Thursday, December 24, 2009

A New Blogroll and ..

Its been a while since I wrote and here are a few questions which contain their answers in them. See if you can find 'em.

1. Why don't we smile at people we know albeit maybe just by name?

2. I like only chocolate and coffee and no other flavor. Then why are there varied flavors.?

3. I like many pirated-copied songs, is it because they sound apna-sa?

4. Why are we so different when at home and so different when out, is it the dresses, the back-pack, the pen or simply ourselves?

5.Life goes on without stopping, halting , you might stop-and-wait but why doesn't it?

6.why is it that sleep reckons the most the night before exams and I wake up at 5 on a holiday?

7.Why did we go for that movie with our best, knowing very well that its about some cheap and her not-so-macho dude?

8. Iis time really timeless?

9. However pessimistic, practical,non-believer we might be why do we still hope for a miracle?

10. Which is the best place to holiday ? to snuggle under your blanket or something which inspires this :-
"The Pleasant Sun, the soothing wind, the relieved mind, n the company of closest friends! Loving Every Moment."

And if you've got the answers, then here is an answer the question of which need not be asked
" there's one good thing about coming here, we found good friends" .

I finally have a blogroll , do go through them(and don't expect back a comment). Each is different from the other and I like all of 'em
for none is similar to each other or any other.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

way back into love

"I've been living with a shadow overhead
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
I've been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need em again someday
I've been setting aside time
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind"

There are things that bring peace to our hearts to our souls,
When things are in turbulence, and everything seems so objective
these are things which remain the same and bring calm

like your mom asking if you've had your medicines,
when your friend asks you if you're fine
when you know you don't have to fear em
that you can be who you are
you can laugh out loud , be stupid
without worrying


I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs
I know that it's out there
There's got to be something for my soul somewhere

I've been looking for someone to shed some light
Not somebody just to get me through the night"


then there are songs, some lovely ones

which you feel like, the moment you here em

this one is one such

so simple yet so beautiful

no pretenses , no fancies

it's just a song

no burst of enthusiasm, no bubbling effervescence ,

just so calming that you feel nice

reminding that everything is normal

you were the hyper one ;)

"I'm hoping you'll show me what to do
And if you help me to start again
You know that I'll be there for you in the end"

Friday, November 13, 2009

like a kid

Staring at the blank screen
I don't know what to write about
I cant call it a writer's block
coz i don't fashion myself as a writer
I just dropped by to see what others do
Its no news that all I do is copy you

Munching chips,have expressed here
More than what I probably ever have

Visited a few old profiles,
All of them have changed so much
So much hep ,so much cool ,
The Best thing is that they don't even realize that

Made a few friends here
Only outlet is this W185q

I feel more like myself now
and not like living someone else's life
I know what is meant to be

I hate bella and her twilight
read the first page and could guess the story
there's not much to it
i wonder why do people feel thats love
Its like stephanie is the C.B of foreign land.

A twig broke down
it went down down and down
It hit the ground
just like prem did
the fall was hard
but it grew
it grew nice and leafy
it grew more beautiful than what it was
coz sometimes its better to get rid of what was pulling you down.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

here again

Okay okay so obviously the one month break thing ain't working. Especially since its award-time. This one's for honesty (:)) by Sree. ab mujhe to ye milna hi tha thanx to thy pseudonym . So let’s just talk about the giver here.
Sree manages to look different in all his pics like some agent, he writes pgp (pretty good poems), and is a deewana of pink and is (hu)man enough to say so :). He most probably has also had a crush on most of his young neighbors (though that’s only a fig. of imagination), basically banda normal (read normal) hai. Thank you.

The rules are:“When accepting this mahan award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the banda/bandi who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

Naah you don’t need to scroll down now, I hereby enlist them (jiska naam pehle hai wo sabse zyada honest hoga, aisa kuch nahi hai):-
1) James: He doesn’t write much about himself, rarely writes anything. But jab likhta hai to honesty chalakti hai .
2) Abhishek Khanna : one of the first blogs that I started reading. Jo bhi kaho , if anyone can admit to watching “Blue” film and also that he gave critical comments about it to aaj tak , to bande me honesty is like Elesh ke zuban pe English .
3) Peter: No reason needed. Cynically honest.
4) Whoever writes The Times Of Bullshit
5) Madsy : ye sweet che ,saru che . and akshara wale serial ke language me “ chokho hai” :P :P . I hate a faker girl. And thank god madsy is 1000 miles away from that.
6) Vanilla sky: Unexplainably honest (I know she’ll feel shy or like kicking me)
7) Tyro: Happy (be)elated birthday. Wishing you the second time this year.

10 honest things about me: Read the blog people!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The similarity between first and fourth year is that everything seems new. The first year seems new coz obviously everything IS so new while the fourth year feels new coz by then everything else has changed.

nahi , this is not another nostalgia filled post though I could apply for a p.h.d in that . This is one buddhi nani's kahani about the naya generation.It was yesterday only,that we spotted 3 chicks(mind you I am against the usage of *chick*) sporting denim skirts , yes the types which end way above one's knees. Now I do not belong to the *bandh-for-voting* party but hamare zamane me ye
to nahi hua karta tha .

question 1: ladki????
question 2: ladki in skirt ?????
question 3: NA ( because ladki-in-skirt was as rare a breed as the dodo was right 2 days before its extinction)

Hamare zamane me to people used to get committed and put that up in their orkut profile , but aaj kal use terms like "complicated","open relationship", " i-have-a-partner" , "I-have-bf/gf-but-still-looking" and "i'm looking at your gf".

Even those fachhas who used to be shirt-pant types have done it. galat mat samjho , i meant daaru shaaru.

Facchas have exclusive membership to the new lounges , while we of course had to make do with the chai ki dukaan .
Fachhas have their own gaddi and apni to chuggi hi sahi .

Fachhis are size zero and we thank god are not . ;)

But ek cheez hai achhi fachhon me , *respect for seniors* . seriously i was so impressed when one of them called me a
2nd yearee.

