Saturday, December 24, 2011

Of SRK and Other Things...

I shall always remember my Mom gushing over SRK and saying things like " I just love Sharukh". I never understood the reason for her infatuation.

An average looking person, who danced and acted like everyone else. His movies came and went by, met stupendous success and yet I failed to get why the world went gaga over him.

I even had the chance of meeting him , when the team of Koyla came to shoot at Tawang.The encounter left me very un-impressed, here was a guy who smoked by the dozen and was sitting with his legs on the sofa , at a private function, Sacrilege! Was he even anything compared to my then favorite Amir ? Not a chance, I was sure that the actor who I was yet to meet was as good as he seemed.

Then the growing up part happened, loss of of naivety happened, SRK movies became passable , yet,Ok , so this was a guy who had worked hard throughout his life , and yet I wouldn't root for him.

College wrapped up and naukri started, SRK persisted .

Then came a new era, when suddenly movies thrived on things I'd rather not watch. What used to be called cheap and flashy came to be known as bombastic and mind-blowing.These movies even with their 2 minutes of laugh riots and fun, failed to leave a lasting impression.

SRK still made his own movies, the way he wanted to ,re-inventing himself, yet keeping his essence like what it always had been. I turned to look at him, being pulled down from his throne, of people saying this they did not expect from him ,though the same was somehow acceptable for others.

And all of a sudden I don't care how this he looks , I see the dimples in his smile, I see the same twinkle in his eyes, I see how he looks at his kids , I see how he makes everyone around him laugh, I see the passion that emanates from him and I want him to succeed, I want him to make non-cringe movies, I want him to go get it, like he always has,I want him to woo people again and I know he will, coz' even though it took him 15 years, I finally see him the way my Mom did :).

Other things :

Does it hurt when you know your friend no longer remembers you?

8 Schools and 2 College Streams: Taught me that the ones left behind become memories.

Distance: is what never matters if you are the best of friends.

A Phone Call : is all it takes to talk it out.

An Email : is all that I have of someone whom I adored.

I have a different life : is what they say when they mean that you don't fit into it anymore.

Excuses : are what they make, when they forget that I can see through it, like I always have.

Cracks : are all that I can see.

Complaints: are all that I hear from you, about my friends, about me and I see a meanness in you.

Far Away : is what you seem now, and I don't even know why.

What do I say : when they ask me "kya tu mujhse gussa hai"

Nonchalance : is what I feel when I think of them. The sadness has evaporated.

If : you think i will ping you, I won't. If you think, I will call you, I won't.

Maybe : distance does matter , a lot.

I am : used to losing touch, but never had I thought that even these best friends would fall prey to the circle of life.

I wish : we could still be the way we used to , shout at each other with limitless glee, write to each other as often as we did and enjoy each others' company just like before.

Anyone who asks me about the above few, should know that irrespective of how it ended, I shall always remember their big smiles ,affection, solidarity, teachings, they are and will always be the sparkling stars of my memory.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kahani thodi filmy hai

one of the first things I feel like after watching a movie ,is confessing love, or rather getting a confession out of someone :P :P

I already know this is the kind of post where no one else comments on coz they probably don't wanna intrude your privacy kind of thing.

anyway , I seriously need to bring closure to certain ^ ^ things.
and oh! I forgot, heartbreak hoke fir kabhi na kabhi theek bhi ho jata hai.

"kabhi mujhe lage ke jaisa , sara hi ye jahan hai jadoo
jo hai bhi aur nahi bhi hai ye, fiza ghata hawa baharein
mujhe kare ishare ye
kaise kahoon, kahani main inki"

Monday, October 3, 2011

Teach Me

Teach me how to learn and I shall

Tell me whats wrong and I"ll make it right

Teach me what to do and I will

Tell me how life goes and I"ll follow it

Teach me how to be and I shall

Tell me where this road leads and I"ll walk

Teach me how to wait and I shall

Tell me to love and I will .

