Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hans de Hans de Hans de tu zara - song of 2008


1. I'm addicted to blogs .now.

2.will keep resolutions

3. wanna write about some phunny /intellectual/ not so intellectual/ *i liked* phrases / lines/comments of this year:

-->tauba tera jalwa , tauba tera pyar tera emotional atyachar
-->frustration is the beginning of medicine ( then what does engineering end with???)
--->Obama kaun?? * apna common man like surinder sahni*
--->gg aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhh ( amir in ghajini)
---> u break my heart , like u always do ( sahi line)

there are many more which i can't remember in this cyber cafe .

4. I never keep resolutions , but wanna do it this year . No won't blabber about them here.

5. i won't feel sad , as resurgence says "wish i get out of this habit of cribbing"

6.Ghajini is The movie of the year ( yes my critical review really counts).

7. felt sleepy after RNBDJ ( i don't Wanna be rude )

8. Kidnap is The comic movie ( hehheheh mausam ye awesome baraaa , still cant forget that song)

9.My net isn't working anymore :(

10. since you're interested in my life.

11. don't read this , instead call your mom ,dad , friends & new year get together plan karooo.

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1. Your Oldest Memories
My memory is in fact very good when it comes to people , and i tend to remember the small small things that happened when i was with them. So here are two of my oldest memories :) :-

memory 1 = I was a 3 year old kid then . It was a drizzling , & my dad thought of taking me out for ice cream. He had a Rajdoot ( motorcycle) & I used to sit on that tank thing ( ya i know it's dangerous) , facing dad , so that i wouldn't fall off. We went to the icecream wallah , me wearing a light blue raincoat ,dad asked for his favourite Vanilla icecream which i never favoured 'coz it tasted like milk. The ice cream guy said that it was out of stock & Dad gave a big smile & said " cholo aj chocolate icecream khai". & that was my first choco icecream cup , the flavor which is still the favourite.

memory 2= This one is from a time when me and my brother were 8 and 6, this was a time when he used to sort of think that his didi knew all the answers :).

Me & my bro were going to some usual baccha B'day party , with the usual pack of sketchpens for gift.
Rony --" didi , didi , whats the difference between moments and seconds?"
Me --" arre seconds se to minute banta hai & moments to chote chote pal hote hai, seconds se bhi kam"
( i still don't know how i came up with that ans )
Rony-- " ooooo achhaa moments se hi seconds banta hai"

2. What were you doing 10 years ago
That would be 1998 , that means I was in a new school (KV Joka) , and as far as i can remember our teacher must've given us some essay as holiday homework . Hmmm , i think i must've been doing that H.W.

3. Today - Your first thought in the morning
"Cmon , its control system today , get out of the bed "

4. If you build a time capsule, what would it contain
pehli baat I'm not thaaaaat intelligent that I'll build a time capsule & even if i do , take loads of food , aur kya , god knows what people will eat in the future!!!

5. Tomorrow - Next year, same day
No idea or ya maybe celebrating the end of another sem.

6. What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now.
Right now I'm pretty impressed by SRK , not as an actor , but the hardwork he put into earning zillions so.....

This one was for Amrita

The next one is for Shantanu
one of the rules is that i can skip any question if i want to.

9. What takes you down the fastest?
negative or pessimistic thoughts about myself

10. What resurrects you the fastest?
hmmmm, I resurrect myself .

11. What’s your fear?what do I fear for?
dead bodies ( not dead people) & maybe anger.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I love...

//* you made my sixteen sweet,
you came closer to my face than most could
you saw through my blemishes
and instead chose to show me the world
our affair grows stronger everyday
at night when i sleep without you , my dreams seem incomplete
you have become my identity, we have become one.

you were my first crush
you eluded me for some years
but I could not resist you and
finally fell in love with you
you made everything so fantastic
now you're gone & i realise I miss you
now that you are gone

I was never allowed to be with you
they said I would have to grow up ,before i could meet you
I waited , you embraced me when the time came
you made me see the ways of people
you lent me a shoulder after a hard day at college
you guide me

they say you are vile
that you've had many flings and
destroyed 'em all
& yet when you let me hold you
i feel blessed

And YOU ?? YOU ?? the one I think about the most,
you belittle me , you anger me , you make me cry
and then like a lost lover you come back
and you cast a spell on me again
are we soul mates ?
I try to ignore you , I make fun of you
And yet it is you who manages to
bring the real smile on my lips.
coz you are the one who
gives me an identity *//

How was it? just realised how like for forever I have heard people crib about things which make our lives easier . I have never found a reason to hate those things , in fact I could have fallen in love with them if they had been humans.

Each of the above paragraphs are dedicated to my specs , maths, bus / metro ,money and finally exams respectively.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ehsaan tu itna sa karde,
mujhe fir tanha sa kar de.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"ye jo waqt hai na , jo hum yahan bita rahe hai ,
dekhna aage jake ise yaad karenge aur hasenge"--geet

I just realised how true these words are , every time a year goes by , a moment goes by we don't realise how special it is unless you recount it and get this nostalgic feeling. That may take years to happen but it does , sooner or later.

Have my practical exams going on , and was thinking about the way I would think about them after say 4 years . something rushed back - me doing an experiment on the potentiometer -Cls 12th.
I still remember how R. almost cried because she had forgotten the use of a vernier calliper ,how physics sir had referred to my tuition mates as "monkey guys " :). More memories rushed back from class 10th, the last time I celebrated my birthday in class amongst a huge chorus of "Happy
birthday Amrita" & then handing out toffees to all & one .

Something changed after class 10th.The 3 month long break did something to all of us , we became 'different' , tiny T suddenly became a 6 footer & was hence called tall T. , C moved to another class & we had to meet up during tiffin time ( so saheli , I've had practise :) ) , king kong stopped singing , while Mr. doc started , Sa was the first one to have a bf,so many memories & they all come rushing to you as if they were all a part of a yesterday which was yet to be forgotten.

And now for the reason why this post was written - it's dedicated to A.C. A.c came in class 11th , the kind of guy who looks sweet & stylish at the same time , had curly hair ( i still remember), he had this dude thing going for him & mind you that was the time when we didn't even use the word "dude". That was the kind of guy who wouldn't even look at a girl like me ( that was the year i got my specs ) , but would talk to me when needed & lo-downs like me would feel like princesses ( now i know that was what 16 felt like). So how did the bubble burst??
He was also in my physics & maths & chemistry tuitions ( actually 4 other guys were also in the same batch) . We had this physics tuition test & were discussing questions , so AC who's sitting besides me askes me " oi amrita resisitivity ka unit kya hai" .
me : " resisitivity?? seimen"
AC : " as in s----??"( he actually spelled it !!!! )
The other guys slammed their heads & I had THE most quizzical expression on my face with my jaw almost dropping to ground zero. for one second I thought maybe it was one of those silly guy jokes , but the look which the others were giving clearly said otherwise . * & that's how the cookie crumbled* I realised I could not ever have a crush or even think of having a crush on someone whose mental box is sooooooo empty.

