Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bookworm @ Heart :)

I remember when we were in Mysore  ( the famed training days )and we were having an E&R session .
Everyone of us had to speak for about three minutes about something/anything.
The topic which I spoke about, was the three loves of my life ..
Some people found it very good and some people fell asleep :P
Now I have no clue as to what those three were .. it's just that now , when I think of it , books should certainly have been one of them.

I seriously don't remember when I got into the habit of reading , but that is all that I do with real passion.
The earliest I remember is finishing of  Little Women & The Great Expectations before I could learn to tie my shoe laces . I still have fond memories of those characters .
There is something so nostalgic and unhurried about reading a good book that its like taking a holiday and going off to places and adventured unknown.

So here's a small  photo blog for all of you , of all the books I have here :)

p.s : I don't have my Harry Potter series and quite few  other beloved books here ..  but I guess the ones present should make up for them.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Perfect Hug

She thought it was just a casual hug before he was leaving.
But this time, something was different, she felt it tug at her heart.
So they hugged, she could smell him this time.
She could feel his arms around her
She felt protected and warm
She closed her eyes only to savour the moment
For she knew, that soon it would be time to let go
When she started to move away
He said “please some  more”
And she held him again
And this time, he didn’t let her go.