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Mahan Things I have done

The Ladies and Zentlemen,

I want you to read the last line very carefully, varna mera mara hua muh dekhoge(literally).
This is a post , at the end of which you will probably cry or bless me from the core of your very heart.
Yes Of course, is story ki heroine main hu (na :D).Beware, this is the vain-est post you will see from me(I know you might be thinking.. huh! to ye to har post me hi karti hai), but still since I feel very good this morning, here I am on a very self-congratulatory note rather than a self-deprecatory note (which for some reasons is the more applauded one hmph!)

Anyway, here goes a list of the mahan things yours truly has done (they include standing up against injustice,corruption,helping people,being dayavaan and the works) :-

1.A strong believer in equality, and latho ke boot baaton se nai mante.. I promptly threw my pencil-box at my teacher.
She had given my class II ka paper to solve when I was in class I.

2. Once my friend Rupangi fell in a shitload of cow dung and started crying.I thought she was overdoing it, isliye main bhi usi me kood gayi. :P Also she stopped crying and started laughing.

3.My rule of life :- "Call friends when you want to .. irrespective of the fact whether it was you only who had called them the last 100 times" . agar main ye rule follow nahi karti to shayad aaj mere koi dost bachte hi nai :)

4.I have gifted mera bhai a Sony Camera, haven't yet bought one for me.

5.I once went and donated food and clothes to the beggars, without telling anyone at home about it.My mom still wonders where that potli went.

6.I have almost zero savings.I spend all of it on my family. I hate buying shoes for myself, my mom does that for me :)

7.I never forget people, or what they say to me.I can remember all of the stuff they have said to me.However, their memory isn't as good as mine.

8.I have always been fairly good in studies (Not the topper types but still good).I helped my brother who barely passed in Maths in class 11, he scored 79% in class 12. One of my happiest moments.

9. Also, I know that I'm beautiful and that's why I wear glasses, to give others the benefit of doubt.(What shit! glasses suck!They make my nose look chapta and I have to choose my earrings very carefully huh! My tryst with contact lenses is another story though..)

10.I refused to pay the TT bribe , just because I was traveling alone.I said 'aap asli wala fine lijiye , receipt ke sath'. He vanished.

There are thousands of things which I liked doing and made me feel good.

Now I want you to write something in this reply/comment which made you feel good about yourself. Chahe jo bhi ho, kuch bhi ho.I do not want any answers like "yaar tere jaisa to kuch bhi nai"

Happy Holidays :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Ek khayal hai jo jata nahi,
Ek sapna hai jo dikhta nahi,
Boondein hai jo girti nahi,
Khwahish hai jo bujhti nahi,
Purane wo pal jate nahi

---Toh Zinda ho tum--

Saturday, August 13, 2011


You know what happens when you suddenly wake up from a dream .
Its like suddenly you were in a stupor , everything else seemed to be just passing by and you didn't care about what was happening but knew in a mild sort of a way that yes they were related to you.

I think I realised that I died some 2 years back. Like, yes, I did everything that I was supposed to do , and boy did I do it right :D. But it was like a routine, like someone from far-away was telling me what to do and I was doing it.
I think I've forgotten how to cry. Like Joey tells Chandler "that's coz you are dead inside".

Its funny how so many things changed around me.So so so many things... friends have gone away .. new friends have arrived ..
and now I know about all the mobile phone schemes (yes, I had a post-paid connection in college.. hence), I'v had vodka hee hee ... and told my parents about it (they are pretty cool actually), you know blue-lagoon with vodka is yummy :D
I'm trying to grow my hair now (jaldi jaldi) .. Realised somethings like distance always and always brings on silence, that its true that the world is not a small place that you don't just bump into old friends .. but yes there is FaceBook (found a very , very old friend someone whom none of us had seen for 11 bloody years).That yes you can ping people and its not a big deal if they don't reply, that you can watch hindi-dubbed movies and still enjoy with friends :D , that people think that I get angry very easily.. actually I just like to speak out clearly and those are the times when I'm at my coolest best ;)

Also, smileys are cool.I mean there are so many things you can do with a bracket and a semicolon hehe!

is probably for the young .. you either fall or you don't. I am not waiting anymore.

