Sunday, June 21, 2009

desi love stories me hamesha ladki ka hi naam pehle aata hai


you know I have been wondering what happened to those music videos with a story wale gaane.

Remember ankhon me tera hi chehra "Raise your hand if you remember the doggy"
Sonu nigam's getting lost in the island songs,
Asha Bhosle's twin sister wala song
Falguni pathak's bangle wala song

Ok OK I might be behaving like my dadi -" hamare zamane ki to baat hi alag thi"

But all that I get to hear now is " Are we humans or are we dancers?" Bhaion iska matbal ki hai?

Then again there's this big hullabaloo about Archie The Great ki Shadi , main keya " Tennu ki farak painda? " Ab usko veronikka pasand hai to hum kya kare ? waise for betty lovers lesson learnt : Bhaav khana chahiye

Also bloggers are really nice people , I mean all of us have great camaraderie.Is it always true ? Maybe the world feels fake when we become falsified.
Agar hum real life me bhi blog world jaise behave karte then would life be more pleasant? On second thoughts , fir hum blogs me kya likhte?

And quite a few of them have also thought me capable of award shward, even though most of the time rotten tomatoes should be thrown at me ( am saying it in a matter of fact way and not an attention seeking way ! ).

But will acknowledge them now :)

1.I like this girl and her blog truly rocks, best thing is she's not gawar or stupid or even pretentious -MADS.

and these were awarded by her so *taliyan* :D

2. Ki - the girl who can spin marvels with her 55wand gave me this :)-

3. This one was a long time back by Karthik:

Shit I've lost his URL, thanx anyway :)


Had the rollicking time of a life.When 6 girls get together you can't expect anything less.

Yes,now even I can claim and thereafter bitch about a friend getting married.

Showed my hand to a jyotish (it was 20/-) and 'mere life ka sankat wala saal duur ho chuka hai"So i guess that's good , even though he predicted exactly the same for my 5 friends as well. Those who know my birthday can laugh because supposedly I"ll get married by 22.

Also bought a Father's day gift for papa (otherwise he'd be jealous of mom :P )

Am off for a holiday tomorrow, and I"ll be back by Friday :D.

-have fun

Monday, June 15, 2009

That 1st

That Yellow and Blue Salwar kameez
The tangling of chunni
Fear of ragging, of kajra re and mujhse shadi karogi,
Fear of canteen
Getting lost in college.

Being friendly
Coming out of the shell,
Those dosas and samosas
Signing up on orkut

Blaring your heart out in front of seniors
And then being told “ab bas”
Those first steps in the canteen
Feeling more cautious than ever,

Studying all the same
Finding life and vigour within you
Being what you truly wanted to be

Letching at the mod gals
Dubai wali, U.S. wali,
Looking at the tall lasses with awe
And then saying “ model shodel, ekhane keno elo”

Kalle kalle movie dekhna
Being enamored by Dhoom2
Dreaming of heroes
Holding first crushes close to heart “no I won’t tell”

Gave the first exam
As honestly as one could
Then passing out and
Thinking one down.

Moving on to the last lap,
And thinking …..
Only one left?
seems like yesterday …

That Blue’n’Yellow Salwaar kameez.