Aaaaahh memories & memoirs , how they still bring a smile in times which will be remembered again.

ps: inspired by priya joice's priya & sahil

Friday, November 21, 2008

Do you pray?
Pray for something to happen or not , maybe without your head bowed in front of God. But , do you??

My brother says he doesn't believe in a separate entity called GOD , but I know how hard he was praying when he really wanted to pass that exam.
As kids usually feel , a kid used to feel that praying to only one GOD would make the others feel bad just like she felt when her teacher didn't praise her.
Some feel that one should pray so as to prove that they too belong to the society, the same society which is multiracial , multi religion, multilingual & yet a single entity.

I read somewhere today " it was not GOD who made man , but man who made GOD"

If man made God ,then why can't we call him whenever we wish to , to come & solve whatever miserable problem that we are so stuck in. & If there really is/are a God/s where is he/they when the world needs them the most??

Are we all clusters of atoms & molecules destined to become dust one day & then fade away, If so then why do the doings of others hurt us so? But the hurt of others fails to touch us , us who are a part of this race , the race among equals , the race amongst divided and the race within ourselves.

Is it God's fault if something bad happens to us , is it your fault if I die tonight?

Only questions to which there are seldom answers , & then the girl says " Maybe God needs rest today , He/ She can be tired too"
I say " How can God be tired , isn't thou supposed to be after all, ALMIGHTY??"
the girl said "Hey would you not want to sleep awhile if everyone came & told all their sorrows to you and wanted you to sort 'em out? Maybe thou wants you to face the world , to learn , to fall and then realise it's not easy being God, not easy after all to be the human , the one who created God"


ruki si zindagi se , thaki si zindagi se , kuch pal chura lo naa

Sunday, November 16, 2008


What happens when
you see John a. and can't breathe for the next 5 mins.

What happens when
you think that is that Abhishek B. acting gay or how can someone enact
so well????

What happens when
you know that you may weigh lesser than most people , but can never
be 5"8 , can never wear slinky yet supaa stylish threads &well
can't do many many things like living in Miami.

What happens when
after a decade of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai , you go to see Dostana

What happens when

you think this is another review of the movie with a name which is
another word for happy.

What happens when

you can't be sweet & have to say the second half was boring

One of the basic characteristics of mine are that I can't be sweet , I can be nice , can be funny , crazy , but I can't be diabetes inducing. My voice lacks that quality , you know how some people can do those "ooooooo's" & "aaaaa's" . The scene which I could really connect to was when P.C ( everyone's calling her that now) , didn't get the promotion & is disappointed & almost crying.
Having read Vanilla sky's post , i was reminiscensing about the days , a decade back when K2H2 entered our lives :) .The movie which defined coolness & like SRK puts it " the clothes will go out of style , but the coolness of that movie will never go out of style".

Like someone said to me once ( I think it was Resurgence ) --"Girl be proud of the principles you stand up for , coz they are yours".
I think I have been overtly positive for quite a bit of time , there's nothing wrong in that , just that , it sometimes makes you forget that not everybody is as right as I might think they are & makes you callous. It's like I have been waiting to be kicked , but how could I have already forgotten the kicks I had already suffered . One of the possible ways of doing that is to close your eyes to people & their ways. I still believe that , somewhere down there there's a good person in all of us , it's just that we have learnt to be selfish so that we don't get hurt by others. I don't mind being selfish ,I used to be one of the most self centered people & could see an oppurtunity in almost everything I do. I think some of that persona has still stayed with me , but most of it had been forgotten , Guess I need to get some of it back.

Have you realised how many I's I've used in the previous para?? My mom used to say we shouldn't be an I person but a WE person.
SRK says
" It's not lonely at the top , It's alone". Friends go on their own respective ways after their tenure with us , new people take their place , I was wondering will it be the same when I leave bloggerville??
I think I'm one of the few people who won't say "blogging is my life & I can't live without it"
or " I have found immense friendship in co- bloggers & can chat with them all through the day". True I like the straightforwardness of some bloggers
& almost think of them as friends , but I also have real friends in the real world . hehehe did i just say friends again , the business of friendship is a lil complicated , i mean here i am talking about the great virtues of real life friends whereas even i don't know whether my blog friends or the real life ones will stick with me 3 years from now.But I also know that as long as I'm here , whether the 'here' is e-blogger or real life or dreams , I might as well make the most of it ,actually be with the people who are in that realm.

What happens when
you think that this post sounds too confused.

What happens when
your mind wanders back to John & his dimples .

Well , you end the post , thinking that from next time you"ll use an excuse like *both my hands were chopped off & am now typing with my tongue*
(courtesy uchhia tejish). But for now , all i can think is of two very straight blokes kissing (each other) like ,like , like , like......

Friday, November 7, 2008


Cancer: You have a plethora of opportunities today. If you are single , then , your crush will send you important signals.

sually the type to forget what my horoscope says even before i finish with it , this one actually ignited in me a hope , a hope that yess may be finally i too will have a 'happily ever after' . Sweet dreams filled my way to college , I imagined what life would be from then on .
We had a test , which got cancelled , took that as a positive sign , of things to come. Never leaving hope even for once, even when the day finally came to an end , so what?? night was yet to come & with our teacher having drilled us about the many wonders Telecommunication had to offer .........., life seemed sweet.

I waited , waited & waited.But , it never came , no phone call , no email , no important signals. Didn't they care????? Neither R.K nor I.K bothered . :( hmmpphh didn't they care ? ya so what if they belong to the 'already committed' species , LOVE IS TRASH .
bande samjhte hi nahi :x Whatever , who cares anyways??? Waise bhi I have my exams coming up , better concentrate on that. .

How silly love thing is na?? grown up people like teddy bears , hawhawhaw *sorry can't help but guffaw* & Even knowing this people long for it , long to find the perfect partner , the soul mate . Exaggerated is it?? or may be not. silly it seems to us , the *unlucky ones* & yet so serious to those who *feel* it.

me: "hey my bro has a gf" * with full on excitement , he's the first in our family.*
friend: "whoa , your bro is NORMAL . What did aunty say?? "
me: *dismally*" nothing ,she's pretty cool about it , hasn't even been pokey about it " *since I was obviously expecting a great hullabaloo or at least something like -- noooooooo*
friend : " hahahhaha , everybody (except u) is normal".

*Guess mom realised that at least it's a gf & not ... well.. a bf*

Why I named the post so ?? hhehe hope you've got the idea by now.

&since single is an expletive which is hurled more dangerously than the four letter F word , just imagine how life would be with phrases like " what the si *&^%ngle" or "si&%$@ngle you !! " GHASTLY , people would be deranged for life , emotionally scarred for the rest of their already miserable S *&@^lives !!

