Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hans de Hans de Hans de tu zara - song of 2008


1. I'm addicted to blogs .now.

2.will keep resolutions

3. wanna write about some phunny /intellectual/ not so intellectual/ *i liked* phrases / lines/comments of this year:

-->tauba tera jalwa , tauba tera pyar tera emotional atyachar
-->frustration is the beginning of medicine ( then what does engineering end with???)
--->Obama kaun?? * apna common man like surinder sahni*
--->gg aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhh ( amir in ghajini)
---> u break my heart , like u always do ( sahi line)

there are many more which i can't remember in this cyber cafe .

4. I never keep resolutions , but wanna do it this year . No won't blabber about them here.

5. i won't feel sad , as resurgence says "wish i get out of this habit of cribbing"

6.Ghajini is The movie of the year ( yes my critical review really counts).

7. felt sleepy after RNBDJ ( i don't Wanna be rude )

8. Kidnap is The comic movie ( hehheheh mausam ye awesome baraaa , still cant forget that song)

9.My net isn't working anymore :(

10. since you're interested in my life.

11. don't read this , instead call your mom ,dad , friends & new year get together plan karooo.

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1. Your Oldest Memories
My memory is in fact very good when it comes to people , and i tend to remember the small small things that happened when i was with them. So here are two of my oldest memories :) :-

memory 1 = I was a 3 year old kid then . It was a drizzling , & my dad thought of taking me out for ice cream. He had a Rajdoot ( motorcycle) & I used to sit on that tank thing ( ya i know it's dangerous) , facing dad , so that i wouldn't fall off. We went to the icecream wallah , me wearing a light blue raincoat ,dad asked for his favourite Vanilla icecream which i never favoured 'coz it tasted like milk. The ice cream guy said that it was out of stock & Dad gave a big smile & said " cholo aj chocolate icecream khai". & that was my first choco icecream cup , the flavor which is still the favourite.

memory 2= This one is from a time when me and my brother were 8 and 6, this was a time when he used to sort of think that his didi knew all the answers :).

Me & my bro were going to some usual baccha B'day party , with the usual pack of sketchpens for gift.
Rony --" didi , didi , whats the difference between moments and seconds?"
Me --" arre seconds se to minute banta hai & moments to chote chote pal hote hai, seconds se bhi kam"
( i still don't know how i came up with that ans )
Rony-- " ooooo achhaa moments se hi seconds banta hai"

2. What were you doing 10 years ago
That would be 1998 , that means I was in a new school (KV Joka) , and as far as i can remember our teacher must've given us some essay as holiday homework . Hmmm , i think i must've been doing that H.W.

3. Today - Your first thought in the morning
"Cmon , its control system today , get out of the bed "

4. If you build a time capsule, what would it contain
pehli baat I'm not thaaaaat intelligent that I'll build a time capsule & even if i do , take loads of food , aur kya , god knows what people will eat in the future!!!

5. Tomorrow - Next year, same day
No idea or ya maybe celebrating the end of another sem.

6. What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now.
Right now I'm pretty impressed by SRK , not as an actor , but the hardwork he put into earning zillions so.....

This one was for Amrita

The next one is for Shantanu
one of the rules is that i can skip any question if i want to.

9. What takes you down the fastest?
negative or pessimistic thoughts about myself

10. What resurrects you the fastest?
hmmmm, I resurrect myself .

11. What’s your fear?what do I fear for?
dead bodies ( not dead people) & maybe anger.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I love...

//* you made my sixteen sweet,
you came closer to my face than most could
you saw through my blemishes
and instead chose to show me the world
our affair grows stronger everyday
at night when i sleep without you , my dreams seem incomplete
you have become my identity, we have become one.

you were my first crush
you eluded me for some years
but I could not resist you and
finally fell in love with you
you made everything so fantastic
now you're gone & i realise I miss you
now that you are gone

I was never allowed to be with you
they said I would have to grow up ,before i could meet you
I waited , you embraced me when the time came
you made me see the ways of people
you lent me a shoulder after a hard day at college
you guide me

they say you are vile
that you've had many flings and
destroyed 'em all
& yet when you let me hold you
i feel blessed

And YOU ?? YOU ?? the one I think about the most,
you belittle me , you anger me , you make me cry
and then like a lost lover you come back
and you cast a spell on me again
are we soul mates ?
I try to ignore you , I make fun of you
And yet it is you who manages to
bring the real smile on my lips.
coz you are the one who
gives me an identity *//

How was it? just realised how like for forever I have heard people crib about things which make our lives easier . I have never found a reason to hate those things , in fact I could have fallen in love with them if they had been humans.

Each of the above paragraphs are dedicated to my specs , maths, bus / metro ,money and finally exams respectively.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ehsaan tu itna sa karde,
mujhe fir tanha sa kar de.