Thursday, June 26, 2008

21 st

I'm finally 21 , should i say yipppeeeee & run all over the house & outside ???
Dunno about that , but i was quite happy that so many people called up to wish , ( finding hapiness in the mundaneness of life did u say? ) , So do I feel anything different - not really , another year gone by , but then again a small part of me says " woow oo you are supposed to be a MATURE gal now " u know as a kid whenever I used to visualize myself as 21 - it would always be someone who was totally mature , would wear a shirt & trouser , know my mind all the time , know how to drive , would be a frequent visitor to the beauty parlour and many more . basically these were the things which I thought grownups do .
So how much of me has really changed , I think I'v finally made the transition from introvert to a midivert , am more ready to take on challenges & failures with equal panache . But then again ,my stint at learning driving has been "crashing" ( in my defence , was in class 8 then ) & visit the parlour about once in 2 months for something truly idiotic like a trim , dont know how those people bardashto fy me , & of course when almost 75% of this country thinks that Commitment is the "in thing" , I'm still making do with silly & insipid crushes . Well whatever , freedom is best - what say ?
Oh ya & I completely forgot , have finally started accepting words like F*** , chick , & many others , like tyro asks me to call him "be , sala or something like that " , I'd like to tell him that I'm truly fond of "abbe" , but always thought that the blogging world is full of intellectuals to whom such normal words are digressing .
Lets see what & how much more do I change or do I revert back to what I am or have been , But whatever ! have also realised that life goes on ,every pain lasts for a fixed period of time only to be overtaken by another shot of happiness ,sadness etc etc
Any ways every body's telling me to grow up a little , I dont know what they mean by it but I'll try .
ps = am thinking of quitting blogging

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Tag courtesy :Vanilla Sky
!Tag rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Ok , have been tagged by Saheli aka vanilla sky again ( not complaining , though) . Since my pc is in my bedroom , I do have a stack of books by the bedside which mainly consists of the the last 3 Harry Potter volumes . Have a habit of reading , even if it is for 10 mins before sleeping . Silly it may seem , but I'm still in love with Potter ,& occasinaly go through the pages , actually sometimes, its just fluttering by.
Therefore , the book that I'v picked is Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix. (one of my favourite from the Potter series)
here it goes-
" 'Anti - Muggle pranksters, ' said MrWeasley , frowning. 'We had two last week, one in Wimbledon, one in Elephant and Castle. Muggles are pulling the flush and instead of everything disappearing - well, you can imagine. ............... "

silly & funny na ? one may think its childish , but hey u can find such fantasy only in the potter world . Now just imagine , what would happen if your *ahem* toilets would throw up ? .....

5 people I tag :- (even though I'm not sure whether they've already done this one)
Devajeet -insight
Rain girl
Matangi mawley

Saturday, June 14, 2008

AH almost over !

Last friday our Digital exam got postponed thanx to the thing called "Bandh" , I hope u all get the flow ,
so , utilizing those 4 days of hols wen i shud have studied , i watched as much tv as i could , was being as overconfident as i could , watched jab we met yet again ( not full ,however) , yes & the other thing that i did was the nu addition by Mr. Bhagat - "The 3 mIstakes of my life" .
So this 1 was also about 3 guy friends , one of them hero , the other two lil more than zeroes .
but theres a difference now , coz the narrator here is not directionless like hari or shyam. govind is quite the planner . this is what i liked about the story , coz for once chetan ( im calling him by his 1st name now) , doesnt make his "hero" a mumbling guy who thinks his life is screwed & doesnt really think about improving it . But thanx to chetan for showing that some % of the youth does like to think about the future , their future , they plan about it , think minutly about it.
Here our hero is govind who wants to be a buisnessman one day as rich as the Ambanis or Birla . He doesnt think this is impossible in 1 lifetime as he as planned everything about it , that he'll start as a small trader & then expand his buisness & then he'll be rich ! far fetched , some would say , but not to govind , he saves almost every penny he can get , never mixes emotions with work & is good @ maths - his favourite being probability . So what could really go wrong ?
But alas things do go wrong & though the mistakes that he commits seem totally to be of his own , there are things over which has no control - natural disaster , love & rage .
Personally I feel there's no wrong in thinking that u could earn loads & strive for it everyday of your life .Neither does govind ,but later on he does feel sorry for his attitude coz he realises that there's something more important than money & thats friendship . cheesy as it sounds , but when u r reading , it somehow doesnt seem like that .
Everything ends well , but with some losses the characters suffer . I think what it may have tried to convey is however much u plan everything doesnt always go as u had thought it would , u have to be in a situation to realize what ur action would be , theres no certain way to predict it.
Overall it was a nice read , but plz chetan improve the standard of the girls in ur stories .
With the exception of " 1 Night @ ......." , both neha ( 5 pt ..") & vidya , here , seem to be dolts ( in as polite words as I can say) . they r girls who patao guys , any guy , just for the sake of it & also have gr8 cheapo ways to do so . So plz next time onwards plz give them some brains .
So that's that & I hope u enjoy it too.
But hey lets ask ourselves what are the 3 mistakes we have made in our lives ? oh " life" sounds too long & serious how about the past 1 year ? or are they such things which we woudnt even want to share in our blogs ? the place where we dare to share everything --? am thinking about starting a tag about the same . suggest if u wanna.