I hope that when hamare facche reach our advanced age unhe bhi yahi feeling aaye, coz what is umr if not for the young ones.

As insipid and repetetive this post might sound , the sole reason is to teach you about a new word i learnt :
halcyon(adj.)= peaceful and happy. eg. : the halcyon days of ones happiness.

Ending this post on a more abrupt note than the previous one .
Thankee , be back after a month . have fun :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

a time long gone by

No one is blogging.

I don't have much to write about either.

will be soon shifting from colony-mode to apna ghar wala mode.

will really miss diwali celebrations and football ground and basketball court even though i never played.

Once upon a time there lived a sweet family, all in coherence with each other. 'tis was a time when the word 'dysfunctional' was unheard of . The kids used to study hard and play harder. The mom used to cook dinner and make her children learn the intricacies of addittion and fractions . Every Dussehra she used to draw on the chart papers for her daughter's school project. She taught her son the art of bicycling. Winter mornings were spent making up "snow" and as evening came a big red star would be put up . Socks used to be hung in excitement about what Santa would bring. 9pm would be the time to turn in .

Then that time would come . Mom would let them miss the noon nap . And with baited breath they used to wait for him to come . Dad used to bring along crackers of all shapes, sizes and colors. 'Tis they celebrated together.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Is it difficult being straight ?

When things keep on falling what do you do to keep it straight. Do you start thinking that it was because of some fault of your own that fate happened to you or do you will it to your fate, do you carry along being yourself, even knowing that your-self has metamorphosed into something different from what you were.

Are we walking injured souls, born perfect only to be mutiliated by our own inability to keep it straight, do we see each failure as our very own fault though many of them could be due to fate acompli .

What is this fear which grabs us when voicing what we think , when someone else has already voiced theirs but which is different from us?

Why don't we think straight , that the chance of each person making it on his own is mutually exclusive from someone else's?

Even the stablest of us can give way to pressure. and then how do you keep it straight?

I was in class 7 when I first read about her. Her life appalled me even then.She has been under more than 14 house arrests in the last 20 years, read about the latest in your newspaper.

I don't know how she keeps it straight, knowing that she could do more, knowing that the brilliance which even the Nobel could not ignore might be going waste. But whatever it is that keeps her going is what I call straight.

Monday, July 27, 2009


"All that glitters is not gold,
and all those who wander are not really lost"

Now this is one of my most favorite thoughts. Would you guess why? Because it's from the same flick which I love (the most)

So here's another part of purely Hindi movies which I have loved and adored since bachpan-dom.

IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: (so that you can also win a radio show some day)

1. Theory : I never understood 'Maine Pyar Kiya' or " Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' , all of them were movies with just loads of songs and caps. The one movie which did make way into my puny brain was .. DDLJ ( well atleast the first half did) .

Effects on infant-ult mind : a) All women in Europe must be called Senorita.
b) Every one must buy a big bell
c) People should sing and probably dance, play footie in the rain.
d) No one should wear their shirts without half of it spilling outside.

Observation: I started writing a diary, " Today i went to school , had tiffin, studied hindi, english....."

Conclusion: " I love thy songs " :D

2. Now this one holds a special place for me and my brother.Both of us were WWF aspirants back then so.... Main Khiladi Tu Anari. We loved the dhishoom dhishoom,the songs, we loved the dance, we loved the movie.

We even tried chorusing the song :)

3. Humko Ishq Ne Maara- I'm pretty sure that none of you have heard of YRF's only television release. I don't know but I found it sweet. pertaining to the fact that was the zamana of 'Hip Hip Hurray'

4. Theory: Introduction to Friendship bands, to college, to unrequited love being fulfilled and of dances in the rain. Under this intoxicating surge many a mates set upon immediately finding theire very own rahul/anjali and some even settled for tina.

Effects on the kid-ult mind: a) " I WILL get married to my crush"
b) People knew what was friendship day and Archies opened
10 more outlets.
c) Basketball became cool. ( And my nose was smashed 15 times
since then)

Observation: Every love became college-love. Basketball became bad for health and The guy called 'Rahul' was tied 20 rakhis.

Conclusion: SRK arrived with Shahid in tow.

5. Jab We Met.

Why did I write this post? Because the next time anyone says " oohh God the same Hindi film" or " What's there in these Hindi films" I'm going to take out a morcha in front of their house and shout at them . Can any other language give you a word like 'TOTA' ? You can watch your Godfather ,Al pacino and Al Capone, run along Star Trek whatever, but apni bollywood nu insult na kariyo .

Moving on what was this Harry Potter all about?? Where was the Half Blood Prince? Great fan of the book, not the same for the movies.

Do take this as a tag "Movies which influenced me" or something of that sort. :) *Don't worry I wont kill you" :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The past week has been nice, with my training ending and finally getting time to relax. Few friends are moving to different places and I know that this trend will continue further one year down.

When more people lose contact with each other becoming mere names on your 'friend list'. Some might have already attained that status.

Some of whom were *acquaintances* have become PGF( pretty good friends) and some more will fill up the lacunae created by those who have left.

And yet as my 22nd birthday completes a month, I realise that how few are there out of the 100s we meet every year ( via some mode or the other) who manage to leave an imprint even for a few seconds.

There's no limit,boundary and differentiability test as to how and who will be your friend 'coz life in itself is too short to decide many things among which *dosti* is the trivial-est of all.

Life is too short ,

to not smirk , to hold up , to not know how to spell S-H-M-U-C-K.

Life is too short,

to not laugh out loud, to cover your mouth while laughing, to not pee when you laugh hard,
to not see Chaplin, to not act like the aunty-in-maxi asking if her daughter has a bf.

Life is too short ,
to not make friends, to think that anybody other than your own demons could harm you,
to be judgmental, to hate others because they use wrong grammer-diction-language,
to waste hailing Rakhi sawant.

