Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"ye jo waqt hai na , jo hum yahan bita rahe hai ,
dekhna aage jake ise yaad karenge aur hasenge"--geet

I just realised how true these words are , every time a year goes by , a moment goes by we don't realise how special it is unless you recount it and get this nostalgic feeling. That may take years to happen but it does , sooner or later.

Have my practical exams going on , and was thinking about the way I would think about them after say 4 years . something rushed back - me doing an experiment on the potentiometer -Cls 12th.
I still remember how R. almost cried because she had forgotten the use of a vernier calliper ,how physics sir had referred to my tuition mates as "monkey guys " :). More memories rushed back from class 10th, the last time I celebrated my birthday in class amongst a huge chorus of "Happy
birthday Amrita" & then handing out toffees to all & one .

Something changed after class 10th.The 3 month long break did something to all of us , we became 'different' , tiny T suddenly became a 6 footer & was hence called tall T. , C moved to another class & we had to meet up during tiffin time ( so saheli , I've had practise :) ) , king kong stopped singing , while Mr. doc started , Sa was the first one to have a bf,so many memories & they all come rushing to you as if they were all a part of a yesterday which was yet to be forgotten.

And now for the reason why this post was written - it's dedicated to A.C. A.c came in class 11th , the kind of guy who looks sweet & stylish at the same time , had curly hair ( i still remember), he had this dude thing going for him & mind you that was the time when we didn't even use the word "dude". That was the kind of guy who wouldn't even look at a girl like me ( that was the year i got my specs ) , but would talk to me when needed & lo-downs like me would feel like princesses ( now i know that was what 16 felt like). So how did the bubble burst??
He was also in my physics & maths & chemistry tuitions ( actually 4 other guys were also in the same batch) . We had this physics tuition test & were discussing questions , so AC who's sitting besides me askes me " oi amrita resisitivity ka unit kya hai" .
me : " resisitivity?? seimen"
AC : " as in s----??"( he actually spelled it !!!! )
The other guys slammed their heads & I had THE most quizzical expression on my face with my jaw almost dropping to ground zero. for one second I thought maybe it was one of those silly guy jokes , but the look which the others were giving clearly said otherwise . * & that's how the cookie crumbled* I realised I could not ever have a crush or even think of having a crush on someone whose mental box is sooooooo empty.

Aaaaahh memories & memoirs , how they still bring a smile in times which will be remembered again.

ps: inspired by priya joice's priya & sahil

Friday, November 21, 2008

Do you pray?
Pray for something to happen or not , maybe without your head bowed in front of God. But , do you??

My brother says he doesn't believe in a separate entity called GOD , but I know how hard he was praying when he really wanted to pass that exam.
As kids usually feel , a kid used to feel that praying to only one GOD would make the others feel bad just like she felt when her teacher didn't praise her.
Some feel that one should pray so as to prove that they too belong to the society, the same society which is multiracial , multi religion, multilingual & yet a single entity.

I read somewhere today " it was not GOD who made man , but man who made GOD"

If man made God ,then why can't we call him whenever we wish to , to come & solve whatever miserable problem that we are so stuck in. & If there really is/are a God/s where is he/they when the world needs them the most??

Are we all clusters of atoms & molecules destined to become dust one day & then fade away, If so then why do the doings of others hurt us so? But the hurt of others fails to touch us , us who are a part of this race , the race among equals , the race amongst divided and the race within ourselves.

Is it God's fault if something bad happens to us , is it your fault if I die tonight?

Only questions to which there are seldom answers , & then the girl says " Maybe God needs rest today , He/ She can be tired too"
I say " How can God be tired , isn't thou supposed to be after all, ALMIGHTY??"
the girl said "Hey would you not want to sleep awhile if everyone came & told all their sorrows to you and wanted you to sort 'em out? Maybe thou wants you to face the world , to learn , to fall and then realise it's not easy being God, not easy after all to be the human , the one who created God"


ruki si zindagi se , thaki si zindagi se , kuch pal chura lo naa

Sunday, November 16, 2008


What happens when
you see John a. and can't breathe for the next 5 mins.

What happens when
you think that is that Abhishek B. acting gay or how can someone enact
so well????