Also, *respect* to Pyar Ka Punchnama ... no I don't think that it shows all girls in bad light.It actually shows how to get out of a sucky relationship. I dedicate the song "Bandh gaya patta" to all IT proffessionals who have to wear the tag on their necks. I'm doing a secret revolution of kinds by refusing to wear it on my neck (and tie it to my purse instead .. or rather make a bracelet of sorts with it).

just happens. My nani is in the ICU ... and I'm quite sure that she will get allright. You know what? Today I went to visit her, and she actually smiled when I said , "dida you get allright then we will eat icecreams :D" (Icecream is one of her favorite things in the world).I remember 2 weeks back , I just went to her with a tub and how gleefully we ate chocolate icecream :))
Also, there was a woman in the bed besides my nani.. and all the while her husband ,a well built Army Officer, was carrying her handbag .. and then when she felt hungry .. so patiently fed her milk with a spoon.And people say girls get senti all the time. Even a stone would if they saw them :)

It was rakhi today... and I tied rakhi to Vaibhav yesterday (seriously mere apne bhai ne bhi mujhe kabhi cold coffee nahi banake dia).and mujhe bohot sare chocolates mile. I know, it sounds so typical na? fir bhi acha lagta hai :)
Maybe some typical things are good.

Ending Note :-
Special Like to all the bloggers who have continued.. and thats because they really like it.
Abhishek Khanna's Furobiker continues to rule with the latest post saying

"Life is Like an Hourglass,
Eventually everything hits the bottom

And All you have to do is wait it out
Until someone comes and turns it around"

Life is also what hits you when you wake up from DayDreaming.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Six months later

It is such a sense of freedom to know that no one will be reading you.
Six months later, most of the known names have disappeared from the blogging scene. I frankly don't care about the new replacements.
I shall write now unhindered and will not publish these posts on facebook.

I have a job now.. even though it never feels like a job. The days pass by one by one.. all the same yet different. I have a set, a band of friends now. I've had vodka (once) ,I speak laugh and do everything. Its as if these six months have made me regain my life back.

Some friends have broken away, some drifted away. I should've known better.. thats always how it is. However much you love your friends everyone has to go away. The world is not really that small. But now unlike before, even though I know this, I'm not afraid of speaking what I think.

I stay almost 24 * 7 with the nicest couple who treat me like their baby.
But sometimes when I look at them.. I want what they have.. what my parents have.
I also try to be clever and have crushes on so called handsome faces.. but I know i dont give a damn about them.
I cared only once and that feeling is long gone.
"Its time to move on" is what I feel and know that I am moving on. But some part of me, still wants to hold on , hold on to what could have been, hold on to my imaginations.
Now that I'm ok again, I still wait for that one phone call, knowing very well that the things wished for are not what you get.
Even though this is a new life with everything new , this life is perfect.
Maybe I have finally become normal or finally know myself.

I do like work :) well anyone would if they were where I am :).
People at work don't care about if I'm cool or not.. they somehow like me.

I like watching fun, I like having fun, I like dancing with my flatmate , I like waking up in the morning, Weekends have this special meaning, I like arguing. I like having my life back.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Back here after 5 months :)) kaise ho tum log? Everything seems the same yet something is amiss. I miss my people back there.. miss my friends, miss those lazy sundays ,those steamy cups of maggi the 50 mins of test ka tension ,reading blogs via something shady called "shecalledme" . I want to write more but words don't seem enough. All I can remember is what a friend said ,"When people of the same madness level meet they become great friends ". Life does make you meet good people too .. its just that we've probably been too busy to see them.. and now that I know they are there I feel content, happy. I really don't have anything more to write about ,maybe because i'm at peace :)) ttaata