Sunday, November 20, 2016

9 Questions - Tag

It's been a really long time since I did a tag .
This is not a tag per say but today seems the perfect balmy day to dive into something like this.

Taken from storypick's

1. If we didn’t work to earn money, what would I be doing?

I would probably sing , to my heart's content . 
I know there are far better singers and the likes around , but I like it when I sing and others who I reveal this to , like it too :)

2. What would I say in my own eulogy?

Here lies Amrita , she  cooked and burned ,she searched and lost , she  lived & loved.

3. Where do I see myself in 10 years?

Here is where I digress from the writer of this article . As if getting married with kids cannot be someone's dream.

Though a staunch believer of "do not utter your dreams lest someone steals them" , 

I do envisage a giggling baby when I dream of the future .

4. Do I receive more than I give, or give more than I receive?

Professionally = give more than I receive . always.
Personally = I guess I am a little wary of giving more, lest the person feels suffocated and the fear of being rebuked .

I am trying to change it .

5. What is the one thing I can do better than others?

I clean good :D I make jokes better .

And maybe, just maybe, I make Indian sweets better :)

6. Whom do I want to be like?

The secret answer to that is my Mom , I have always thought of her as my very own celebrity. although ever since teen-age I've been trying my best to be different.

I also want to be like two of my best friends , they seem to be always effortlessly happy .

& my dog , to give so much of love without wanting anything in return.

7. What have I done for which I’ll be remembered after I am gone?

For visiting friends, for being there .

8. Who are the ones who make me happy?

Puppy makes me happy .

Jokes aside only we can make ourselves happy, which is very difficult to follow.

Seeing the people I love after a long time makes me happy . Happy people make me happy .
People who waste time in scrutinising others are the biggest downer.

9. Do people miss me if I’m not present in a gathering?

I have a nudging feeling that they do not , but I can only wish that they do .
What am I saying ? They sure do even if they don't express it very often , but most often do :)

On introspection I might have become more negative about certain things and care lesser about others .

Would you do the above tag ?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love thy Password !!

It is only recently that I changed all my passwords .
Old habits die hard , and sometimes whenever a new site asks for a new password, my fingers type down the one word which they have been so familiar with

A friend's password is his girl's name appended with the word "wife".
A hope for a future in the mundane every day usage.

For most of the time it seems to be something right off the top of our mind,
the funny thing is that people usually take a password which is the first thing they can think of,
or rather something which is on their mind (&heart).

For a long time now , my password had been my favourite blog .
To think of it now , perhaps the writer was my favourite person too .

 I wish I had associated it with a thing , a book a la J.R.R Tolkein , an orchid ,
 but I associated it with a person.

Things are easy to forget but people are not .
Somewhere around the corner a reminder might just be lurking .
A password is one such  reminder which you choose yourself.

But one fine day , just like the blog closed , the person lost touch too.
It felt bad at first ,worse to go back and forth .
As the years piled up , the rehashing of memories became easier to do .
Life is like an airplane , from the inside it seems to be static
while actually it moves faster than what we can imagine.

And isn't that what we call the art of moving on .
We might care about someone now ,
but five years down the line and without any touch they just become faint memories.

So how many times have you changed your password ?

Or are you one of the lucky few who hasn't lost touch with their favourite word / thing / password?

Or how long till we hold on to some memories before letting it all go .

And one day , long  in the future ,
when I am thinking of nothing in particular, I will maybe, let those memories return to me , and put the same password somewhere else.

Till Then .. Adios.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When Friends turn Foe

In girl world , all girls are cool ,
they play what they want
they are geeks
they are witty
they are hard working
they believe in earning their own money
they watch cool tv shows
they wear cool stuff
they take pride in saying we don't need no man

And then everything changes when they get married
Its all hunky dory for some time
The above 8 lines still hold true , for some time ,
And then they start judging

If they are 25 , they start judging girls who are 26
If they are 26, they start judging girls who are 27
If they are 27 , they start judging girls who are 28
If they are 28, they start judging girls who are 29

And woe begone the day you turn 30 .
You might look younger than the fat testosterone and oestrogen loaded school going kids,
Ain't nobody got time for that!

Their feminism takes a new turn , a turn where they point fingers  at you
For not doing "right" by them
And that's when you know your friends have turned into your foes

If you have a few left who have not turned foes yet , 
then remember this :-

"It's really liberating to say no to sh*t you hate." - Lena Dunham

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Girl at the Desk- Silver Linings

It had been five years that life had slowly passed by me as I worked in the same company , the same floor and the same project .

I had become the spider queen who had spun her web round and around the same desk .

The festivals , the appraisals , the competitions, the coffees , the politics , everything repeated over the years. And so did I.

When things like this happen , we often tend to give up , settle with what we have and loose hope bit by bit.

Its a test of your optimism where a constant feeling gnaws away saying
that just like others this too wont work out and this too shall pass. "You should not have hoped at all"

We often like to think , that things will turn brighter one day ,
 that one day by some miracle we will get what we think we have always deserved,
that one day life will change.

I do not have the heart to be as deluded as I once was and shout
"Yes , it's possible , you will get your shiny horse and will ride away to the sunset" ,
but I am also a realist hanging on the tenterhooks of optimism so I"ll say yes it's possible .

When returning from office today ,with the sun shining in all its glory on me ,
 I realised that its been three months that I have changed countries,
that I will probably not have to see that same desk for a long time now ,
that those same sickening and tiring words and people wont be seen now.
And that while moving away , I have left a certain part of me behind.

That part of me , the girl on the desk is still there ,
 she knows her wait is almost there ,
but some part of her still doesn't want to let go of it .

The other part is here . This is the present and the now.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

How do you scale up - New Experience in Old Bottle

This is about something which I had an equal part in developing ,
through some years, and yet when today people speak of it ,
they remember the one who started it.

Has it been that you idolized someone and then they revealed that they are humans too.

There are some people who we believe are right even when they do wrong.

I believed someone would always teach me the right from wrong.

And I have learnt a lot from the said person.

The second person is a friend from long time back .

These are the people who shape what your thought process will be like.

They say something with such conviction, that  you want to be what they want the world to be like.

You can also use the word "gullible" for me.

When people say ,what you believe is right , it's hard not to believe in them.

Somewhere down the line you grow up, and realize they are also mere mortals.

We hear their names again , even if they are not a big part of our lives anymore, it rings a bell , but not without the pungent feeling that the person is not the great big human you thought of them to be.

The more learned people will say , these are just a part of live's many experiences.

Yes , I believe I have had my fair share .

I might not be deluded anymore , but I can't help but miss the naiveness of those times.

I've stopped searching for heroes in others ,
I stopped looking from answers from God a log time back too.
Not because I am dismal but because both God and Heroes have more important things
than being heroic.

"Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?" - Adele