Monday, February 23, 2009

quarter century

Tagged by Amrita :) Had been thinking about it ever since

Here go the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

I think this is the 5th or 6th one that I am doing .
anyway read this if completely bored .

1. I don't have any problem with any food , can eat almost anything (except brinjal)

2. The first type of dance that I ever learnt to do was the *twist* :courtesy mom :).

3. Me and Tv have been friends for a long time , apparently the first appliance i could switch on was this . I miss oldie goldie shows like 'hip hip hurray' , 'remix' ,'hum panch even the old k serials used to be good . Remember Roadies 1 , Indian idol 1 and Viva?

4. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Kank , i like K-jo movies . However much I trash and bitch about 'em , I've forever enjoyed his movies . So here's to you Johar ,gay or not.

5. I don't have a clue about any card games .

6. I wanna quit orkut.

7. I've never had a real crush , not even on ranbir or imran . I just find them nice .*sigh* As they say "Ishq nahi Ishq ka fitoor hai ."

8.I think i like to read people's minds.

9.I have tried a lil bit of daaru , from daddy's glass . And bachha log mazaa is much better.

10.I have absolutely no idea what to do when people do the 'maa behen ' galis .

11.I'm a ponytail person , I might leave it open for some time , but ponytail is the thing for me.

12.I feel and look very un-amritaish without my glasses . Sometimes while sleeping I feel there is something missing.

13 . As a kid i used to be scared of Bajrang Bali and Santa Claus.

14.The thing 'mard ko dard nahi hota' is ingrained in me .

15.Has anyone seen Socha Na tha? :)

16.I am neither a funny person nor an intelligent one . I just happen to have very keen ears and do the 'heard here repeat there ' act . :P :D

17.I believe in the inner good . *thats soo dumbledore*

Oh I'm getting bored now.

19.When some random person calls and asks " hellooo betaaaa , do u knoww whooooo I aaam"
I say " NO "

20 . I wanna top . once in my life ( silly na )

21.I make better coffee/cold coffee than most cafes.

22. I hate fat aunties in pink saris with pink lipstick smeared on their teeth who scrutinize thin children . Remove them and half the society evils will be done away with .

23. I hate the bandh system and the " we demand our rights without doing any work " attitude.

24. I want to go to Europe travel by Euro rail and find a cute unsuspecting guy or better be a hi fi professional , go to Australia and find a nice MBA wala taxi driver :D :D :D

25. I think and talk too much about moi self.

And now for passing on this tag . don't worry no pressures :)
Vanilla sky ( tui ki already korechis ?)
Tyro ( coz' u've stopped blogging)
Resurgence ('coz u never do any tags )
Peter (How u doin ? :P )
Mads( have u already done this one ? )
Tara(coz' u'v already done this )
Keshi( i know you are bored of tags heheh)
Abhishek K. (since you too never do tags )
Dewdrop(she's sweet :) )
Sree(have u done this one?)

and any one who wants to do it : P :D :S

ps= slumdog has flooded the oscars for being the great movie. I had thought otherwise . But I like Rahman ( who doesnt )

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sounds like mahi ve

man to karta hai bohot kuch likhu
v day aya aur gaya si , kaiyon ne kai kuch likha
man mera bhi kare
par pata na ki likhu

ajkal man happy happy lagda ve
results hai door , kya ye karan ve ?
na punjabi na poetry mennu aati ve
na jane fir bhi kyu man kare
ki bohot kuch likhu re .

Saturday, February 7, 2009

of self belief

How did he get more than me ?
Why did she say so about me? Am I that bad?
If they don't talk to me why should I make the effort.

This are some of the questions which have often haunted me . Worrying sick , why something happened the way it has and not in the way I wanted to. Finally , drawing to a conclusion that ok I won't do that next time.

We have been having some G.D sessions in our college and they have sort of made me realise about one important factor - confidence. There was this guy in our group , despite not having a very starry grade card like the rest of us , he was the best speaker . His intonations and pronunciations weren't correct , but what made us listen to him was the supreme self belief that he spoke with .

Steve Jobs (the Apple maverick ) went with his conviction despite the setbacks that he forever faced in life.

Anil Kumble, suffering from a fractured jaw, came on to bowl with his head strapped heavily in bandages and claimed the wicket of Brian Lara .

SRK made it big , and real big despite being from a (sugar)daddyless family .One of his phrases which i loved in a recent show was " Sports teach you how to lose and how not be a loser".