Life is too short ,

to not take a *dare* , to not say the *truth*
when the only judge is a bottle spinning on a table-top,

Life is too short ,

to not say " i looove french fries", to be superstitious,
to not take your favourite pen for exams , to not wear your favourite shirt on all 5 days of the exam,
to not try *bubble boom*

Life is too short ,
to envy those who have found love ,many times over :P ,
to not gossip thinking that it would be *politically incorrect * shmuck you are no bahuguna,
to not try to set up every friend with every one else :P, to not set morals for others who have things and beings we don't

Life is too short ,
to not try to bhangra, to not sing in front of seniors,
to think that *good girls should not drink*, i don't but thats another story already related,
to not whistle and then have a dog chase you , *his master's voice* did yo sayy?

Life is too short ,
to be too moralistic, to never bunk a class,
to think that we can only be bella and not edward, to not be proud of yourself, to not have contrasting thoughts.

Life is too short ,
to not feel sad listening to sad songs,
to not dance to and sing *dhik chik dhik chik* , to not wake up at 3am wanting to write a post,
to not call friends at 12am for their happpppyyy birthdays .

Life is too short ,
to think that the world is bad, that things might go bad, that being negative might save you from the blunders the world commits,
to not watch the first day-first show of *Kidnap*,
to repress emotions,
to not cry when Rahul leaves Anjali.

Life is too short ,
to be moralistic and preachy, to not collect donation for old age homes, to be out of touch with your inner self,
to listen to mumbo-jumbo,
to not enjoy life whichever way that be unless illegal , to not have life, to not have vitae, to not be a bourne,

to not plan, to not fall, to not get up , to not set things right,
to not tell yourself that everything will be perfect just the way you like it
and that your friends will be with you no matte
r what and where ever they go.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


You know that you are tired and and have nothing left in that cranium hole .




and can't even do that :(


so what if that guy smells better than you (what are deos for? except for the cancer causing agents that they are ... )


And that's only time you get to view ze television
(I didn't what HER picture in my blog)





Butt, hey naysayers , I have done something worthwhile and that too on an exam day.

so it seems silly to put up these pics , parantu thats the best I could do. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

desi love stories me hamesha ladki ka hi naam pehle aata hai


you know I have been wondering what happened to those music videos with a story wale gaane.

Remember ankhon me tera hi chehra "Raise your hand if you remember the doggy"
Sonu nigam's getting lost in the island songs,
Asha Bhosle's twin sister wala song
Falguni pathak's bangle wala song

Ok OK I might be behaving like my dadi -" hamare zamane ki to baat hi alag thi"

But all that I get to hear now is " Are we humans or are we dancers?" Bhaion iska matbal ki hai?

Then again there's this big hullabaloo about Archie The Great ki Shadi , main keya " Tennu ki farak painda? " Ab usko veronikka pasand hai to hum kya kare ? waise for betty lovers lesson learnt : Bhaav khana chahiye

Also bloggers are really nice people , I mean all of us have great camaraderie.Is it always true ? Maybe the world feels fake when we become falsified.
Agar hum real life me bhi blog world jaise behave karte then would life be more pleasant? On second thoughts , fir hum blogs me kya likhte?

And quite a few of them have also thought me capable of award shward, even though most of the time rotten tomatoes should be thrown at me ( am saying it in a matter of fact way and not an attention seeking way ! ).

But will acknowledge them now :)

1.I like this girl and her blog truly rocks, best thing is she's not gawar or stupid or even pretentious -MADS.

and these were awarded by her so *taliyan* :D

2. Ki - the girl who can spin marvels with her 55wand gave me this :)-

3. This one was a long time back by Karthik:

Shit I've lost his URL, thanx anyway :)


Had the rollicking time of a life.When 6 girls get together you can't expect anything less.

Yes,now even I can claim and thereafter bitch about a friend getting married.

Showed my hand to a jyotish (it was 20/-) and 'mere life ka sankat wala saal duur ho chuka hai"So i guess that's good , even though he predicted exactly the same for my 5 friends as well. Those who know my birthday can laugh because supposedly I"ll get married by 22.

Also bought a Father's day gift for papa (otherwise he'd be jealous of mom :P )

Am off for a holiday tomorrow, and I"ll be back by Friday :D.

-have fun

Monday, June 15, 2009

That 1st

That Yellow and Blue Salwar kameez
The tangling of chunni
Fear of ragging, of kajra re and mujhse shadi karogi,
Fear of canteen
Getting lost in college.

Being friendly
Coming out of the shell,
Those dosas and samosas
Signing up on orkut

Blaring your heart out in front of seniors
And then being told “ab bas”
Those first steps in the canteen
Feeling more cautious than ever,

Studying all the same
Finding life and vigour within you
Being what you truly wanted to be

Letching at the mod gals
Dubai wali, U.S. wali,
Looking at the tall lasses with awe
And then saying “ model shodel, ekhane keno elo”

Kalle kalle movie dekhna
Being enamored by Dhoom2
Dreaming of heroes
Holding first crushes close to heart “no I won’t tell”

Gave the first exam
As honestly as one could
Then passing out and
Thinking one down.

Moving on to the last lap,
And thinking …..
Only one left?
seems like yesterday …

That Blue’n’Yellow Salwaar kameez.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Since all I have had to dream for the last week is FIR ,IIR,UTP,SCTP,HDLC,FAYOL, CONVERTORS AND INVERTERS.(yes exams are a knocking).

And I'm very bad at writing whatever I will attempt to now.

here's to wishful thinking.

"Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
us Se Kahoon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye"

ps- hey changed the pic of mayank , he looked like some champu in the older one. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


4:00 am

"Oh! It's already time , must get up .Don't feel like sleeping anyway"

"Hmm will come out after 10am , why did I have to get up so early"

"chal lets finish my painting"

I scribbled a lot for sometime though nothing with clear definitions , there was something else...

6:00 am

"Hmmm lets have a cup of coffee , on second thoughts , mum will kill me ! "

Mum , yeah and Dad , how nice they've been , we've gone out . But I know what the poor souls have been thinking .. stupid suicide stories. I'm not like that!!!.