What happens when
you know that you may weigh lesser than most people , but can never
be 5"8 , can never wear slinky yet supaa stylish threads &well
can't do many many things like living in Miami.

What happens when
after a decade of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , you go to see Dostana

What happens when

you think this is another review of the movie with a name which is
another word for happy.

What happens when

you can't be sweet & have to say the second half was boring

One of the basic characteristics of mine are that I can't be sweet , I can be nice , can be funny , crazy , but I can't be diabetes inducing. My voice lacks that quality , you know how some people can do those "ooooooo's" & "aaaaa's" . The scene which I could really connect to was when P.C ( everyone's calling her that now) , didn't get the promotion & is disappointed & almost crying.
Having read Vanilla sky's post , i was reminiscensing about the days , a decade back when K2H2 entered our lives :) .The movie which defined coolness & like SRK puts it " the clothes will go out of style , but the coolness of that movie will never go out of style".

Like someone said to me once ( I think it was Resurgence ) --"Girl be proud of the principles you stand up for , coz they are yours".
I think I have been overtly positive for quite a bit of time , there's nothing wrong in that , just that , it sometimes makes you forget that not everybody is as right as I might think they are & makes you callous. It's like I have been waiting to be kicked , but how could I have already forgotten the kicks I had already suffered . One of the possible ways of doing that is to close your eyes to people & their ways. I still believe that , somewhere down there there's a good person in all of us , it's just that we have learnt to be selfish so that we don't get hurt by others. I don't mind being selfish ,I used to be one of the most self centered people & could see an oppurtunity in almost everything I do. I think some of that persona has still stayed with me , but most of it had been forgotten , Guess I need to get some of it back.

Have you realised how many I's I've used in the previous para?? My mom used to say we shouldn't be an I person but a WE person.
SRK says
" It's not lonely at the top , It's alone". Friends go on their own respective ways after their tenure with us , new people take their place , I was wondering will it be the same when I leave bloggerville??
I think I'm one of the few people who won't say "blogging is my life & I can't live without it"
or " I have found immense friendship in co- bloggers & can chat with them all through the day". True I like the straightforwardness of some bloggers
& almost think of them as friends , but I also have real friends in the real world . hehehe did i just say friends again , the business of friendship is a lil complicated , i mean here i am talking about the great virtues of real life friends whereas even i don't know whether my blog friends or the real life ones will stick with me 3 years from now.But I also know that as long as I'm here , whether the 'here' is e-blogger or real life or dreams , I might as well make the most of it ,actually be with the people who are in that realm.

What happens when
you think that this post sounds too confused.

What happens when
your mind wanders back to John & his dimples .

Well , you end the post , thinking that from next time you"ll use an excuse like *both my hands were chopped off & am now typing with my tongue*
(courtesy uchhia tejish). But for now , all i can think is of two very straight blokes kissing (each other) like ,like , like , like......

Friday, November 7, 2008


Cancer: You have a plethora of opportunities today. If you are single , then , your crush will send you important signals.

sually the type to forget what my horoscope says even before i finish with it , this one actually ignited in me a hope , a hope that yess may be finally i too will have a 'happily ever after' . Sweet dreams filled my way to college , I imagined what life would be from then on .
We had a test , which got cancelled , took that as a positive sign , of things to come. Never leaving hope even for once, even when the day finally came to an end , so what?? night was yet to come & with our teacher having drilled us about the many wonders Telecommunication had to offer .........., life seemed sweet.

I waited , waited & waited.But , it never came , no phone call , no email , no important signals. Didn't they care????? Neither R.K nor I.K bothered . :( hmmpphh didn't they care ? ya so what if they belong to the 'already committed' species , LOVE IS TRASH .
bande samjhte hi nahi :x Whatever , who cares anyways??? Waise bhi I have my exams coming up , better concentrate on that. .

