Monday, May 25, 2009


Since all I have had to dream for the last week is FIR ,IIR,UTP,SCTP,HDLC,FAYOL, CONVERTORS AND INVERTERS.(yes exams are a knocking).

And I'm very bad at writing whatever I will attempt to now.

here's to wishful thinking.

"Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
us Se Kahoon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye"

ps- hey changed the pic of mayank , he looked like some champu in the older one. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


4:00 am

"Oh! It's already time , must get up .Don't feel like sleeping anyway"

"Hmm will come out after 10am , why did I have to get up so early"

"chal lets finish my painting"

I scribbled a lot for sometime though nothing with clear definitions , there was something else...

6:00 am

"Hmmm lets have a cup of coffee , on second thoughts , mum will kill me ! "

Mum , yeah and Dad , how nice they've been , we've gone out . But I know what the poor souls have been thinking .. stupid suicide stories. I'm not like that!!!.

Mum says History and Civics were her favorite. I know what she's pointing to . But I hate S.S.T..
:) and Dad says ''bhabish na"

9:00 am

Ronnnnyyyyyyyyyy the new radio stations have started , listen to this Radio Mirchi . It's cool na? Now we"ll never buy any cassettes .

10:30 am

" It's Meenakshi's call , take it "
" oi result out ho gaya , apna roll no. bata"

" 563**9#"

" OIIIIIii CONGRTAS 86.2% , abbe tuhe science me 92 mila "
" Chal chal baki marks likh le "

The C.B.S.E results will be out today , and its a deja-vu . It's like I can clearly remember what a certain 14 year old was going through 8 years back . You know times change , but this feeling is what binds students. However much psychiatrists and parents say that these results do not matter,that LIFE is beyond the boards.

Every student knows what it feels like to be in waiting .
Waiting for something which decides their future , which decides what they"ll be ,which decides if they can finally go out and have some fun .

A word for those who"ll be getting their results today : congrats, you did it. :)

and for those of you who did'nt, you know what to do. Just follow the example of the girl who failed once but never gave up.

TO BLOGGERs : oi yesterday was vanilla sky's birthday ( she"ll kill me for sure now) & don't wish her on my blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am such a bragger .

1. 06^2= 036 =(1*0) (1*2+1) 6
2. 16^2=256 =(2*1) (2*2+1) 6
3. 26^2=676 =(3*2) (3*2+1) 6
4. 36^2=1296 =(4*3) (4*2+1) 6

... and so on.

:D :D I discovered the above(by myself) yesterday , if you've understood do let me know :)

now my head is reeling.

why didn't anyone make a movie called 'parai ke side effects'

my non blog mates say they don't understand what i write !

I wanna write 55 fiction too.

The lack of ideas prevents that.

Can anyone send me a smiley directory or something? i know only the ones orkut provides.

MOM said :

hey today , there was a man , he kept on reading a book all the while he was cycling.
me: (agape) WOW ! but that's dangerous!!

MOM: Ooo what did u think? I meant the exercycle!!!!.

that was not 55 fiction , it was wait lemme count , its 34 reality :)

wait am feeling drowsy again , numbers ghoom rahe hai sar me .

-for deluded.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Itna SENTI kyun ?

Hey God ? Wassup ? Temme one thing , sab ajkal inne senti kyu ?

My VLSI ( yes the same VLSI ) SIR got married . And tab se unka mann nahi lagta class me ,
Pmos-Nmos complex circuit diagrams-everything he makes with a silent smile . lagta hai sir ko loove ho gaya. Bechare class ke bahar bhi jhankte hai & by god ajkal BUNK bhi karte hai.
Syllabus has become secondary to him.
So when exasperation caught up with me and I shouted " YEEEE kyaa hua SIR , where's your responsiblity??? "

to sab bole " chill yaar , achha hi to hai , inna senti kyu ?? "

When someone my age gets married , I roll my irises to their farthest horizon. So topic being discussed at ghar , my bro speaks up : " yaar she married a 25 year guy , karta kya hai banda"
papa bole " buisnessman"
bro bola " aaila ! 25 me kaisa buisnessman??? "
me boli" arre hoga koi 8th fail , baitha jo apne daddyji ki dukaan pe"
mummy ko aya gussa and boli" Why do you underestimate people ?? this is one bad habit you gotta curb or else.... everything will be doomed"

dinner table ka mood hua sombre and then mom said " after all 10th fail bhi ho sakta hai"
main bolun "MOM innaa senti kyu ??" :P

Jab boyfriend se ho pareshan aur burai kare wo , but hum jab kare burai wo lete unhi ki side , man mera kahe "inna senti kyu" jab wapas jana hai usi ke paas. "jaise duur des ke tower me ghus jaye aeroplane, jaise sareaam pakistan se samjhauta kare uncle sam "

Kyu ho jaate hai senti jab apni baat aye to , but dusro ko bole "inna senti kyu"
Kisi ne kaha " Aditi raat ke baad hi to savera hota hai " but main bolti , senti mat mar yaar le le tu bhi naya kitten!

Jab lade log life (blogs) me aur fir likhe lambe chaude mafinaama poems , main bolun "inna senti kyu " zindagi aur bhi hai , blogs aur bhi , ye nahi to aur sahi , life hai jaise vanilla sky ,lifes like that , life's beyond obvious , life's shit for tat , life has vibes , life hai ek scratch pad , life's joidevivre , thodi sunshine thoda chilled ,thoda hai isme razzmatazz jaise mad(huri) ki koi movie. Get on your furobike and surge ahead.

Par ab lag raha hai mennu dar ,ho na jay gussa log!!!But all that I can try is to be truthful , Then wish me too "inna senti kyu" :)