Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Hope

Do  u know what it is like to fall in love?

Is it like falling into a deep unknown abyss?
Is it lie feeling your heart getting quenched?
Is it like something finally made sense?
Is it like having a sense of loss forever?

I sometimes wonder how it is when two people feel so complete with each other that they just know.

I have felt twice that  I could be complete .
The first time turned out to be a massive crush and well the second time.
The second time gave me the sense of loss which I carry with me all the time.
A sense that I could probably never see him, can never talk to him,
But after all , its only words and his words are all that I have left of him..
 I have deleted all mails , all conversations that were there
But a memory cannot be erased

A memory of the time when he reached out to me
When he saw through me , for what I really was
When his words formed a blanket against all that I was facing then
When he said that I don't need beauty to comfort me because that was within

Things which meant a lot , but now seem like an echo of something shouted long ago
Things which dont mean as much to him.

I am yet to experience the love , the simple love where you can take the other for granted love
and of late I have come to doubt if it really exists ,if someone will ever feel it for me , he used to say that someone will ..

Maybe that day is yet to come , the closure is yet to come
But when it comes I hope that like everyone else, its a happy ending .