How silly love thing is na?? grown up people like teddy bears , hawhawhaw *sorry can't help but guffaw* & Even knowing this people long for it , long to find the perfect partner , the soul mate . Exaggerated is it?? or may be not. silly it seems to us , the *unlucky ones* & yet so serious to those who *feel* it.

me: "hey my bro has a gf" * with full on excitement , he's the first in our family.*
friend: "whoa , your bro is NORMAL . What did aunty say?? "
me: *dismally*" nothing ,she's pretty cool about it , hasn't even been pokey about it " *since I was obviously expecting a great hullabaloo or at least something like -- noooooooo*
friend : " hahahhaha , everybody (except u) is normal".

*Guess mom realised that at least it's a gf & not ... well.. a bf*

Why I named the post so ?? hhehe hope you've got the idea by now.

&since single is an expletive which is hurled more dangerously than the four letter F word , just imagine how life would be with phrases like " what the si *&^%ngle" or "si&%$@ngle you !! " GHASTLY , people would be deranged for life , emotionally scarred for the rest of their already miserable S *&@^lives !!

Wondering how I"ll deal with this condition of mine??? As a famous director we all like to bitch about & yet watch each one of his single movies had said " Baby , I'm single , ready to mingle , but there's no one to dingle "
Guess what mentally challenged people like me don't even feel the need to dingle , i don't know if that's weird , but , it's like life is so fine now without any hassles to it. ( some of you might feel , ooo she's trying to cover it up or huh what does she know -- its perfectly ok if u do that) .

ps: Have all of you already fallen in the real kind of love??

& for those of us who haven't , there's no hurry re, just listen to this:

"Tu sabar to kar mere yaar
Zara saans to le dildaar

Chal fikar nu goli maar
Yaar hai dil jindi de chaar

Haule haule ho jayega pyaar chal yaar
Haule haule ho jayega pyaar"

Monday, November 3, 2008

what should a girl do???

--any comment by those of the opposite sex will be deleted ( sorry tyro , tera bhi kar dungi , bura mat maniyo guys log) .

Ya & now I''ll get on with the post & please before getting me wrong , do read the whole post.

I am(or was until i realised) petrified of dressing up , wearing kajal etc etc In fact I used to make fun of girls who used to do that , I used to call them 'delicate darlings' , 'dimpy darlings' , 'simpering queens' & what not . I had this notion that if i ever wore any sort of make up or even earrings , people would percieve me as a ''lallu'' or some ''beauty without brains'' . Infact I was afraid that someone else might call me by the same names that I had given to the many girls I had given . I thought the guys ( yes you read that right ) would not treat me as an equal if I ever let go of these notions , scary dreams of not getting a job & being treated lightly by people haunted me.

I have read some blogs , newspaper articles, magazines , which show women boasting of doing liposuctions, plastic surgeries to look beautiful . One simple thing could never penetrate my hard skull was why all these women were spending so much on beauty. I mean everything will fade away in its own sweet time won't it?? . Somewhere down the line realised that all these were done to attract men. How repulsed I felt by the very thought , never failing to criticise such people .

Behaving like a girl/ woman would in this world could earn her usual comments like " ohh so girlyyy" , " typically girlyy" , "who's she trying to baby?" .Behaving like a girl could be a greater sin than dressing like one. you can't complain about people smoking ( irrespective of their gender) *Oh she's too soft* , or abusive language , funny na , how almost all the awful-est abuses are aimed at the female .

Some years later , I realised a sort of funny thing , even though i had modified myself to neve be girly , i too had changed for the male mindset. How silly * there is no need to change ourselves for anyone else* that was what i had thought forever & yet i had.

The world around us is strewn with women , women we love , women with integrity , women with strength. Some of my personal favourites are -- Mother Teresa,Indira Gandhi , Julia Roberts & apni Priety Z.

I still cringe when I hear things like "a child out of wedlock is no- no"* how can any child be not good??*, "OMG you are still single ?? hopefully , you won't go down the wrong way" *No , I won't !!!!* , "Gosh , I can't wait to fall in love"*& then madly falling for someone who gave you a rose & said something like -- i see the moon in your eyes , & then breaking up with that one in about 3 years"

I just felt like writing it all down . Some of you might find me confused about this topic , maybe thats because deep inside I'm a feminist to the T & at the same time have also realised that changing your viewpoint keeping the male thinking in mind would be just like killing thy true self.

ps-- & all those guys who have already read it ,don't comment on this topic.