Wondering how I"ll deal with this condition of mine??? As a famous director we all like to bitch about & yet watch each one of his single movies had said " Baby , I'm single , ready to mingle , but there's no one to dingle "
Guess what mentally challenged people like me don't even feel the need to dingle , i don't know if that's weird , but , it's like life is so fine now without any hassles to it. ( some of you might feel , ooo she's trying to cover it up or huh what does she know -- its perfectly ok if u do that) .

ps: Have all of you already fallen in the real kind of love??

& for those of us who haven't , there's no hurry re, just listen to this:

"Tu sabar to kar mere yaar
Zara saans to le dildaar

Chal fikar nu goli maar
Yaar hai dil jindi de chaar

Haule haule ho jayega pyaar chal yaar
Haule haule ho jayega pyaar"

Monday, November 3, 2008

what should a girl do???

--any comment by those of the opposite sex will be deleted ( sorry tyro , tera bhi kar dungi , bura mat maniyo guys log) .

Ya & now I''ll get on with the post & please before getting me wrong , do read the whole post.

I am(or was until i realised) petrified of dressing up , wearing kajal etc etc In fact I used to make fun of girls who used to do that , I used to call them 'delicate darlings' , 'dimpy darlings' , 'simpering queens' & what not . I had this notion that if i ever wore any sort of make up or even earrings , people would percieve me as a ''lallu'' or some ''beauty without brains'' . Infact I was afraid that someone else might call me by the same names that I had given to the many girls I had given . I thought the guys ( yes you read that right ) would not treat me as an equal if I ever let go of these notions , scary dreams of not getting a job & being treated lightly by people haunted me.

I have read some blogs , newspaper articles, magazines , which show women boasting of doing liposuctions, plastic surgeries to look beautiful . One simple thing could never penetrate my hard skull was why all these women were spending so much on beauty. I mean everything will fade away in its own sweet time won't it?? . Somewhere down the line realised that all these were done to attract men. How repulsed I felt by the very thought , never failing to criticise such people .

Behaving like a girl/ woman would in this world could earn her usual comments like " ohh so girlyyy" , " typically girlyy" , "who's she trying to baby?" .Behaving like a girl could be a greater sin than dressing like one. you can't complain about people smoking ( irrespective of their gender) *Oh she's too soft* , or abusive language , funny na , how almost all the awful-est abuses are aimed at the female .

Some years later , I realised a sort of funny thing , even though i had modified myself to neve be girly , i too had changed for the male mindset. How silly * there is no need to change ourselves for anyone else* that was what i had thought forever & yet i had.

The world around us is strewn with women , women we love , women with integrity , women with strength. Some of my personal favourites are -- Mother Teresa,Indira Gandhi , Julia Roberts & apni Priety Z.

I still cringe when I hear things like "a child out of wedlock is no- no"* how can any child be not good??*, "OMG you are still single ?? hopefully , you won't go down the wrong way" *No , I won't !!!!* , "Gosh , I can't wait to fall in love"*& then madly falling for someone who gave you a rose & said something like -- i see the moon in your eyes , & then breaking up with that one in about 3 years"

I just felt like writing it all down . Some of you might find me confused about this topic , maybe thats because deep inside I'm a feminist to the T & at the same time have also realised that changing your viewpoint keeping the male thinking in mind would be just like killing thy true self.

ps-- & all those guys who have already read it ,don't comment on this topic.

Friday, October 31, 2008

It's only words...

11 am , two days back : After solving ( rather cracking my head) over 3 very disturbing sums , switched on the radio & lo what could be playing?? --"DISTURBIA" . The RJ was having her usual chit-chat with callers with the topic being " What hurts you the most", various people called & then there was this girl who said " It's like we tide over the great failures life offers us but somehow we feel disturbed if someone doesn't smile at us , or laughs at us " .

Is that true?? How many times has it been that some random guy/girl cold shouldered us & we developed a grudge against them? How much time did it take for us to get over the fact that we flunked our maths exam? less or more?

I thought over it , & found some of it to be true .

11 years back :We had bought this bed with a huge bed stead . clumsy me fell on it & got an 'anda' on my lil head , ma said " ooof stop being an idiot " next day my bro followed suit & mom applied ice . I noticed. After a week i was crying buckets , when ma asked what happened ?? *You called me an idiot , but didn't say anything to him* ( sobbing sobbing). Understanding the emergency of the situation ,she pampered me like hell *smiling*.
That was the time i had felt bad that we weren't treated equally & promptly forgot all the times my bro got scolded bocz of me. How selfish na??

How emotional we are na?? As we grow up & learn the finer nuances of life , we build these walls around us which stop us from calling out to people , stop us from telling them that they've hurt us . Rather we magnify small things & lose ourselves in it.

But there are times when we need to speak out loud , appeal & make people listen to us .These are the times when staying mum just won't help .

Both ways round , the more we speak & let people know about how we feel , the better they"ll know not to hurt us , not to chide us , but to comfort us , to be friends with us & lastly to point out our mistakes to us.

I really wanted to write about something positive & bursting with joy types ,but...right now , I feel there's a need for people to communicate with each other rather than keeping all the emotions bottled up.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dream On

What was your dream??
Something you thought you would & were certain that you could???
&What has happened to it now?? Has life shaped up the way you wanted it to?

I remember my dad saying that as a kid he wanted to be a bus conductor because of the limitless freedom it offered to him ( I guess his main dream was to get freedom from the over fathoming attention a single kid gets ) .

My own dream was not so lofty , all I ever wanted to be as a kid ( & as far as my memory takes me back) was to be a ballet dancer . ( are you laughing? ) Guess what I used to actually practise standing on my toes , do the split your legs thing & all that . I used to think so what if i can't pursue it right now , I"ll practise now & by the time I"ll grow up , I"ll be ready. :) ahh childhood - when you believe you can get whatever you want ( I still do) .

Then , time passed & I wanted to be a psychiatrist & being a doctor seemed to be a noble profession :). By the time i reached my 12th , had started hated bio & loving maths :) . I even gave all the Entrance exams AIPMT , AIIMS ( !! ) etc etc .Finally mustered up the courage to tell my folks that human / plant anatomy was not my thing .
( phew ! )

I could still touch my head with my toes :)

Three years have passed since that day , have gained almost 8 more kgs ( no issue ) , have met an ocean of people ( some good , some better) , gone from one sem to another , made gpa's more significant than they ever were ,but , I can't remember the last time I did a piroutte . Have I let go of my dream ?? the perfectionist in me?? the kid who got up at 2 am to study for her sanskrit test ?

. As we grow up, someone or the other might say " oh cmo'n stop being a baby " , " grow up" & with our impressionable minds we think that yaaa what a baby I was .

