Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sound Of Morning

I woke up at 5 am today, it reminded me of the time when I was an early riser.Lately, sleeping schedules and of course net addiction has resulted in getting up late. Now, I don't have any problem against those who sleep till 11 am, why my brother never wakes up before 11 during holidays.

I've never been much of a morning jogger or stuff, I just love meandering around, listening to things, watch the dawn break out.. simple things. It was raining when I woke up, something about rains in the morning is so indescribably soothing especially the rustling of the leaves. Yes even though some people find it eerie it is one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. Even if it isnt raining, and the trees rustle.. wow I feel like Heidi.

Heidi was one of the first books I'd read along with Little Women, I loved both, but Heidi remains close to heart. At that time we used to live in a cozy small town in Assam, surrounded by huge trees and even now the sound of trees remind me of my quaint life back there.

My granny had an eccentric neighbour with 12 cats, every morning right on time she would switch on her Radio, turn it up to full volume, so that every one could hear it. The first strains of music from All India Radio is another favorite morning sound. There's something so un-music like about it that it seems melodious.

Then ofcourse there's the thing which makes no sound, but creeps in stealthily. Have you seen how the sky is just before the Sun is about to rise, a bit purplish , a bit mauevish and the horizon looks beautiful. The dawn breaks and all the other sounds come alive the chattering of birds, the tring tring of the doodhwala, the newspaper walah throwing the paper and of course the smell of tea... :)

I realised what a contrary experience is waking up at 9, all you get to hear is the maid shouting at you asking for some vim bar or washing powder, then you have to right away make breakfast or something.. leaving no time to enjoy the morning. I used to like waking up early & I think I"ll go back to my old habit ... also addiction to net isn't a very good thing, but alas! I don't really have much to do nowadays. dekhte hai kya hota hai .. :) till then cheerios.. :)

P.S: here's a site you can go through in case you feel some need for hope


Monday, September 13, 2010


Since I'm feeling utterly fresh and un-sleepy now , talk about holidays! I was going through my old scraps. and the way we'v now shifted to facebook, made me realise how more open and sweet we were on orkut. back then we didn't know what we should post and what we shouldn't, and talked as we wanted to. It was like we were really expressing ourselves without knowing that anyone else would *like* it. Not that I mind being liked. Found meself laughing at some scraps and smiling at the innocence of others.I present here some of them which made me laugh and wonder where most of them are now.. why after the first few months of orkut we didn't keep in touch as zealously as we had started off. Anyway, enough of procrastinations,
The following are some of the first scraps from my scrapbook :-

1. I(think I) had asked this guy how many girls were there in his class ...

: ur other question regarding gals will b answered if u ve a luk at this site

2. My first fest :)

So r u goin to atttend the fest on all 3 days?? 18/03/2007

3. aaah those awf-some graphic days

: tui naki sakal 7 tay ghum theke utheii graphics korte boshe gachis!! grtt!

: heard you woke up at 7 and pounced on your graphic sheets? gr8!!

4. hahahha!! you know her

:What is a Kiss..? In view of:..
GEOMETRY-Kiss is the shortest distance between 2 lips.
ECONOMICS-Kiss is that thing 4 which DEMAND is higher then SUPPLY!
PHYSICS-Kiss is the process of CHARGING a human body..
COMPUTER-Kiss is like a LAN, in which 2 bodies are connected without DATA CABLE...!

5. Girl: she has written committed but not he .......

6.an unknown Girl: neway howz is Bala doin? is bar kya uska attendance 30% se jyada hai ?

7. Would you imagine apologising to someone for not being online ? well, that was some guzra hua zamana

:yup.....sry for tht...actually sem got over in april n ve been on a vacation since then...so come online very infrequently....neways wats up wid u...

8. The people whom u never remembered were even there in your class, and hence asked for a clarification. I'm serious, even now I don't remember this fella or laughing at his handwriting :|

Guy: ok this may may make me remember me a though it is a negative point
i had the worst handwriting in our class
u had even laughed at seeing my project in manika's hand
because it was prepared very badly
i had noticed that u had laughed at my project since i had an eye on every student in the class
we were in 9c at that time
u may not remember me by my name but u will surely remember this
do you?

9.Exchanging songs :))

: this isMahiya
Somewhere Out There, I Know There Is Someone
Who Is Waiting Just For Me Maahiya
He Is Gonaa Set Me Free Maahiya
Jiski Aankhon Mein Meri Hi Nami Ho
Koyi Toh Hai Woh Yaar Maahiya .........

..... these lyrics are too much abt captivity.......the girl is captured.......

10. Guy : u hav to register in dat website...they'll give u an url......u send it to ur frndz......
if u copy my url....all ur frndz crushes will be sent to me!!

When I re-read it, I thought all my friends' crushes will become his!!

11. Last but not the least, this ones from the usual unwanted unknown somebody who not only adds u, but by god atleast purane zamane me they used to give it a good try, ajkal to those unknown types just 'add' you, no hi & no cheesy message either.

cheesy scrap No. 1 :If i say hi.......u may say whoz this.... if i ask for chat....u may say why??.... if i ask u for a coffee.....u may say wt rubbish.... if i say i liked ur profile......u may say m flattering u..... if i ask for frnship.......u may say m flirting...... so can u plz suggest me hw to start wid a new relation.........???? till u reply i am trying wid a request.........".....m here looking for friends i like u, ur name is tellin me that ur some1 who can b my frnd.....……

hey m addin u up....hope u dont have ne problem.......
gave a good day....bye>.
b in touch......tata

ps : and thats how the cookie crumbles. My sense of humour gets jaded as dawn draws nearer, but if you've stuck till the very end, I'd like to hear about some of your first scraps too ;)

- c ya

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My green chaddar

This post is not inspired from Ruskin Bond's The Blue Umbrella. I couldn't find another word for chaddar, you will understand as you read on.

The hero of this post is my green chaddar. It came to my life some 7 years back, and its not any normal chaddar i.e bedsheet/bedcover nor is it some blanket, it is actually two cotton saris stitched together, these saris belonged to my grandfathers' sister and she did the work. Its a plain good old green, but i dont reckon theres any cloth softer than it. I have slept with it since the day I got it, through summers , winters ,rainfalls. Its a bit tattered now, but I love it nonetheless.

It provides the perfect warmth and even in summers feels nice. I think the softness comes from being used by a woman who is as soft as a feather, a drop of vaseline cream, a mound of softy.She's no more but her touch remains. It feels nice.

Earlier I used to sneak it in my suitcase, when we'd go on a trip. Well the first time around my dad said 'The hotel staff will throw it away with the morning rubbish'. I was adamant. It goes where I go. Resort ho ya hotel, I've taken it with me, coz when I have it, sleep comes easily.

You might think why this silly post about attachment to a non-living thing.

I"ll be leaving home in about a month, and will of course smuggle it with me, and it will remind me of all the times I've slept in peace, in worries, in half awakened sleep.... in my home.

BTW time for a Mom Dialogue:

Mom: oh I will miss you too much
me: ma you are doing as if I'm getting married!
Mom: That would've been better *sob*
me: WHAT!!
Mom: at least there are no fixed no. of holidays in a marriage .

Slowly the realization is dawning that I may after all miss home. home cheez hi aisi hai :)However , my green chaddar will remain with me , as a lil reminder, of things that made up 'home' & I really hope that we stay together ,always.