Mum says History and Civics were her favorite. I know what she's pointing to . But I hate S.S.T..
:) and Dad says ''bhabish na"

9:00 am

Ronnnnyyyyyyyyyy the new radio stations have started , listen to this Radio Mirchi . It's cool na? Now we"ll never buy any cassettes .

10:30 am

" It's Meenakshi's call , take it "
" oi result out ho gaya , apna roll no. bata"

" 563**9#"

" OIIIIIii CONGRTAS 86.2% , abbe tuhe science me 92 mila "
" Chal chal baki marks likh le "

The C.B.S.E results will be out today , and its a deja-vu . It's like I can clearly remember what a certain 14 year old was going through 8 years back . You know times change , but this feeling is what binds students. However much psychiatrists and parents say that these results do not matter,that LIFE is beyond the boards.

Every student knows what it feels like to be in waiting .
Waiting for something which decides their future , which decides what they"ll be ,which decides if they can finally go out and have some fun .

A word for those who"ll be getting their results today : congrats, you did it. :)

and for those of you who did'nt, you know what to do. Just follow the example of the girl who failed once but never gave up.

TO BLOGGERs : oi yesterday was vanilla sky's birthday ( she"ll kill me for sure now) & don't wish her on my blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am such a bragger .

1. 06^2= 036 =(1*0) (1*2+1) 6
2. 16^2=256 =(2*1) (2*2+1) 6
3. 26^2=676 =(3*2) (3*2+1) 6
4. 36^2=1296 =(4*3) (4*2+1) 6

... and so on.

:D :D I discovered the above(by myself) yesterday , if you've understood do let me know :)

now my head is reeling.

why didn't anyone make a movie called 'parai ke side effects'

my non blog mates say they don't understand what i write !

I wanna write 55 fiction too.

The lack of ideas prevents that.

Can anyone send me a smiley directory or something? i know only the ones orkut provides.

MOM said :

hey today , there was a man , he kept on reading a book all the while he was cycling.
me: (agape) WOW ! but that's dangerous!!

MOM: Ooo what did u think? I meant the exercycle!!!!.

that was not 55 fiction , it was wait lemme count , its 34 reality :)

wait am feeling drowsy again , numbers ghoom rahe hai sar me .

-for deluded.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Itna SENTI kyun ?

Hey God ? Wassup ? Temme one thing , sab ajkal inne senti kyu ?

My VLSI ( yes the same VLSI ) SIR got married . And tab se unka mann nahi lagta class me ,
Pmos-Nmos complex circuit diagrams-everything he makes with a silent smile . lagta hai sir ko loove ho gaya. Bechare class ke bahar bhi jhankte hai & by god ajkal BUNK bhi karte hai.
Syllabus has become secondary to him.
So when exasperation caught up with me and I shouted " YEEEE kyaa hua SIR , where's your responsiblity??? "

to sab bole " chill yaar , achha hi to hai , inna senti kyu ?? "

When someone my age gets married , I roll my irises to their farthest horizon. So topic being discussed at ghar , my bro speaks up : " yaar she married a 25 year guy , karta kya hai banda"
papa bole " buisnessman"
bro bola " aaila ! 25 me kaisa buisnessman??? "
me boli" arre hoga koi 8th fail , baitha jo apne daddyji ki dukaan pe"
mummy ko aya gussa and boli" Why do you underestimate people ?? this is one bad habit you gotta curb or else.... everything will be doomed"

dinner table ka mood hua sombre and then mom said " after all 10th fail bhi ho sakta hai"
main bolun "MOM innaa senti kyu ??" :P

Jab boyfriend se ho pareshan aur burai kare wo , but hum jab kare burai wo lete unhi ki side , man mera kahe "inna senti kyu" jab wapas jana hai usi ke paas. "jaise duur des ke tower me ghus jaye aeroplane, jaise sareaam pakistan se samjhauta kare uncle sam "

Kyu ho jaate hai senti jab apni baat aye to , but dusro ko bole "inna senti kyu"
Kisi ne kaha " Aditi raat ke baad hi to savera hota hai " but main bolti , senti mat mar yaar le le tu bhi naya kitten!

Jab lade log life (blogs) me aur fir likhe lambe chaude mafinaama poems , main bolun "inna senti kyu " zindagi aur bhi hai , blogs aur bhi , ye nahi to aur sahi , life hai jaise vanilla sky ,lifes like that , life's beyond obvious , life's shit for tat , life has vibes , life hai ek scratch pad , life's joidevivre , thodi sunshine thoda chilled ,thoda hai isme razzmatazz jaise mad(huri) ki koi movie. Get on your furobike and surge ahead.

Par ab lag raha hai mennu dar ,ho na jay gussa log!!!But all that I can try is to be truthful , Then wish me too "inna senti kyu" :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ding dong baby sing a song :)

It seems like eons since I've felt like myself. Truth be told last year sucked , in every possible way. And THANK GOD that i kept my promise of making this a better year.

So here' a tag ( yeah again) , tagged by JAMES.

lets see what I do to this one

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it

scarred thoughts ,
scarred beings ,
outer scars shame us ,

inner scars scare us.

Cant' count the numerous times have fallen
Scraped my knees and elbows
Brushed and got up again
After all locomotion is what I had to learn !

2. What does your phone look like ?

And I'm stuck at the sight of you .

yup got one day before yesterday :D. Its a Nokia 5310 .

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?

Cemented plasters, memories -taken long ago , a lil light , maybe a lizard or a roach , naah it's all pretty clean.

blank walls , blank paintings , blank pages . So many b
lanks and all the thoughts there , right there in those few pounds of cranium cavity .

What is your current desktop picture?

Blah nothing cool. :)

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

I guess I"ll throw a fit if anyone stops me from doing anything that I want. So who am I to judge what others should do or not !