I guess at some point or the other all of us have let go their dreams regarding it as childish , but what if we hadn't ? The point here is not whether we achieve what we dreamt about but what our dreams promised to give us .
All I had to do was think of times gone by , & what I had wanted to be then.

Writing this post made me feel that somewhere down inside I still know that girl ( that bachhi :) ) That kid in me reminds me that I can still do it , do whatever I wanna do , dance the way I like to .
New dreams take the place of older ones .Life is ever changing ever demanding but the crux remains same .

Dream On...

p.s=" pehla nasha" my blog song reminds me of the time when i had my first crush on a cute guy called amir khan :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its almost one a.m. & I have been thinking what should my next post be about. Should it be about my visit to Hyderabad?? No , that would sound like one of those 'My Holiday' essays we used to do as kids, & in any case people know more about paradise ki biryani , salarjung museum , hussain sagar more than what I could know in 4 days .

Holidays are always such eye openers . they open my eyes to the kind of person i've mor
phed into , the kinds of changes i've undertaken . I realised that even though the no. of readers reading my blog had increased by about six times than what it was initially , the language or rather the ideas i used were somewhat childish or rather immaturish ( not that i have any hurry to grow up & all ) . The whole idea of being " truthful " was to be what i am . But somewhere down the line i adopted the mannerisms which were not mine so that people would think that ya i'm on the same level as they are . Yup that was me then & this is me now.

& before i bore you furthur with my introspections &
retrospections lemme tell u about the two books i read last week .

I know that most of you must have heard about T.D.W.P ( laurent weiseberger) courtesy the movie & maybe like me had no idea about 'Tuesdays with Morrie ' ( sorry for the generalisation , i tend to forget that others are not as ignorant as i am ) .

Have any of you had teachers you remember even now ?? Someone who instilled something in you ?

I remember my class 7 science teacher Mrs Shipra Ghosh . That was the time when maths & me were like chalk & cheese , in fact the continuous 7/30 or the highest 15/30 had dealt such a blow on my confidence that i had started fumbling in other subjects too . That was the time we had Ghosh as our teacher . She was first of the many teachers who changed the way i looked at my science book . & then came the strictest maths tutor I had seen in my life Mr Chowdhury & our physics sir Mt Gugan , who used to think studies were something to be liked . this thought of their's had us gaping because some where in our 14 years of school dom we had realised that since these teachers had such surly faces while teaching things they themselves were not interested in their subjects . & then these new teachers came & made us sit up & realise that " yay baby there's a lot to be learned from all spheres of life even if u think otherwise " .

Do keep in mind that I'm not some IIT ian ( which here is is still considered to be the nishani of an intelligent kid , & IItians don't take it otherwise :) )

So what do you do when your favourite teacher is holding on to the last threads if his life ??That is the basic premise of "tuesdays with morrie" where a student meets his old dying teacher every tueday & talks to him , listening to his experiences about life .

The Devil Wears Prada , too is about a teacher , though , of quite a different kind.
Miranda Priestly is THE boss from hell . She'll make you lose your boy friend , your best friend ,your confidence and then will complain that her cappuccino has gone cold & end it all with a "that's all" no hello's, no sorry's & certainly no thank you's.
Andrea the new assistant ( read slave ) learns to run around in stilettos, survive on soup for 24 hrs & stay mum all at the same time & at the same place she thought was not where she belonged .

What would you do if you had a boss / teacher like Miranda ??

Initially my answer was WTF , if I had a boss like that I'd go & complain to her & tell her to treat me like a human . But then again , when are such people ever accommodating ???

What Morrie taught in T.W.M was followed by Miranda ( a lil negatively) . Never be sorry for the person you are , don't doubt yourself or your abilities . Miranda never doubted that what she did was right & hence was supersuccesful. I'm not suggesting here that you treat the rest of the mankind as lizards or something , but it's like I / we have to stop thinking that something in us is bad . The more we believe in the goodness in us the more
will it come out.

Teachers are all around us . Even when we are like 100 yr old there''ll be someonewho can teach us about the world , what it had been & what more changes it will experiment with. & maybe someday if we are lucky we might impart something to someone too :)

p.s =If this post sounds a lil preachy & holistic & if you don't like it plz feel free to express yourself . Of late Ive been feeling that people might get offended if I comment about my disagreement with their blog posts . Is it necessary that we have to align with someone's thoughts in order to interact with them ???

just realised the anamoly here . even though i wrote about not feeling sorry for the person you are , i've already apologized more than twice !!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Holiday Time

Haven't been out of Kolkata in ages , & am finally going out (Hyderabad to meet dad) . Can't remember the last time I was on a train.
I love the view outside when it's all dark outside , & the train whistles slowly :) :) .
Has been almost a week since my hols started & guess what am already missing college . I mean idling , sitting around , shopping -- have done all that , but somehow...... going to college brings out a whole plethora of activities . The long walk towards our building , that rushing off to the loo just 2 mins before lab , the canteen chow , the library ka A.C & many more things . But one good thing that these chutti's have done is that i have sort of regained my old confident self :D :D. I miss all the masti & friends .

Again bouncing off to a completly different topic -- have you wondered how funny some of the 'friend requests' on orkut are??
for eg: hey let's be my friend ( ya baby there's no harm in being your own friend !!!! )
or wanna make friendship? ( duh & what are the ingredients ?? )
or what is the meaning of your dp ( are you blind or something ?? thats just a girl there ! )
Guess what happened once ?? Fresh out of Jab We Met effect , there was this guy from 'ratlam' who send me a request & I actually went to his profile & pata chala that was the sleaziest guy from there !!!!

Read somewhere , a guy chooses a girl based on her beauuuuutyyy , & a girl does so based on the guy's intelligence . If that is true , girls are the more intelligent lot ,anyways & if its not that means the vice versa is true ? ain't it ?

Anyway don't have anything more to write about & am ending this post soo abruptly , here's wishing you all a very happy puja / dussehera :D :D ENJOY

ps : this blog song 'jane kyun' is dedicated to all my friends .

Friday, September 26, 2008


If any of you is thinking that this is another post about how I'v finally realised the undeniable truth of life or am going to write about the Singur problem ( for god's sake(s) , it has been written about by people far qualified than me ! ) or why am I still trying to be truthful , buddy ,lemme break your heart & tell you that it's not so .

Some may find lil resemblance to "zindagi ke funde" by abhishek khanna .

