Friday, June 17, 2011

Six months later

It is such a sense of freedom to know that no one will be reading you.
Six months later, most of the known names have disappeared from the blogging scene. I frankly don't care about the new replacements.
I shall write now unhindered and will not publish these posts on facebook.

I have a job now.. even though it never feels like a job. The days pass by one by one.. all the same yet different. I have a set, a band of friends now. I've had vodka (once) ,I speak laugh and do everything. Its as if these six months have made me regain my life back.

Some friends have broken away, some drifted away. I should've known better.. thats always how it is. However much you love your friends everyone has to go away. The world is not really that small. But now unlike before, even though I know this, I'm not afraid of speaking what I think.

I stay almost 24 * 7 with the nicest couple who treat me like their baby.
But sometimes when I look at them.. I want what they have.. what my parents have.
I also try to be clever and have crushes on so called handsome faces.. but I know i dont give a damn about them.
I cared only once and that feeling is long gone.
"Its time to move on" is what I feel and know that I am moving on. But some part of me, still wants to hold on , hold on to what could have been, hold on to my imaginations.
Now that I'm ok again, I still wait for that one phone call, knowing very well that the things wished for are not what you get.
Even though this is a new life with everything new , this life is perfect.
Maybe I have finally become normal or finally know myself.

I do like work :) well anyone would if they were where I am :).
People at work don't care about if I'm cool or not.. they somehow like me.

I like watching fun, I like having fun, I like dancing with my flatmate , I like waking up in the morning, Weekends have this special meaning, I like arguing. I like having my life back.