6. What do you want more than anything right now?

letting my hair loose ,
playing in the breeze,
the playground beckons me .

losing myself in imagination,
not worrying about any schedule,
watching movies this whole noon.

the heart yearns not when its happy ,
the heart's in bliss when it feels itself .

7. Are your parents still together?


8. Last person who made you cry

"So when I hear you calling my name,
I'll know the good I've done
I guess that's why it's raining diamonds, sweet happiness in tears
Crying heaven shed your diamonds,
diamonds for tears" ( poets of the fall )

9. What is your favorite perfume/cologne ?


10. What are you listening to?

Since I'm in such a poetic mood , its 1973 by James Blunt.

" I would call you up every Saturday night
And we both stayed out till the morning light
And we sang, "Here we go again"
And though time goes by
I will always be
In a club with you
In 1973
Singing "Here we go again"

Wish I was sober
So I could see clearly now
The rain has gone...."

11. Do you get scared of the dark?

The black heart,
Scarier than the dark night

Is it your or mine ?
whatever ,whoever , whyever
are we like this?

12. Do you like pain killers?


13. Are you too shy to ask someone out ?


14. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

pooh! nothing ,just had my lunch.

15. Who was the last person who made you mad?

Believe it I'm the sanest person ever !!!!!

16. Who was the last person who made you smile?

Jude Law

17. Is someone in love with you ?

And finally we have arrived at 'that' portion of the tag.

ans : NA

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Since Rakhi Sawant's swayamvar has already been written about , I'm republishing one of my first posts . ( nahi nahi main comments ki pyasi nahi hoon :P )

This post is free from any inhibitions and 'for the bloggers' typecasting . (only the typos have been corrected :) )

Some time back , I was silenced when I was a view different from the pity or rather the charity like words voiced for Army men and their families. Solidarity and Unity is different from pity. So here it is ....

To start with , being an army kid you learn almost everything about life by 19 ( i.e. how to face people , what 2 say when & what not to say , what to say jisse fayda ho , all etiquettes & ya all that ) but what you don't learn , is that , how to mingle with the 'non -army ' people .
the trick that most of us learn is to charm our way through people , lets see whether that helped me in my life or not.

Lemme start with the small things - while growing up we never really stayed in Kolkata for long , just for the summer holidays which would b divided between dida bari & thakumar bari , & ya visits to & from relatives would be inevitable ."INEVITABLE " because at that time we didn't like them , not the relatives of course kinda nice, but me & my brother couldn't really understand the language ( I mean yaaa we did speak it at home but only because of ma - thank god ki she taught us some Bangla , me & my bro never speak in Bangla , nor do we do that with papa )

Especially when people speak it so fast , also the culture would be so different , Durga Puja meant a 10 day ka hols for us but we came to talk about it as dussehra , funny it seemed then that people didn't know what it was to ' close ' their plates , that some laughed and said " ohh maaa" wen we wished " good morning aunty " .

If someone else asked us " Hey are you from Calcutta?" , We would be quick to reply " Yes we are , but we don't know Bengali " , It was only later on did I realize that that every Army bachha does that , doesn't matter from which part he / she is 4rm " all they say is - yes we r from there , but we don't know the language"

So why is it so ?? Why are we so uncomfortable when we visit our own relatives? I think its because deep down its embedded in us that we are some how different from the 'civilians" . I was going through life like this when we got posted to Kolkata.

Now I like to think that since we lived in so many places we didn't liked to be just a bengalis (btw i detest the term 'BONGS') rather an Indian .(So full of desh bhakt haina :) )

After coming here we made many Bengali friends ( yes they were civilians) & you know what slowly we realized "Hey they are not bad or anything"
Actually the thing is when you don't understand a language , people are not always kind enough two translate , that's when you think that perhaps they are making fun of you .

By now I had many friends here , & had slowly started to resent the feeling the difference between .

There is this thing in army circles - you are either a MAY QUEEN ( a beauty pageant which takes place every May) girl or you ain't . I belong to the latter , & thankfully I had many civilian friends who neither knew about such a thing nor asked silly questions , THANK GOD

Its been about 8 years since we've shifted to Kolkata & it finally feels like home . I mean abhi bhi lagta hai " hey 8 years se no posting , can u imagine that??"

I by state buses & not 3tons or jeeps or jongas anymore ,nothings more yummy than phuchka. I've learnt loads of Bangla , thanks to college people ( saheli ) , but Hindi still remains my language .

I have also learnt that, to many people my background doesn't matter , that all I need is to be happy with the way my friends are . Well there are some people who ask me" hey Amrita ,AK - 47 dekhechish?? kabhi chalaya hai" or just " arre colonel ki beti "

But you know what, all I can do is smile coz I'm just as proud of what my dad does as anybody would feel about their dad . & for those who don't know , an Officer is not really allowed to take home AK 47 and show it to his kids ;) , nor do they really talk about what they all have to do in Kashmir or any such area .

Give or take now atleast I am fluent in 3 languages and will never say " bubbbaa the chair is sssoo heabby"

SO i guess now I'm an Army-Civilian gal & referring to the May Queen thing . a friend recently said " hey Amrita , army girls are supposed to b the sexy cutey types , you are not , but your intellect is maha attractive" .

:D :D

ps : Oh! I'm gonna miss Poulami

Friday, April 10, 2009


I don't know if you like it or not,
I don't care if you don't like its smell,
is it P's Hut or Dominoes for you , or maybe Giovannis
I like Dominoes best ,
they say the simplest one is the best
so cheese pepperoni it is
does this some kinda weird poem ??
well then just imagine this :::::>>>>>

Some find it sick coz its hard to imagine a harder way to die of cholesterol
but I'd rather die of pleasure ;). "it felt so right , it felt so wrong " :)

Naaah I don't like jalapenos nor do i love oregano , just give me the plain ol' pizza and that"ll make my day

Will it be too prudent if i ask Chidambaram to declare that 'em to be a financial right .
a right which won't burn a hole too deep in my pocket ?

"can you , can you sir do it?"