1. When does 'oldest' sound like 'voltage'?? ---when you don't know what chunnu prakash ( he's our prof. ) is rattling on about in his impeccable oinglisss (english!!!!!). By god ! after passing, we should get another degree for understanding " various dialects which imerge when you interact with teachers in dire need of a language teacher"
p.s: i haven't really read any shakespeare ki kahani (cbse educated ) in their original version & therefore , you may think am not entitled to such opinions.
did read romeo & juliet . could'nt share the same emotions as others who call it the ultiimate romantic saga. I mean , two people die because of a misunderstanding ! ( ya ya i know you must be thinking , kitni shallow thinking hai & you are entitled to it & do express any such comments instead of deleting them"

2. Do you want to fall in love when you see "lost in love" couples ??? point in case : caught someone stealing such glances(longingly) at a pair involved in PDA . X is actually finding it hard to talk to Y & makes do with talking to the security gaurd outsides Y's building.

3. Drona , Dostana , Kidnap ??? sorry could'nt be without mentioning some movies :)
Drona =bakwaas lag rahi hai . i hate that "oop oop cha " song & almost everything about the movie seems contrived.
Dostana = hmmmm , will a gay theme work in India ?? btw , pri chopra & jonny bravo look quite muscular .
Kidnap = I like that song " sing it hey yaaa say s for sonia(mind u -the audio) " will watch
it (aise hi)

4. Why do people give gaalis? sorry why do people give "ma behen beti" galis . You know , however much I have an "I'm okay / used to it or ya do whatever you want to , i don't care if you trod hell's path " attitude , I actually feel polluted & need to use an earbud & feel like kicking such jerks !! Is it a girl thing??? More so do people think it's cool or that this will make them popular among friends??

5. Easier to emote than expressing ?? - - How many of us have expressed our views in the real world as frankly as we do in bloggerville?? Is it that we are afraid that we''ll be ridiculed or laughed at? Or is it simply because , we feel they won't be interested in what we think .
my thoughts ?? well , i think that sometimes i can't put out my thoughts in the way that most people would understand.

6. Chaap nish na - this means dont be tensed just relax , golden words I'v learnt in the last 2 years . You know what why these words hold so true because sometimes If you just wish for the best & don't fret about what will be or won't be , things turn out to be fine .

Your views??

Friday, September 12, 2008


As most readers would know , a quirk is an odd habit. This post is actually a tag , but am not going to write it in that way 'coz right now I find it really boring to call another post a tag (phew! long explanation).
Was thinking that which of my habits are quirks , & how i should differentiate them from my likes & dislikes & have decided to write about each o' them under a separate heading .

So here goes nothing:--

1. Before sleeping
* I have to tie my hair in a neat braid , or sleeping is a distant dream.
*Have to arrange all the books on my desk in neat stacks & clean up all the mess on it.

2.. When sleeping , have to have a pillow on my head ( yes you read that right )

3.If happen to hear a song , the words of which are incomprehensible , I have to look for the 'lyrics '(courtesy---internet) part & learn them (wonder of wonders that takes lesser time than mugging up for digital communication!!). eg -- mauja mauja .

4. By some wonder of God , i do exactly opposite of what my mom 'tells 'me to do . its not whether I like to do that or not , i'm just wired that way .
& my mom knows that , so acc. to her i can smoke & fly , drink &drive , have bfs ,get bad mks , maroo chutti from college if i feel tired etc etc :P :P :p ( oi see how our folks are always smarter than what we think them to be ??? )

5.this one's really silly maybe because i've run out of quirks , --- i hate pen caps & cant write with one on top of it , if i had my way i'd throw away all the pen caps the moment i buy them.
plz plz i'm really sorry , am adding another one now (after atleast 4 people have already read it ) -- its just that in the morning i have to solve the morning sudoko before or during breakfast (even if its a sem exam day or something like that ) & my day is almost incomplete without my big glass of milk ( umm its actually milkshake / hot chocolate, plz dont think of me as kiddish , coz i had read somewhere milk makes u strong or was it someone who told me that , & have followed that religeously )

I"ll also like to read about the quirks of resurgence , solitaire , keshi , peter , abhishek khanna , flying stars ..... add your name if u wanna

thanks saheli :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


I wonder sometimes , that why do we want to change people around us?? Even if the only reason to do so is , that they are trying to live their life the way they want to, just like us.
Are we too focussed on the outer contour of a person , rather than what he/she stands for?
lets take an example with which many of us may feel connected. Remember when Kareena K. achieved her size zero status? Almost every one discussed it , it was even in the news !! I know , that her head sort of looked bigger than her body , but somehow all of us made an issue about how she was being a wrong model for "aaj ki generation" .
How many of us actually, do look up to her to be a role model?? ---- :O . rather, how many of us are fit to be a role model? we all know that we have some imperfection in us , whether in the way we behave , or what we wear.
Personally , I hate being judged , especially if its something which doesn't hurt anybody else.
Equally surprising is the fact that we put up with behaviour like smoking , swear words which i cant even say out loud in my head. If someone does raise a question against these "norms" , he/she is immediately silenced . is called prudent or "nakhchadi" or something similiar.
A certain ad by " F & lovely " shows a guy going with his family to "see" a girl ( i.e meeting the girl before an arranged marriage) , the girl says 'hi' & looks at the guy's paunch . The guy immediately realises this , is ashamed & gets into gymming , body-shody banata hai . He gets back to the girl & this time confidenly says ' hi' to her.
The motto : the guy reduced coz he felt he had to match upto the girls fairness quotient.
Is this fair?? What if the girl had been dusky , would he have pushed himself?

But then again , when did judging anyone start? I remember as a kid , i wasn't your usual cute softy softy baby fatty . I wasnt the kid whose cheeks were golu . i was a tall lanky kid ,even at 7years of age , had sober eyes not playful types. What I specifically remember was one Lakshmi maam who used to do coochie coo with almost all the cutey kids & all she had for the likes of me was --- "u r so thin that ek foonk maroongi to ur jaoongi" .I think she meant it to be a joke , but somethings don't remain funny after they've been said a 100 times over . ( please nobody should post sympthasising comments) . I tolerated this , thinking at that time , that maybe what she said was true . But one day , something clicked & I retorted saying " & even if a roadroller comes to pick you up , uska tyre flat ho jaiga" & I remember the look of shock on her face . sweet revenge :) .
& then whenever I would meet her , I'd retort the same line , not caring that she had actually stopped taking a go at me .
Now I wonder , if it was that comment which made me a quick tongue now . Also , what did she gain , by ridiculing a small kid ? --- I'v realised that she too belongs to the same world from where we come. sometimes unknowingly & sometimes knowingly , we have judged others just because some of their 'methods' whcih we didnt like.
So when S says that i come from the zoo ,&should go back there where people will feed me plenty of peanuts or that since Im from an army background im a trained fighter & know no emotions , I laugh out .But sometimes , when that 7yearr old kid in me gets irritated , i retort back too .
I know , i know many of you may be thinking "kitnii senti hai , ek joke bhi nahi le sakti hai " then i say : "Boss le sakti hu, unless its not the 100 th time its repeated"

Fortunately , I have some friends (&I'm sure all of us have), who I know have accepted me for the person I am , & even if they do tell me something about me , it"ll be true to the core .

