-dee-dah noon comprisig of lunch & of course the totally nonsensical soaps . kya karu yaar? sony , z , star , you name it - all they show is kyunki , kahani , & more kkkkkkk's . speaking of kahani ghar... it's outright lack of creativity from the balaji stable to use the Arushi murder as some weird plot . I don't understand , even when a member of your family has been killed , how the hell can you deck up in benarasi saree , wear about 2 tonnes of makeup & still think of trying to solve the ''great mystery '' .
Some here may say , when the father ( that monster Dr.(?) Talwar ) did'nt care about his daughter why should the media? Good point ,but hello , what about a small thing called humanity? I really feel sorry for that girl . She got embroiled in a nasty matter , & did not know how to handle things .

Then again as eve arrives , I 'orkut' with friends , get in touch with people . Is'nt wassup or how's life the most commonest question on orkut??
Watch some silly stupid news , intermixed with mTV - so that my brain registers that as the inflation is going boom boom up the roof , because of which , all of a sudden BJP is all allied with Congress ( I think the nuclear deal also comes in somewhere ) & then suddenly what do I think of? Main talli , main talli ho gayi .hahhhahaha 99 slaps - 1 kiss .

The reader , yes you , must have already realised that this is a vague post , filled with vagueness of life.

Going to catch a dekko at Jane Tu... . hope that it lives up to it's hype . For those of you who have already seen it , have you realised that the title song is 'inspired' from the old saying or even this song - ''you say tomatoes , i say tomatoes '' check --> .

Half of my friends are into internships & her I am blogging :) . jo bhi ho saddi marzi haii. If any of you have any suggestion regarding the importance of these internships , please do give them.

My day ends with watching more Tv & reading more blogs. Have read Two Lives - Vikram Seth . nice book but bcomes a bit tiresome at the end . I still feel A Suitable Boy was Seth's best work .
So that's the way I'm spending my hols - listlessly , carelessly & without any worries.
ciao for now , & maybe this expains why I have'nt really written a post for a looooooooong time.
p.s: 1. have occasinaly gone out to shop or with friends
2. am having very bad dreams about sems & results ( eg : have gone to give an exam without taking the admit card , am seeing the result card in which I havent got any marks - i.e a blank marksheet - ---- horror of horrors)