Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why do people get married?

This might seem a silly question but this is what is confusing me right now.
This is not a question to oppose marriages, but rather the absence of answers.

All my life till a month back I was like cool with the idea of both arranged and love marriages.
I was all for each-to-his-own way, jiyo aur jeene do .

But now I am like , why should we marry.
So there can be a scenario where I am madly in love with a guy and I want to be with him forever.
But is forever really for ever?
Actually its not even marriage I am confused about , its the taam-jham which seems irrational.
Why does the whole world need to know that you are getting hitched?

And woe-begone if you have not fallen in love by 28 :(
How do I give the same amount or more  of love,respect and adoration that my friends get from me , to a guy who I know for only about two to six months? My friends did a lot to  earn that and we do have a lot of camaraderie to warrant that kinda feeling.

Seriously why should I fall in love before 30 and chalk out my whole future? Don't people get any time to mull over such decisions.

And what about the slow ones ?
You can be dyslexic in studies but not in love?

Don't get me wrong I have loved watching all the true blue rom-coms there are , and I have friends who are truly and really committed to each other (who don't make it embarrassing for friends) ..
The only reason I could find is that people want to satisfy societal norms , but why satisfy anyone else before you can satisfy yourself?

Or maybe the answer is much simpler , as what someone said to me " arre yaar sex karne ke liye ;)"