&Finally , I wish we could live in a world where people would be tried only for criminal offences .:)
ps: any new suggestions to tackle S are very welcome.

/* A song from Rock on
I think , it can fit in as a conversation with fellow bloggers

Yeh Tumhari Meri Baathein, Hamesha Yuhin... Chalti Rahe..
Yeh Hamari Mulakate, Hamesha Yuhin... Chalti Rahe..
Beete Yuhin Apne Saare Din Raaat
Baaton Se Nikalti Rahe Nayi Baaat
Phir Wahin Baathein Leke Geet Koi... Hum Likhe..
Jo Dil Ko Haan Sab Ke Dil Ko.. Chu Le..
Baathein Suron Mein Yuhin Pighalti Rahen..
Baathein Geeton Mein Yuhin Dalti Rahen..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Been tagged by rachael :) . its a first from her .So here it goes ,
1.What have you realised recently?
Many many many things , have realised
--that there will always some people who will never leave your side.
---- that just because someone doesnt do what we do , they arent wrong in doing so .
----that life is what it is & it will take you where it has to ,but of course, in the end you can say that I showed it the way.

2.Have you given your first kiss away?
a typical sati savitri answer would be " of course to ma &dad" but i know well which first kiss this question asks about , & no that has not yet come my way .
*unless of course you take that time when i was a 9yr old & kissed amir khan's screen image hehehhehe*

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take?
the island wouldnt be deserted then hehheh.
But actually , maybe no one
. thats really cold of me na? but thats what i am like , very few people have my full confidence. &thats why have named 'tis blog"ill try to be truthful" (however melodramatic it may sound).
because today even if i do name 11 bloggies , will that chance really come ?
vanilla sky & tyro i hope u wont be angry at me now .
4.Where is the place you want to go the most?
Tawang (again) , Greece , Venice ... the list goes on .& of course all the places i'v stayed in .

5.If you have one dream to come true,what would it be?
As a kid , I had a dream that when i would grow up , i"ll be super successful really cool &all that. & then i would drive down my car to my own apartment which is tastefully done by me . but , the colour of my room is purple ( yes thats right).
& after parking my car , i go up to my room , sit on a cream coloured sofa , switch on the tv , watch something & then go to cook my dinner . after cooking & eating i'd be tired like hell & then go to sleep thinking " wow i finally did what i wanted to , i finally am independent".
6.Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
I believe in seeing the rainbow during rain .

7.What are you afraid of losing the most now?

Idont know , maybe when I"ll lose something then I"ll know

8.If you win $1 million, what would you do?
I"ll keep on reminding myself that I mus'nt go mad , or stop working hard or stop aspiring for bigger things :) . waise a top open gaddi would be a good idea :D& maybe a trip to the places i wanna go & maybe some gucci ,valentino dresses & some of this 'n' that. .......

9.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
I guess that"ll be that one time when i"ll be shy . But who knows what"ll happen if there's someone ..............................

10.List out 3 good points about the person who tagged you
-- she tagged me .
-- raphael rhymes with racheal (from friends)
- she's nice

11.What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
" all of us try to find love , &when we dont , we close our eyes to it , telling that there's no such thing , all the while waiting for it to come & wake us up , shake us & scream at us saying " its me , & only me "
as for the 'requirements' thing i actually don't believe in such things because in the end they don't matter ( well except ofcourse - a senile mind :P)

12.What type of people do you hate the most?
I dont really hate people , just some characteristics in them.
some of them being trickery , falsehood, & a rougish look in the eyes .

13.What is the one thing you can't live without?
people , people & people .

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
I listen to only some people who over the years have wished well for me .As for others pointing out my faults its fine as far as its something valid & not something stupid as "you should put on more weight "

15. Racheal tag shows that this qwestun is missing. What do I do?
I put up a question ----" when was the last time you helped someone? why did you do it?"

16.Are you a shopaholic or not?

hehheheheheh only when mom is with me :P

17.Find a word to describe the person who tagged you

18.If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
the part which gets tensed before exams.

19.What’s the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
shocking thing heard :that the most bhola bhala paraku mumma's boy kinda guy of my class has proposed a dumb idiot who' also 6 years elder to him & already has 3 bfs ( at a time) & all this because the guy is really desperate now !!!!!
& nothing because of the 4 letter L word !!
the shocking thing i have seen is : my star world has disappeared only to be replaced by some moronic CTVN akd (yuck) , where all day long male astrologers in salwar kameez & female "jyotishaas" in kurta pyajamas sit & talk shit (booo hoo hooo )

20.Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?
I'd love to have both money & love .But taking a pick is really hard for me ( i wonder why :O most people wouldnt think twice before saying love ) but one things for sure , would never love someone for his money ,.

lastly this tag goes specially to vanilla sky & tyro . anybody else who wishes to take up this tag can do so too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A cad is actually short for cadbury - the chocolate & is often used for referring a guy who looks delicious ( hehe ) , cute & everything nice .
I know most of my friends must be thinking like " ye to gayiii" . & I also know of many who think of this cad as 'a gay icon' but , main kya karuu ( am smiling now hhehe) , banda inna sona ho to kya karuu . alas! the guys in an engg. college are not even half as good (looking)& all they do is crib about the fact that engg. college ki girls "maal" nahi hoti . Whatever , this guy brings back the old world classiness & chauvinism in his looks . And for once the chemistry between this real life couple doesnt look forced . NO this is not a review of Bachna Ae Haseeno , its just a girly post :) . After all even I have the right to do things completly girly once in a while .

But then again, thinking of the girls in the movie - here's a real mean view of what happened to them . I know each time ranbir k. ( raj) broke their heart , really hated raj & all that . But in one way , these girls were too ready to fall in love , to give up almost everything for the guy they thought loved them .& that's why they deserved this heart break , you should'nt ever lose yourself to make some one else happy . people around you will be happy , only if they feel that you too , are happy.

ps -- 1. am changing my blog song to "ahista " , it's something very apt for first love.
2. A said " girls should be proud if someone flirts with them , as in lintelligent , attractive girls get flirted with etc etc . " to this I said " but if some guy flirts , does he think if the girl is intelligent or does he think of how beautiful she is ( & dekhoo ki kitni dumb hai ) & uspe chance kaise maroo etc etc . "

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Winners & Losers

Depressed , dejected , sad, good for nothing;
big mouth, nautanki,negative,foul faced;
wretched,heart withered,hopeless,hated;
disparity-defined,awful,awe-less,less than average ;
nothing special,recluse,thinks too much,cant emote;
tensed,mad,too sentimental,too rude;
frustrated,tired,culture-less,bored-down&bogged out;
attention craving,lost out on everything;
not the person I used to be.