If for obvious reasons you find this post silly blame it on her oh soryy her arre yaar ye kya ho raha hai ?? bohot din se khane ka mann kar raha hai *sigh* ......

ok ok with all thanx to her ( shit presentation ki aadat nahi gayi )

ps : Quote of the week : " bubaaaa itnaaa hawaa tha mujhe laga mera makeup hi ud jaaigaa" - guess who ?? :P :D :D

Sunday, March 22, 2009



me: oiiiii you guys sunaa????

Shippy : kya kya ??? did he finally marry her

meenu: chup kar !!! amrita bol bol , did she get married to someone else ?? bol naaaaaaaaa

me: arre yaar , the dulha was late !!! and then there was loads of confusion , and then he didn't know what to dooooo

Shippy:he bhagwaaan , ye log bhi naaaaaa !!! fir fir???

me: arre fir kya , he came nearer to her and with a most defiant look ........ DHISH DHISH

Shippy & meenu (in chorus ) : Kyyaaaaaaaaaa huaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!

me : arrreeeeee he put sindooooooor on her forehead

*after a prolonged silence*

meenu : *in her characteristic tone* A-----jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb.

I was a part of this converstaion about 7 years ago . Most of the enourmous-ly lenthy K shows are ending and this one is solely dedicated to them , which provided fodder for many a such meaningless conversations :)



E: hey you know , u and ani are so alike !!

me: Isn't he supposed to be in IIT ?, wow i have something in common with mahaan person eh?

E : haaaaaan , see both of you are in ECE , right ?

me : yaaaa , and so are millions of students !

E : arre but he did a special course on something.

me: Oh what ?


me : * completly zapped & trying to think what all courses do IIT ians have to do with such a name * U mean to say the project was actually called "complicated circuits " ??

E: nahi nahi it was something like " VLSI" , but the full form sounded so complicated that I decided to name it like that !

This one defined sweetness and simplicity for me . In fact it reminds me , that all the things that some of us might think of as 'very important' are downright silly for others :)



" It's a bird , no it's an angel , no it's superman "

" NO NO it's the statue of liberty !! "

;) with complete reference to Deb , the only guy with courage and coolness enough to stand on top of a rickshaw -van .

This was one of the van-incidents that I"ll never forget , and was the time when I didn't know who this Superman was . :)


Rise up,

Don't falling down again

Rise up,

Love like I broke the chains

I tried to fly a while so high

Direction: sky! I tried to fly a while so high Direction: sky!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

Someone who hates his/her nickname : " dekha iska ? ( actually ye gana tere taste se kuch jada hi achcha hai :p)"

ps- don't kill me.


It's fun how most meaningless things stay forever and mean so much :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And here writes Amrita .........

And then I thought what if I die , now , sitting here just like that. Would people miss me , or would they bear it with a smile and all the same feel sad too .
Quite selfishly , images of mum crying and my friends from far and near missing me and secretly thinking of me before sleeping at night came to my mind . Even went to the extent of thinking that some of my blogger buddies might write posts for me-: " And Here Wrote Amrita...."

And that's when I knew ..... I didn't want to die at all :) :)


Sunday, March 1, 2009

shadi-functions ityadi

Some weddings are good , others become good , while the rest are the ones I have to attend.

Question 1: Beta what are you studying ?
Jee aunty wo to nahi pata , par log ____ college kende hai

Quetion 2:Ha to beta kaunsa stream hai ?

me: (looking up down ) ECE , side se Mom : " thats Electronics and Instrumentation"
me: MOM !!!

*tinkling laughter follows*

The voice of my heart goes like this " yaaarr kya gaana play kar rahe , and can't even do my dance here . Aunty x is checking out everyone and anyone with gold , uncle Y gone talli "

Bride : ( mind me ) Yaar , isse better to Karan tha ( haii ) , gadha kitna hans raha hai . lottery lag gayi iski

Groom : ( wearing the biggest smile ) Hehehehehehehe

me : kaash yaha dev d hota and drunk hoke nachta (sigh , sigh)

Random pink aunty : Oiiii why have you become sooo thin , jao jao khana khalloooo . haiii bechari kitna travel karti haiiii .

me : not as much as hanuman ji

Various scenes : drunk uncle eyeing young somethings wearing offshoulders. People remembering their cannibalistic instincts and eating all that they can lay their hands on.
Gelled hair guys staring at gals and wo sab.Lovey dovey couples looking and doing all that .

Finally jo saalo se hota aaya hai wo ho jata , another couple bites the dust ( married couples , plz don't bite me) .

Me : mummmy i wanna go hoommeeee

Mom : chup kar , just leaving

me : Papaaaaaaaaaaaa

I return home more bored than the last time , lack of companions for this one night of glory and boring food . .......

I come back , Watch TV and feel blessed .:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

quarter century

Tagged by Amrita :) Had been thinking about it ever since

Here go the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

I think this is the 5th or 6th one that I am doing .
anyway read this if completely bored .

1. I don't have any problem with any food , can eat almost anything (except brinjal)

2. The first type of dance that I ever learnt to do was the *twist* :courtesy mom :).

3. Me and Tv have been friends for a long time , apparently the first appliance i could switch on was this . I miss oldie goldie shows like 'hip hip hurray' , 'remix' ,'hum panch even the old k serials used to be good . Remember Roadies 1 , Indian idol 1 and Viva?

4. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Kank , i like K-jo movies . However much I trash and bitch about 'em , I've forever enjoyed his movies . So here's to you Johar ,gay or not.

5. I don't have a clue about any card games .

6. I wanna quit orkut.

7. I've never had a real crush , not even on ranbir or imran . I just find them nice .*sigh* As they say "Ishq nahi Ishq ka fitoor hai ."

8.I think i like to read people's minds.

9.I have tried a lil bit of daaru , from daddy's glass . And bachha log mazaa is much better.

10.I have absolutely no idea what to do when people do the 'maa behen ' galis .

11.I'm a ponytail person , I might leave it open for some time , but ponytail is the thing for me.

