Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Dad has asked me to never write this to a real guy

Info: We had our Tech Fest - DAKSHH 2010 which had a competition called Tech@Heart, and my entry came second ;) ( I won a Dell T-shirt! :P) We had to pen a *love-letter* in techie lingo.
I dedicate this post to my last Tech fest here. The letter given below is followed by an index of tech terms (aapki help ke liye) ;)

and without much ado here it is :


To The Scanner Of My Heart,

From the moment(as defined by The Platinum Iridium cylinder in Paris) my irises saw you, my cardiac valves did more back
flips than a sawtooth waveform, only this time it was generated by the CRO inside me. The vectors of two points on a Gaussian field belong together and you belong with me. I stored your image in my cache memory for ever.

I still remember the first time that we met, you were near the Klystron Amplifier and I was besides the Lathe Machine. Just like these devices are so different, like a cation attracts an anion, our pheromones attracted each other. Your eyes found me like TCP found IP. When you came within a proximal distance of 0.25m within me, I could feel electrons flowing through my viens with a speed of 10power30 GHz.

But then I lost you. I searched endlessly for you on the Internet, The Ethernet, The Telnet and what not. But alas! Without you I was morose like a Matlab program gone so wrong that it doesn't even know the difference between a root() command and sinc function.

It was on the eve of pi day when I saw you again. Even in that melange of a million people you spotted me. My adrenaline was pumping @ 2.5 times higher than usual. I immediately sent you my ARP request packet to which you replied coz' I knew that your heart was unicast towards me.
Like a Wien Bridge connected to itself, like integration and diffrentiation , where one is nothing without the other. You know? When Information from your oral mouth reaches my olfactory lobes,it's bliss, akin to ISO completing OSI.

My lacrimal glands moisten up as I write these last lines.

An ATMEG32 ca
n never run without AVR, and neither can my respiratory system without you.
So WHAT ARE YOU waiting for? Get on your higehest mileage giving,lowest fuel guzzling and eco-logical automobille and come to me. 'Coz here I am, all lonely , twirling 1
K, 2K and 10 K ohm resistances, waiting , only for you....

Yours Truly

Black Isotropic Woman

P.S: When I had written it, I hadnt really thought of putting it down on some rough paper, had directly written on the paper provided. Now my memory isnt some cache that I"ll remember everything. However whatever I've written is 99% same to same :)

P.P.S: We also bagged the third prize in the MAD-AD contest (impromptu advertisement), We as in Saheli, Abhay and Me. But that story is for some other time and best told by anyone but me!

P.P.P.S: As for my DAD, he promptly slept off after a very enthusiastic recitation by moi. DAD: "ye kabhi kisi real bande ko mat likhna, bhag jayega" :D :D : D

Non-Info: "Tech List" ( For engineers and non-engineers alike )

1. Tech: yantra
2.Scanner: That thing in malls which makes a *peek* sound , jisse saman measure hota hai.
3.Platinum-Iridium Cylinder: It's a 1kg cylinder used as a standard for wt.

4.Irises: aapki aankho ke andar ka black black.
5.Cardiac Valves: Dil ke compartments
6.Sawtooth Waveform:--->

7.CRO: Cathode Ray Oscillator: used to *see* waves.
8.Vector: Anyth with magnitude and direction, jaise chalta hua train.
9.Gaussian Field: yaar Maths me ek football field jaisa concept hai.

10.Cache: Computer ka ek superfast and easy to access memory
11.Electrons: Negative charge wale small small things.
12.Klystron Amplifier: Used to increase the speed of electrons.

13.Lathe Machine: Carpentry machine which I hated!!
14.Cation and Anion: positive and negative charges.
15.Pheromones: Sex attractants present in everyone (khekhekhe! )

16.TCP/IP: Computer connections me ek type ka protocol ( matlab in rules ke hisab se hota hai connection)
17.Ghz: Unit Of frequency
18.Internet: YEH NAHI PATA KYA??? Ethernet, Telnet : ek zamane ke type of internet ( sort of)

19.MATLAB : Jaise compu ppl ke liye C/C++, waise Electronics logon ke liye MATLAB.
20.Sinc func and root () : *phew*
21.Circuit: Munnabhai ka dost

22.Power Supply:Jisse circuit chale
23.Pi day : 14th March. pi= 3.142
24.Adrenaline: jiske wajah se RK ko dekh ke sth sth happens, and for others it gives you butterflies before exams.

25.ARP: Automatic Request Protocol
26.Unicast: *ek duje ke liye*
27.Wein Bridge:--->

28.Integration and differentiation : *hayyyyy*
29.ISO-OSI: Another protocol
30.Lacrimal Glands: Tear glands

31.ATMEG32: It's a Microcontroller chip ( Now don't ask WHAT's THAT?), it's a chota but mahan chip.
chip: doesnt have to do anything with an uncle! its a big thing in a chota package like Sachin Tendulkar.