M C Mary Kom's four World Championship titles don't just make her a champion , but also puts the case of Women's boxing to be included in the 2012 London Olympics . ( If u don't know about her , plz do a google search . She's Indian )

There are so many examples that show us to rise above , to keep a sane head , to have the belief on oneself .

When nothing helps and all you can keep thinking about is " Why did God do this to me? "
Remember God doesn't have choices like us . For us there is always a right / wrong / midway path . But , remember we belivers think that God is always right so (s)he doesnt have the choice to right or wrong , all (s)he can do is click on the right option .So somewhere down the road , if something "bad" does happen to us , we can always put the blame on him , saying " bhagwaan jo karta hai acche ke liye hi karta hai " :)

It's easier said than done , when going through a trauma or a bad time , none of the " How you can increase your confidence " books help . Your thoughts seem to be in deep regression and nothing seems to be real . All that we can do then is try to keep believing , believing that some day something good will happen . Hindi films do help during this time . And however cliched and superficial it might sound right now but 'hamari filmon ki tarah end tak life me bhi sab theek ho jata hai" . provided that you keep the hope alive.

Getting in touch with your inner self , blocking out the thoughts of your minds might take some trials . Agreed that we do learn a lot from our failures , but it's not very constructive to keep pondering about them , remembering our successes ( however small ) has a more positive effect.

Someone once said to me "its good to try out things otherwise how on earth will you gauge the virtue or vice of something . I too try to impersonate someone , its good to inculcate the virtues in other" . Seeing the virtues in others , and trying to imbibe them . :)

All negativity cannot be trashed and being all positive doesn't always help . But that's where again your self confidence comes in . I believe that someday my methods will be answered too. :)


Some lesser things on my mind :
do find the time to read this --->""

this post however doesn't encourage valentine day goons to either spoil the fun or make indecent proposals .

"there are no heroes , only men " * smiling at this comment *

Finally a simple explanation of my "about me" :
"not the kind , who takes life seriously, who wants to make it big , who has faith in people, who hates being practical, who hates love(the mushy kind), who hates teddies & roses, The above traits don't describe me , they never will , they never can.In fact I'm exactly what the first few lines are but only if u omit the first one"

So when you omit the first one , the about me is :

"who takes life seriously, who wants to make it big , who has faith in people, who hates being practical, who hates love(the mushy kind), who hates teddies & roses.
I hope you got that now :) "

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

life ke funde- fir se

A void is defined as an empty space.

A human does all that he can do to fill these voids in his life. If there were no voids , life would've been cluttered.

1) For all who read tis blog , know well zat I can be hardly be classified under the header 'writer'. I write when I have a void to fill. The last two posts which were immature , childish , bimbette like were all done by me.(guilty as charged :) )

2) Sometimes there comes a time , when you feel complete within yourself. It's that time when you don't need anyone else , when what others say truly doesn't matter . Its when you are neither elated nor depressed all you feel is the real person ,who for sometime might've got lost .

3)There's thing called "being honest with yourself" . I think it means the same as "being yourself". Being what you feel like at the moment. There's no point in trying to reachieve things/emotions long gone by.

4) There's no need to call friends - "friends" . it's mutual after all. Just like IITians don't need to be scoffed at or raised to a high bar , only coz' they did something we couldn't do ( I don't know from where I have come with this sudden empathy for them !! )

5) I like

Masakalli :

Tujhe kya gum /What sadness do you have ye ?
tera ristha Gagan ki basuri se hai / the lore of the sky
Pawan ki guftagu se hai / the whispers of this wind , the golden sun are all yours.
Suraj ki roshani se hai /

Udiyo na dariyo / fly ,don't fear
Kar manmani manmaani manmanni / do whateva u wanna
Badhiyo naa mudiyon kar nadani / go on and be the kid u've always been .

Rehna tu:

Haath tham chalna hi
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise ./// couldn't really do the translation :)
Haath tham chalna hi
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise

Ek daaya hoga ek baaiya hoga
Tham le haath yeh thaam le
Chalna hai sang tham le

6)Now for some irony. We"ll be having "preparation for campussing" classes in a few days , but no one knows whether any naukri providers will stop by !!! hahhahaah. And in case they don't , I'm good in maths and can run when there's a need to. ( ARE YOU LISTENING future maalik / maalkins ?? )

7) Am seriously quite impressed by the many blogger awards doing the rounds ajkal . esp. by the one ( Sam & karthik ) who awarded me . I was like " hainn main hehhe" . thanx guys :)
however unworthy I am ( though a lil more than celina jaitely :) ). By the way how many of you have understood my *about me * ??? ( just curiosity :) )

8) stay hungry , stay foolish