12.I feel and look very un-amritaish without my glasses . Sometimes while sleeping I feel there is something missing.

13 . As a kid i used to be scared of Bajrang Bali and Santa Claus.

14.The thing 'mard ko dard nahi hota' is ingrained in me .

15.Has anyone seen Socha Na tha? :)

16.I am neither a funny person nor an intelligent one . I just happen to have very keen ears and do the 'heard here repeat there ' act . :P :D

17.I believe in the inner good . *thats soo dumbledore*

Oh I'm getting bored now.

19.When some random person calls and asks " hellooo betaaaa , do u knoww whooooo I aaam"
I say " NO "

20 . I wanna top . once in my life ( silly na )

21.I make better coffee/cold coffee than most cafes.

22. I hate fat aunties in pink saris with pink lipstick smeared on their teeth who scrutinize thin children . Remove them and half the society evils will be done away with .

23. I hate the bandh system and the " we demand our rights without doing any work " attitude.

24. I want to go to Europe travel by Euro rail and find a cute unsuspecting guy or better be a hi fi professional , go to Australia and find a nice MBA wala taxi driver :D :D :D

25. I think and talk too much about moi self.

And now for passing on this tag . don't worry no pressures :)
Vanilla sky ( tui ki already korechis ?)
Tyro ( coz' u've stopped blogging)
Resurgence ('coz u never do any tags )
Peter (How u doin ? :P )
Mads( have u already done this one ? )
Tara(coz' u'v already done this )
Keshi( i know you are bored of tags heheh)
Abhishek K. (since you too never do tags )
Dewdrop(she's sweet :) )
Sree(have u done this one?)

and any one who wants to do it : P :D :S

ps= slumdog has flooded the oscars for being the great movie. I had thought otherwise . But I like Rahman ( who doesnt )

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sounds like mahi ve

man to karta hai bohot kuch likhu
v day aya aur gaya si , kaiyon ne kai kuch likha
man mera bhi kare
par pata na ki likhu

ajkal man happy happy lagda ve
results hai door , kya ye karan ve ?
na punjabi na poetry mennu aati ve
na jane fir bhi kyu man kare
ki bohot kuch likhu re .

Saturday, February 7, 2009

of self belief

How did he get more than me ?
Why did she say so about me? Am I that bad?
If they don't talk to me why should I make the effort.

This are some of the questions which have often haunted me . Worrying sick , why something happened the way it has and not in the way I wanted to. Finally , drawing to a conclusion that ok I won't do that next time.

We have been having some G.D sessions in our college and they have sort of made me realise about one important factor - confidence. There was this guy in our group , despite not having a very starry grade card like the rest of us , he was the best speaker . His intonations and pronunciations weren't correct , but what made us listen to him was the supreme self belief that he spoke with .

Steve Jobs (the Apple maverick ) went with his conviction despite the setbacks that he forever faced in life.

Anil Kumble, suffering from a fractured jaw, came on to bowl with his head strapped heavily in bandages and claimed the wicket of Brian Lara .

SRK made it big , and real big despite being from a (sugar)daddyless family .One of his phrases which i loved in a recent show was " Sports teach you how to lose and how not be a loser".

M C Mary Kom's four World Championship titles don't just make her a champion , but also puts the case of Women's boxing to be included in the 2012 London Olympics . ( If u don't know about her , plz do a google search . She's Indian )

There are so many examples that show us to rise above , to keep a sane head , to have the belief on oneself .

When nothing helps and all you can keep thinking about is " Why did God do this to me? "
Remember God doesn't have choices like us . For us there is always a right / wrong / midway path . But , remember we belivers think that God is always right so (s)he doesnt have the choice to right or wrong , all (s)he can do is click on the right option .So somewhere down the road , if something "bad" does happen to us , we can always put the blame on him , saying " bhagwaan jo karta hai acche ke liye hi karta hai " :)

It's easier said than done , when going through a trauma or a bad time , none of the " How you can increase your confidence " books help . Your thoughts seem to be in deep regression and nothing seems to be real . All that we can do then is try to keep believing , believing that some day something good will happen . Hindi films do help during this time . And however cliched and superficial it might sound right now but 'hamari filmon ki tarah end tak life me bhi sab theek ho jata hai" . provided that you keep the hope alive.

Getting in touch with your inner self , blocking out the thoughts of your minds might take some trials . Agreed that we do learn a lot from our failures , but it's not very constructive to keep pondering about them , remembering our successes ( however small ) has a more positive effect.

Someone once said to me "its good to try out things otherwise how on earth will you gauge the virtue or vice of something . I too try to impersonate someone , its good to inculcate the virtues in other" . Seeing the virtues in others , and trying to imbibe them . :)

All negativity cannot be trashed and being all positive doesn't always help . But that's where again your self confidence comes in . I believe that someday my methods will be answered too. :)


Some lesser things on my mind :
do find the time to read this --->""

this post however doesn't encourage valentine day goons to either spoil the fun or make indecent proposals .

"there are no heroes , only men " * smiling at this comment *

Finally a simple explanation of my "about me" :
"not the kind , who takes life seriously, who wants to make it big , who has faith in people, who hates being practical, who hates love(the mushy kind), who hates teddies & roses, The above traits don't describe me , they never will , they never can.In fact I'm exactly what the first few lines are but only if u omit the first one"

So when you omit the first one , the about me is :

"who takes life seriously, who wants to make it big , who has faith in people, who hates being practical, who hates love(the mushy kind), who hates teddies & roses.
I hope you got that now :) "

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

life ke funde- fir se

A void is defined as an empty space.

A human does all that he can do to fill these voids in his life. If there were no voids , life would've been cluttered.

1) For all who read tis blog , know well zat I can be hardly be classified under the header 'writer'. I write when I have a void to fill. The last two posts which were immature , childish , bimbette like were all done by me.(guilty as charged :) )

2) Sometimes there comes a time , when you feel complete within yourself. It's that time when you don't need anyone else , when what others say truly doesn't matter . Its when you are neither elated nor depressed all you feel is the real person ,who for sometime might've got lost .

