Thursday, December 24, 2009

A New Blogroll and ..

Its been a while since I wrote and here are a few questions which contain their answers in them. See if you can find 'em.

1. Why don't we smile at people we know albeit maybe just by name?

2. I like only chocolate and coffee and no other flavor. Then why are there varied flavors.?

3. I like many pirated-copied songs, is it because they sound apna-sa?

4. Why are we so different when at home and so different when out, is it the dresses, the back-pack, the pen or simply ourselves?

5.Life goes on without stopping, halting , you might stop-and-wait but why doesn't it?

6.why is it that sleep reckons the most the night before exams and I wake up at 5 on a holiday?

7.Why did we go for that movie with our best, knowing very well that its about some cheap and her not-so-macho dude?

8. Iis time really timeless?

9. However pessimistic, practical,non-believer we might be why do we still hope for a miracle?

10. Which is the best place to holiday ? to snuggle under your blanket or something which inspires this :-
"The Pleasant Sun, the soothing wind, the relieved mind, n the company of closest friends! Loving Every Moment."

And if you've got the answers, then here is an answer the question of which need not be asked
" there's one good thing about coming here, we found good friends" .

I finally have a blogroll , do go through them(and don't expect back a comment). Each is different from the other and I like all of 'em
for none is similar to each other or any other.