This is what I had exactly been feeling like till a few moments back . I wanna get my lost confidence back , the will to get everything .That's when realised , that confidence is something which must come from deep within us . We may search for it in what others say , but won't get it there.
There's a fire burning in all of us but sometimes it may get doused . am searching for the matchstick :) .
Took out my class 12 maths book , did lil bit of integration all over again :) . haha I think I should do a lil bit of it everyday , just to be in the right spirits.
When Mr. Bhindra wins a gold medal for your country , you ought to feel happy for your country & too some extent patriotic too. but you know what ? the guy has actually also won many more awards -like the Khel Ratna awards . Did he feel dejected when his name was'nt announced in all the dailies, then? maybe he was , socha hoga akhir itna karne ke baad bhi no money , honey ? & as maybe Mtv -ticker said correctly --" Abhinav Bhindra won the olymics gold , but even then Rohit Sharma will earn more money " Is'nt it silly of us to suddenly talk of national pride whereas even two days back all were mulling that why did the Blue Indian Team fail in Sri Lanka?

" The clouds give all their golden dust to the last rays of sun but they welcome the moon with a fleeting smile" -- R. Tagore

All of us love winners , but how many of us are winners???

This post might seem to be completely threadless , but its not , all that this gal wants to put forward is that just 'coz someone thinks that you are a loser , it aint so .
Meanwhile , instead of feeling patriotic am feeling sad , coz my favourite puchkawallah is dead now. "How stupid" did you say?? well, am not really a great fan of puchka & am also quite aware of the *ahem* diseases it could cause , but this guy used to make it like really khatta & with all things nice & was neatness personified . So I guess i"ll miss him & his puchkas .
& as for confidence , atleast I dont have any previous *high* standards to look upto . :)

p.s puchkas are like the patented kolkata roadside snack

Thursday, July 31, 2008


" I would call you up every Saturday night
And we both stayed out 'til the morning lig ht
And we sang, "Here we go again"And though time goes by
I will always be, In a club with youIn 1973
Singing "Here we go again"

Thats how this song of James Blunt goes by & it makes me smile .I had actually hated that " you are beutifaaaaaaaal" song , but this one sings of an era where the guy still calls up 'Simona' even when he's really old.

& no I'm not going mushy or expecting the same , i just tend to like this song :)

Then again, saw a movie "THE HOLIDAY " day before yesterday .
this is what a really old guy in the movie said

In a movie there's always a leading lady
&there's a best friend , but for some reason ,
you are behaving like the best friend of your life

For the time being , I cant really find words more truer than these. Its nice to be good to others , but there's a leading lady in all of us , is'nt there ? all we have to do is let her take hold :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

* why is it that time spent with friends flies faster than usual?? *

* killed a cockroach today . poured the water from the pan in which had boiled an egg on the creature *

* what say about Bachna ae haseeno? confession -- i like ranbir k. in this movie ( this after blatantly lying to many (sorry)) . He does look like a cad .I mean Deepika & Ranbir do seem to be made for each other , but lets see what happens nxt with these serial partner changers :) .

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hey all , have literally been down in the dumps for the last few days , but as they say ''lekin raat ke hi baad to savera hota hai " I'm back & could'nt be feeling better about it . Instead of boring you further with the 'whats & why's ' let me get straight to the topic .
Have realised that however much one puts up with this big bad world & shows that "Ha ! I care two hoots about what you say or F*** off or get a LIFE , dude" , there is a teeny-weeny portion of our heart which feels a lil bad when someone says a awful things about us . & there I was thinking what the hell was I being so morose about ? then realised it was a ' who' the hell was I morose for ?? People , this post is dedicated to those jerks , who have no other work than giving me advice ( ahem) about how I should live my life or rather these are the kinds jinke cheek par mera abhi man kar raha hai ekkkk faaaaaaaattttak lagaoo . :D did you say " the jab we met ' principle , as in where geet anshuman ko bhar bhar ke galiyan deti hai . I actually believe thats good for your health.

Ha ,so a zoooorrrrrrr ka punch to the following **^%%@ ( think of the person you hate the most)
wierdo no 1 ---> those boorish people who pretend to be judges of one or the other reality show . there are many of the same kind roaming in our society , & some of them may be even living in our nieghbourhoods,homes etc. these are those losers who pass comments like " My god how did you lose / gain so much weight " & this will be from som1 who's pakka anoerexic or a blue whale ! . " or " hainnn I thought you were a gooooodd kid , how did you get only 8.37 '" i feel like telling " abbe kabhi integration ka nam bhi suna hai??"

jerk no. 2 ---> the likes of rakhi sawant , & most of the splitsvilla girls ( esp. bosky & bianca ) --- ya everyone realises the their utmost urgency to talk but cant these glorified maid servants atleast talk within normal human decibel range instead of SHOUTING almost anything and everything.
ps - isnt Vishal like sooooo cute ( never thought i'd use that word :p ) hai na???whos Vishal did u ask ?? tune in to Mtv sat 7pm

gadha no. 3 --- now when i see them all i feel like saying is " maar maar ke aisa haal banaoongi & sharm nahi aatii?? " girls also do it all the time but I get more pissed off when a guy does it .
these gadhas try to use quick one liners on you thinking that you'll be swooning over them & what do they do all this for " eh heeh hey darling will u sit in front of me in the next class test or baby could you lend me those notes " YUCK , cant they just straightaway ask for it & plz dont even get me started about the cheap 'quick' flirts . I dont how many of such people can i take on !!!

madam idiot ---> she tells me to wear a salwar kameez citing it as a formal wear IN COLLEGE !! all the time !! will some one please tell her kind about things like backless 8 stringy salwaar kamezzes?? & its not like i wear tank tops & prance around . seriously ! this is also the kind which believes any one & everyone must get married by 24 :o
air ,air i need oxygen . before any of you jump down my throat , let me also clarify that i dont have any problem with people wearing it , i myself had it as school dress , but its just a matter of choice .

hahaha,am really enjoying this now

duffer no 4-- you guys must have experienced this that the so called 'comitted' couples get possesive about their other half as soon as a singleton arrives , throwing various warning glances at you all of which say " mera saiiyaan sirf mera hi hai ' ohhh god , & then these duffers start linking you up with anybody you speak to & mind you that is supposed to be a ploy of theirs :p , somebody please give them some sense of security as ashirwaad !!!!!

and of course last but not the least
loser no 5 ---> what can i say about these losers yaaaar , inke khilaf kuch bolo to gussa ho jate hai . Yup , they have never taken a sane bit of advice once in their entire life because , yaaa how do they put it " I'm the best , why should I see beyond myself " meaning " I have an ego the size of a T-Rex " !!!! They think that they have every right to demean everyone else , but if you dare say anything against him / her basssssss you'r dead man !!