3)There's thing called "being honest with yourself" . I think it means the same as "being yourself". Being what you feel like at the moment. There's no point in trying to reachieve things/emotions long gone by.

4) There's no need to call friends - "friends" . it's mutual after all. Just like IITians don't need to be scoffed at or raised to a high bar , only coz' they did something we couldn't do ( I don't know from where I have come with this sudden empathy for them !! )

5) I like

Masakalli :

Tujhe kya gum /What sadness do you have ye ?
tera ristha Gagan ki basuri se hai / the lore of the sky
Pawan ki guftagu se hai / the whispers of this wind , the golden sun are all yours.
Suraj ki roshani se hai /

Udiyo na dariyo / fly ,don't fear
Kar manmani manmaani manmanni / do whateva u wanna
Badhiyo naa mudiyon kar nadani / go on and be the kid u've always been .

Rehna tu:

Haath tham chalna hi
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise ./// couldn't really do the translation :)
Haath tham chalna hi
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise

Ek daaya hoga ek baaiya hoga
Tham le haath yeh thaam le
Chalna hai sang tham le

6)Now for some irony. We"ll be having "preparation for campussing" classes in a few days , but no one knows whether any naukri providers will stop by !!! hahhahaah. And in case they don't , I'm good in maths and can run when there's a need to. ( ARE YOU LISTENING future maalik / maalkins ?? )

7) Am seriously quite impressed by the many blogger awards doing the rounds ajkal . esp. by the one ( Sam & karthik ) who awarded me . I was like " hainn main hehhe" . thanx guys :)
however unworthy I am ( though a lil more than celina jaitely :) ). By the way how many of you have understood my *about me * ??? ( just curiosity :) )

8) stay hungry , stay foolish

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


How to get a guy in 15 days ...and then if you have some spare time to lose him. Before reading this the reader must completly believe that this post is made on the superficial observances made by the blogger ( who currently maintains a S.A.D status)

DAY 1.
SMILE AND SMILE AND SMILE . But never look at the ONE  ,always look at your friend . And as an ending to the prolonged SMILE ,GIGGLE , you may take tuitions from * The Aishwarya Institute of How to smile and show off your expensive dentures *
DAY 2.
Be sure that one of his friend has your number , and to make sure that HE has it , by saying it loud in front of someone ( yes the simple process of missed call does not exist)

DAY 3.
Clothes ---- nothing flashy . a simple salwaar kameez (a white one will just be fine :P ). Indian guys= indian clothes , open hair (remember to take comb for bushier hair) , long earrings, lip gloss (the invisible types ) ,kohl /kaajal (a must) . ( God save you if you are a chashmish , no entry for my behenas ) 

DAY 4.
After years and years of observation I truly know why girls go all " shooo cuuuuuuteee ,, oh maaa, baaabbyyyy" when they see a retarted piece of teddy bear / real infant. Elementry Watson, they don't give a shit about babies and stuff, they are actually
mollycodlling the ONE in question ( &also maintaing the garb of secrecy)

DAY 5.
Display of intellectuallism should be limited to *good handwriting*  .

Give him those lost lamb looks , like *what I would do without you*

DAY 7.
If HE is still not thinking about you , then this will. Choose the most ugliest / nonsensical/ poor fella you know . And when the poor demented soul approaches , move one step closer to the ONE and  tattataaaaaaaaa say " I don't feel safe when he's there yaar " ( yes all of them have a fantasy ofplaying "knight in shining armour " . Never mind the demented guy, he's going to make millions in the future and marry someone like  marlyn monroe.

DAY 8 .
Do the hair thing . C'mon gals , I shouldn't be explaining this to you!!!!

DAY 9.
now you need a confidante . plan / spread a rumour about going to the nearest hangout after work /college/watever . The confidante will limit the spread of the rumour only to the ONE. & hence you"ll be alooooneeeeee.

Day 10. The guy still doesnt like you ??? God must be blind /gay/ has a g.f/ is seriously not interested / is the demented guy.


Behave normally ( dont laugh like the idiot you've been for the last 10 days ) DAY12 wear jeans . tees , in short watever you want to. DAY13 Top your studies , (most guys think thats arrogancy ) DAY14 talk to all and sundry . DAY15 .Make him your friend ( and i mean a friend.  not like bollywood movies where they go on mouthing inane dialogues like " dosti me no sorry no thankyou " to kya main kisi anjaan se sorry bolun???? )
believe that you are the best ,'coz in case some of you thought that may be the first 10 days would help . well they don't . no one and especially you don't deserve the fake you. keep on playing that taa- taaa-ta-taa taaa ( bachna aee haseenoooo .. ) in your head . :)
Yeah Yeah I know , I know I"ll get brickbats , eggs , Harman B. thrown at zis post. "hey gal , all guys are not that dumb" , " but i really like teddy bears ...."  etc etc.

I KNOW , so lay off and enjoy :) watever that you're doing , no one's judging you . ( well except maybe the 10000's you already know :P )

And now for the dedications :-

> Saheli  aka Vanilla sky for the  title.

also inspired from
Abhishek Khanna's post about *How to talk to girls in a wedding *

> All the
guy roadies from Roadies 6.0 . especially for that inhuman task last week . Serioulsy what the hell has happened to that show?? That task was crass and cheap in every virtue , If raghu is so gung ho about woman's rights what about some for men eh??

keshi . I think I wanted to  write like her ( but somewhat failed , after all we are individuals eh ? :))

This post is with complete respect to those who questioned and wondered "how I managed to Use 1000 people without ever breaking their hearts" .
i hate typecasting people and putting them into groups . humans use humans , its in our genes  , for small or big needs  , people do flash smiles . But breaking a heart needs something more than that . you need to have someone's heart for that. And this post is intended to all those who tend to give it away -- be the better judge :)

> I Know I'm going from bad to worse in my posts . Don't take the first 10 days seriously :) . truly dedicated to