Sunday, March 22, 2009



me: oiiiii you guys sunaa????

Shippy : kya kya ??? did he finally marry her

meenu: chup kar !!! amrita bol bol , did she get married to someone else ?? bol naaaaaaaaa

me: arre yaar , the dulha was late !!! and then there was loads of confusion , and then he didn't know what to dooooo

Shippy:he bhagwaaan , ye log bhi naaaaaa !!! fir fir???

me: arre fir kya , he came nearer to her and with a most defiant look ........ DHISH DHISH

Shippy & meenu (in chorus ) : Kyyaaaaaaaaaa huaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!

me : arrreeeeee he put sindooooooor on her forehead

*after a prolonged silence*

meenu : *in her characteristic tone* A-----jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb.

I was a part of this converstaion about 7 years ago . Most of the enourmous-ly lenthy K shows are ending and this one is solely dedicated to them , which provided fodder for many a such meaningless conversations :)



E: hey you know , u and ani are so alike !!

me: Isn't he supposed to be in IIT ?, wow i have something in common with mahaan person eh?

E : haaaaaan , see both of you are in ECE , right ?

me : yaaaa , and so are millions of students !

E : arre but he did a special course on something.

me: Oh what ?


me : * completly zapped & trying to think what all courses do IIT ians have to do with such a name * U mean to say the project was actually called "complicated circuits " ??

E: nahi nahi it was something like " VLSI" , but the full form sounded so complicated that I decided to name it like that !

This one defined sweetness and simplicity for me . In fact it reminds me , that all the things that some of us might think of as 'very important' are downright silly for others :)



" It's a bird , no it's an angel , no it's superman "

" NO NO it's the statue of liberty !! "

;) with complete reference to Deb , the only guy with courage and coolness enough to stand on top of a rickshaw -van .

This was one of the van-incidents that I"ll never forget , and was the time when I didn't know who this Superman was . :)


Rise up,

Don't falling down again

Rise up,

Love like I broke the chains

I tried to fly a while so high

Direction: sky! I tried to fly a while so high Direction: sky!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

My dream is to fly

Over the rainbow, so high!

Someone who hates his/her nickname : " dekha iska ? ( actually ye gana tere taste se kuch jada hi achcha hai :p)"

ps- don't kill me.


It's fun how most meaningless things stay forever and mean so much :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And here writes Amrita .........

And then I thought what if I die , now , sitting here just like that. Would people miss me , or would they bear it with a smile and all the same feel sad too .
Quite selfishly , images of mum crying and my friends from far and near missing me and secretly thinking of me before sleeping at night came to my mind . Even went to the extent of thinking that some of my blogger buddies might write posts for me-: " And Here Wrote Amrita...."

And that's when I knew ..... I didn't want to die at all :) :)


Sunday, March 1, 2009

shadi-functions ityadi

Some weddings are good , others become good , while the rest are the ones I have to attend.

Question 1: Beta what are you studying ?
Jee aunty wo to nahi pata , par log ____ college kende hai

Quetion 2:Ha to beta kaunsa stream hai ?

me: (looking up down ) ECE , side se Mom : " thats Electronics and Instrumentation"
me: MOM !!!

*tinkling laughter follows*

The voice of my heart goes like this " yaaarr kya gaana play kar rahe , and can't even do my dance here . Aunty x is checking out everyone and anyone with gold , uncle Y gone talli "

Bride : ( mind me ) Yaar , isse better to Karan tha ( haii ) , gadha kitna hans raha hai . lottery lag gayi iski

Groom : ( wearing the biggest smile ) Hehehehehehehe

me : kaash yaha dev d hota and drunk hoke nachta (sigh , sigh)

Random pink aunty : Oiiii why have you become sooo thin , jao jao khana khalloooo . haiii bechari kitna travel karti haiiii .

me : not as much as hanuman ji

Various scenes : drunk uncle eyeing young somethings wearing offshoulders. People remembering their cannibalistic instincts and eating all that they can lay their hands on.
Gelled hair guys staring at gals and wo sab.Lovey dovey couples looking and doing all that .

Finally jo saalo se hota aaya hai wo ho jata , another couple bites the dust ( married couples , plz don't bite me) .

Me : mummmy i wanna go hoommeeee

Mom : chup kar , just leaving

me : Papaaaaaaaaaaaa

I return home more bored than the last time , lack of companions for this one night of glory and boring food . .......

I come back , Watch TV and feel blessed .:)