aaahhhhh !!! am already feeling so light :D this venting out session was good . I mean I've finally got it out of my system , negativity zindabad !!! actually i just wanted to give all of the above 1 tight slap & was rearing to go . Immaturish , did you say ? to mat bol na yaar , gussa sab ko hi aata hai :)

ps - friends who know me personally -- plz i want to say this in a way as less rudely as possible , but plz dont question me whether whatever I post was / is true or not , coz it is , remember the title , ? :) confirm kyu karna ? :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have I become snobbish of late , or rather out of touch with reality? I feel as if have created a world of high ideals which even i cant satisy all the time . no smoking , drinking or pyar mohaabat , & I think only I'm well off without these. .No bitching ( well , sometimes), no emotions, no laughing at 'sex'y jokes -How nicely has this art been perfected by me or maybe not coz I'm not like that in college - have I started caring whether people take me seriously or whether they percieve me as 'cool' or then again is it all an attempt to be someone who's out of league & 'different'?But I dont fake emotions , then what is it?
/*A friend once said " I know you think of me as a wierdo or rather a person who's just too common , but I'm the one whos normal"*/
And , now again I think , am i boring you all with my jibberish again , have'nt I bored you enough with my over enthusiasm?
Just some thoughts , these were , wish someone would say " wats this " & slap me now to wake me up from whatever crazy thoughts have been thinking .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jane tu Ya????

Kahin to.. kahin to,hogi woh , duniya jahan tu mere saaath hain ,
jahan main ,jahan tu, aur jahan bas tere mere jazbaat hain,

hoti jahan subah teri ,palkon ki kirano mein
lori jahan chand ki sune teri bahon mein...

[Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
jahan meri zindagi mujhse
itni khafa nahi ] - [2]

Saasein kho gai hai kiski aahon mein?
main kho gai hoon jane kiski baahon mein ?
manzilon se rahe dhondte chali
aur kho gai hai manzil kahin rahon mein,

Kahin to ,kahin to hai ,nasha teri meri har mulakat mein
honton se honton ko ,chumti rehete hai hum har baat pe,
kehti hain fiza ,jahan teri zaameen aasman
jahan hai tu meri hansi ,meri khushi ,meri jaan....
[Jane na kaha woh duniya hai

jane na wo hai bhi ya nahi
jahan meri zindagi mujhse
itni khafa nahi]-2

/*Kahin To Hogi Hi Song Lyrics @ http://www.hindilyrix.com*/

I had forgotten all about innocent love , having seen so many couples who really make u wanna puke with their coochie coos & then right in front of you , go & hitch up with 'someone else' !!
Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na had all the cliches - knight in shining armour , good guy beats up bad guy , best friends becoming soulmates & more , but , then again , life itself is a cliche.
I can't forget that scene where the above song is played & Jai realises that Aditi is the girl he has loved all along but had'nt thought about it before .
The only character I felt sorry for was the one played by Manjari Phadnis. Here's something for some one like her--:
" They fought , in front of her , behind her back ,
she hid under her bed , in her cupboard ,
to escape from fear ,
fear that they might leave her too just as they had left the love for
each other,
So one day she closed her eyes ,
she closed her eyes to reality ,
now everything was hers to imagine ,
she could get all the love she wanted this way
But then again He came ,
she liked him , thought that he would be with her ,
stand by her , comfort her ,
This time around she opened her eyes ,
and reality stared back at her
He left her or did she leave him & her fear??? "

hopefully zyda soppy or childish nahi hua hai :)
& now for the equally lovely translation of "Kahin To Hogi Hi"
Somewhere, somewhere ,must be the world , where you are with me ,
where I , where you , and where only our emotions reside ,
where the morning approaches only in the rays of your eyes,
where lullabies of the moon are heard in your arms.

Wonder where that world is,
wonder if it even exists,
where my life is not so disappointed in me .

In whose longing am I breathless?
Do not know whose embrace I'm lost in,
left searching the route from the destination,
[But] the destiation is lost somewhere in the route.

Somewhere, somewhere ,there is an intoxication in each of our meetings,
where our lips kiss with every spoken word,
the horizon , the earth , this world & sky ,all say
wherever you are ,my laughter , my happiness my life resides

Wonder where that world is,
wonder if it even exists,
where my life is not so disappointed in me.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

In Idleness

Aaahhh , the sem holiday has finally taken its toll on me . Lying listless for most part of the day is what I do now . Have become lazy to the power of infinity .

Woke up at 9 am !!! Can you believe it?? 9 am . haahhaha. & to think of it during the sems , would be awake till 4am , & then would again get up at 7 . I mean it seems as if the more you work , the less is the need to take rest . & when you have the time to do anything , you dont do that. After a lazy morning starts an equally laa-dee-dah noon comprisig of lunch & of course the totally nonsensical soaps . kya karu yaar? sony , z , star , you name it - all they show is kyunki , kahani , & more kkkkkkk's . speaking of kahani ghar... it's outright lack of creativity from the balaji stable to use the Arushi murder as some weird plot . I don't understand , even when a member of your family has been killed , how the hell can you deck up in benarasi saree , wear about 2 tonnes of makeup & still think of trying to solve the ''great mystery '' .
Some here may say , when the father ( that monster Dr.(?) Talwar ) did'nt care about his daughter why should the media? Good point ,but hello , what about a small thing called humanity? I really feel sorry for that girl . She got embroiled in a nasty matter , & did not know how to handle things .

Then again as eve arrives , I 'orkut' with friends , get in touch with people . Is'nt wassup or how's life the most commonest question on orkut??
Watch some silly stupid news , intermixed with mTV - so that my brain registers that as the inflation is going boom boom up the roof , because of which , all of a sudden BJP is all allied with Congress ( I think the nuclear deal also comes in somewhere ) & then suddenly what do I think of? Main talli , main talli ho gayi .hahhhahaha 99 slaps - 1 kiss .

The reader , yes you , must have already realised that this is a vague post , filled with vagueness of life.

Going to catch a dekko at Jane Tu... . hope that it lives up to it's hype . For those of you who have already seen it , have you realised that the title song is 'inspired' from the old saying or even this song - ''you say tomatoes , i say tomatoes '' check --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ3fjQa5Hls .

Half of my friends are into internships & her I am blogging :) . jo bhi ho saddi marzi haii. If any of you have any suggestion regarding the importance of these internships , please do give them.

My day ends with watching more Tv & reading more blogs. Have read Two Lives - Vikram Seth . nice book but bcomes a bit tiresome at the end . I still feel A Suitable Boy was Seth's best work .
So that's the way I'm spending my hols - listlessly , carelessly & without any worries.
ciao for now , & maybe this expains why I have'nt really written a post for a looooooooong time.
p.s: 1. have occasinaly gone out to shop or with friends
2. am having very bad dreams about sems & results ( eg : have gone to give an exam without taking the admit card , am seeing the result card in which I havent got any marks - i.e a blank marksheet - ---- horror of horrors)