Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Is it difficult being straight ?

When things keep on falling what do you do to keep it straight. Do you start thinking that it was because of some fault of your own that fate happened to you or do you will it to your fate, do you carry along being yourself, even knowing that your-self has metamorphosed into something different from what you were.

Are we walking injured souls, born perfect only to be mutiliated by our own inability to keep it straight, do we see each failure as our very own fault though many of them could be due to fate acompli .

What is this fear which grabs us when voicing what we think , when someone else has already voiced theirs but which is different from us?

Why don't we think straight , that the chance of each person making it on his own is mutually exclusive from someone else's?

Even the stablest of us can give way to pressure. and then how do you keep it straight?

I was in class 7 when I first read about her. Her life appalled me even then.She has been under more than 14 house arrests in the last 20 years, read about the latest in your newspaper.

I don't know how she keeps it straight, knowing that she could do more, knowing that the brilliance which even the Nobel could not ignore might be going waste. But whatever it is that keeps her going is what I call straight.