Saturday, April 24, 2010


Do you feel a certain restlessness ? maybe breathlessness coupled with butterflies in your stomach,which ultimately makes you see small small stars and countless planets in front of your eyes?
Don't worry it isn't that usual confluence of emotions called LOVE , you're just getting a heat stroke.

If you never knew the meaning of feeling HOT, well now you know it.

My feet and hands have been charcolized and I don't even live in the sati yug.... wondering if that would make me candidate enough to be a penguin in my next reincarnation. Sigh! If only I could flap my wings, slide and do a *wheeeeee* with joy on the crescent of Antartic I'd be happy feet forever.

You know the heat has got to you when you cant think about anything other than it.
your thoughts go like : "Oh No! Its so shine-ly sunny outside" or" Man! Can't bear to step outside for the life changing viva I have to give" or "Where's my chata , where's my chata"

Even people like me who always believed that SUN is really a very good source of Vitamin D have been taken down.I dont know if SPF's even work, but I sure need a LCD screen.

And then amidst all this hotness I've stil gone out with friends, forgetting for one moment about the omnipresent yellow-ness, in search of a Havana, a Coca Gabbana and find a cafe which suits our budget. Siting with friends having an inane conversation , my mind slept off to the time when I used to long to be a part of a group of friends chatting away and for that fleeting moment the heat became bearable.... :)

However , bubbles burst too soon and cafes are sadists. We were served mud-paste in the name of cold coffee which left a yucky feeling all over for the rest of the day . That brings us to the end of this post but not before saying " I'm on a mission to save the world... from bad cold coffee..

Enthused by reactions of friends and family here is my perfect recipe for cold coffee:-

For 2 glasses :-

Pour in a Mixer/ Shaker

7-8 cubes of ice
4 teaspoons of coffee
4 teaspoons of sugar
1/2 glass of cold water
lil less than 1 full glass of milk

Mix/shake as long as u don't hear the ice getting crushed. and Viola! Its ready :)"

tip 1: to save your mixie from damage, you can crush the ice before putting it in.
tip 2: never ever and swear to god use those ghastly instant cold coffee pouches!!

-see ya