32.Resistance: wahi jo ladkiyan apne bf ke samne *resistance* wala bhaav khaate hai (usually)
33.Ohm: Unit of resistance.
34.AVR: A microcontroller software.
35. Isotrope: two elements with the same atomic no. (Go Figure!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Completly I post

I would completely and truly agree with you if you don't wanna read this post after the boredom you've had to tolerate in the last one. My apologies. I don't do very well by pretending to be a "writer" ( hello! aren't they those funny people who keep on writing how loser like life is or how the world is a sucky place to live in and neither am I one of the few good ones who really write what one likes to read) alas!

So here I am confessing about something that I know people who don't know me wouldn't care about :)

Trust issues - Belief issues. I was never the kind who went on liking people just the way they were. I felt very less, cared even less. I remember someone once say "Oh Yes she's always very careful of her image" THAT was really long time ago, and back then that comment had made me proud.

It seems that I'd been building on that image for many many years. I didn't take people seriously, rather never paid heed to others, it was always whether I was doing the right thing , the 'correct' thing or not. And in that confusion I often overlooked what people around me were doing. Enjoying life!

People move on with time, I used to move on with friends, it's like each friend would come with an expiry date and then I'd move on irrespective if I'd 'moved' away from them or not.

I wanted to be smart, confident but most importantly perfect. This is what happens when we don't stop to notice others how imperfect and scared and normal everyone else is.. And when you don't notice others you don't know.. that a lil bit of 'normalcy' is normal enough.

Perfection doesn't exist. The most bitter way to learn about it is to lock yourself up in a house only with books. Its then that one realises how lonely one is and in spite of the fact that one lives in a colony with a 100 kids, most of whom don't recognize her.

Things became much easier when I realised what I'd been doing wrong. Off late I've also understood how important it is to do what one really likes and not being trampled by so-called notions of self-righteousness. They kind of occupy too much of memory space.

And ever since I let go, I have met the most wonderful people, they might be anybody.. the maid with two kids who makes your coffee just the way you like it, that friend you have who's herself going through a breakup but would cheer up in a mo' , that friend who pushes you to get out and get going or simple them friends who like you just the way you are :)

Btw I've been in total admiration of my brother, the only guy in this world to have the patience to teach me football, basketball and load of sports knowing very well that his didi would never probably even attempt them, its through him that I've learnt that all love needn't be superficial, that its OK if his gf sends him a "khana kha liya" sms ( totally not due to the fact that she sent gajar ka halwa for me) and that somebody can hate maths and still teach me "looping". hehe!

The simplest and jadu ka nuskha wala cheez is I don't need to change or hide any of what I already am. There is absolutely no need for any superficial image or a glass house around me because jo achhe hote hai sooner or later unke saath acha hi hota hai.

If there's one mantra that I've seriously learnt it is to start believing - in yourself coz then you wont be worried about what others think about you and start thinking that these people you like, that they and the happy times you've spent with them will be with you forever...

Monday, March 22, 2010


When we talk about updates, it usually signifies how far we've come along since the last time we were here. Neither have I won the Nobel, nor have I completed a project and nor can I sum it up.
If only, summing things up could be that easy.

It's the same morning everyday and yet woken up from a slumber
I smile at the happy thoughts I know that I can
I can keep it in, keep up the smile, wake up from a slumber

Failures don't bug me
But stumbling has always been an option
It's like returning to what you thought once could be true

It's easy to let go even while you can hold on to all of it
Just stop thinking, feel the breeze
Let go while you can

Find a friend
But Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
It was like a barter
lose one find many

All this seems a bit dramatic
Writing like this
expressing through *poems*
Take a Bow Amrita
life ain't the great a ravine you thought it was
More like a waterfall
Swoosh and it has displaced you
A rush and you feel elated
But most of the times it's like a sanctuary
peaceful and going on

Things wont affect if you don't let them if you know what to do
To Know is a different game
coz you know but you don't feel
and in spite of not feeling right you can do whats right
Do what you want, feel what you like
Soak what you want

I wouldn't have read all this if it were by someone else
You still on?
intellectualism doesn't suit me
I prefer timetables

Those time tables we made of waking up early, hardly mattered, coz we did what we had to.
Now with time immeasurable there seems to be a need for a list not a bucket list but one to enlist.

Note to self: GET A LIFE ;) in the one i already have.
Note to readers: you Still On?? How could you go through all that? me at profoundness best :D
well maybe 2nd best.

As for updates:

1) 4th year project ki waat lagi hai

2) lost out on CAT.

3) Naukri here I come....

4) Have finally started sleeping 11 hours a day

5) SL yes, farmville: still don't get it

6) Purple doesn't always looks good esp. on KKR

7) like noor-e-khuda

8) I have finally understood the nuances of circuit shopping :D tip: take along hot girl to bargain

9)Still have a mental glitch problem when people less than 25 get married. Esp. when they were once your classmate, but as E! says "be happy for the one who's happy"

10)So not into IPL and not proud of it.

11) I miss the good ol' days of K serials where the women weren't really helpless!!

12) fir bhi main khush hu :)

*laugh a lot *