Sunday, March 30, 2008


My mum always sed " this world is a small place , u never know wen u'll bump into som1 "
I never believed her & so for a long time i didnt make any real friends , hardly letting out confidences to others , people wud just be classmates or playmates . my point was hey wats the use if ur gonna lose them any day now.
but even then unknowingly i knew there were some people whom i cud call my "friends" . This post is dedicated to all those people who have stuck with me & time & again made me realize that dosti ki bhi kafi value hai. & also to people who i know are gr8 people & have been friends to my friends
let me remember the times wen i was a kid

1. Sanchi , Aditi - two of my bestest friends 4rm bhatinda - grls i dont know wr u guys are now , but i still cherish thetimes we played badminton 2 gether ( hahha the racket used 2 b too big 4 us & we used to hold it almost 4rm it's neck) , & every day we'd sit 2gther while coming home. *miss u*

2. priyanka - 4rm assam - 4 always helping me & bringing me back to earth wenevr id be a foolish snob

3 . kv joka - 6th standard
almost into my teens , life was going fine & it shifted 2 gr8 wen the grl who used 2 come 1st invited me to her birthday party . i was delighted coz that ws my 1st " civilian" birthday party . wat i didnt know then that it wud also be the start of a lifetime of friendship . we grew up 2gether chatting incessantly on fone , abt food , h.w , guys classes almost everything under the sun
we evn share our sun signs , thanx esha- coz u made be belive that friendships cud be retained long after uv left that school . we may drift apart a lil bcoz of the exams & distance but hey we r always a call away :)

eshita - we must really apologize to esha 4 that kuch kuch hota hai stry :P :P

somnath - u'r really bhola bhala & u do tend to irritate pple sometimes , but its hard to find a friend like u . i'm glad 4 those who have ur friendship.

4, KV Fort william
shipra , meenakshi , chandana - i dont think i'll ever forget the time i spend with u guys :D.
i know after class 10 all of us went to different schools & have changes so much over the course of time that we barely speak to each other ,
but jab bhi tum logo ki yaad
aati hai , there's a certain fondness in my heart.

5. then there came the 1 yr break i took after +2 , this was the period of time wen i was left without any friends

so thanx to kiran & pranjana - u gals wr juniors but neverthless my only turf view friends , miss our walks 2gther ( well actually i used to jog & u two used to walk)

6 . aaaaaahhhhhh & now college life
this is 1 period o' my life i'll never forget . ive changed as a person , i laugh more , have more confidence in my abilities & have soooooo many friends!!!!!! i'm just so happy

on the 1st day , i tried to be friends with a purva but hehhe we wr 4rm different dimensions altogether

& then there was this grl - saheli - the quite & observant types - with whom iv shared all the ups &downs of watevr happens in clg . a true confidante saheli has also maintained our dosti after 3rd sem . never the 1 to harp on anything , she's a true frnd encouraging u , being ur partner in fun & everything else. hehhehe she also likes dil mil gaye , but never complains wen i do its burai ( hehehhe) & she was the 1 who wud keep on encouraging me by saying " arre u can do it " ( in 3rd sem) thanx

abhay - this guy is completly mad , he''ll sms u at 3 in the night about graphics sheets & then say "actually i was thinking abt calling u" , make outrageous bahanas 4 coming late ( remember the 1 wen u sed " sir a black man touched my drg sheet & it got all dirty , so i cudnt bring it" ?) , saheli in 1st sem used to think u sleep like a baby , by 2nd sem it had changed to " ekta punch marbo abhay keeee"
but he's also the person who'll be most normal 2wards u & teaches u how to be +ve evn in the hardest of times ( i still remember wen u suddenly came and sed " hey u know there is this real hot chick iin white salwar hahhahahhahhaha) but u also have our respect 4 telling a grl somethng vich no other guy wud
oi tera saheli & esha se zyada ho gaya !!!!!!

around 2nd sem was the time wen i 1st logged onto orkut & refound lost friends 4rm schools
among the many was victor - initially we started of as hi bye friends , coz in school we had practically never talked , but then gtalk does something to u that u talk to pple & thats hw we got chatting , yes he's my 1st online chat friend . its been a year since we started , & now its become so regular .....
, there cudnt be two people more different on earth !! but we've got our ideologies right in place & are strong human beings & thats wat we admire most in each other .

i can continue this post 4 the hundreds of people i believe are my friends , but i have a test tomorrow
so .. thanx to golu(4rm dehradun) , ankita-shobha-rahul( kv joka) , gayatri-anupam-avishek-aakriti-debosree-leena-dona-tanya(kv fort william) , the 2 arnavs-siddharth-varun-tapan-anirudhh( tuition guys) , sujoy-debraj-sourav-arijit(plz dont mind but we call u *gentle giants* coz u guys r nice types
but ahem are quite tall tall well except arijit) - parnisha-ratna-devajeet-ankit -avinash kumar( tu mast lab karta tha)-mayank( heritage aeie) , srimoyee-snigdha-
sanchari-avishek p. - i dont know 'bout those two (ece heritage)

guys if i have missed out on something to batana mat coz wen ache dost to chutne ke baad hi yaad aate hai


yesssss so i've finally decided on blogging yes i'm gonna do it :)
           hope it wont be hard
yours truly was born 1987  ,26thjune COMMAND HOSPITAL, CALCUTTA ( yup back then that was what it was called , it sounded soo nice naa) ,to army parents , dad was a lieutanant back then &ma just 25 ( yup really young)
ma says she thought it was a boy 'coz well hehhe, my cry was pretty much like a roar ( oops!!)
 my dida ( granny) used to make these wonderful sweaters 4 me ( she sez its always 4 the baby's best to have human touch in her clothes ) , right after that we went 2 some posting ( sry cant recount the name of that place) . so here are a few of my karnama's :p
a) as a baby i hated cerelac , & well , actually threw a whole bowl on some lady who tried 2 feed it to me forcefully

b) 1ce me & my brother had a pneumonia , and those sisters %%@#* well they used to inject me rite where it wud hurt most only wen i'd fall asleep , now being a kid of 4  yrs i couldnt take this na insaafi any more - so after 1 such attack , i 'd taken all the cups , dolls , slippers etc that i could gather & went up to the nurse's room & had thrown all that on them with full force( poor mom)

c)now this 1 is the best
  i had to give an admission test 2 get into Army public school ,Bhatinda( Punjab) for class 1 , bt the teacher there gave a class 2 questionnaire by mistake!
i did almost everything but cud'nt figure out the hindi , thats wen my mom thought hey wats taking her so much of time as every1 had gone away & i was there 4 an xtra 1/2 an hr . my mom came & saw tht i had been given a class 2 ka paper & pointed tht 2 the teacher , the teacher meanwhile , quickly to cover up her mistake sed " ohh!! koi baat nahi she'll get it"
but she didnt know the fury of miss roy did she??

   uhh mmm & then all she cud see was my pencil box flying 2wards her , but thanx 2 my mom's practise she caught it jst b4 it cud hit tht teacher . & then walked out miss roy with her head held high .

that was what childhood was like 4 me - in general i wud be this really well behaved girl in a nice frilly frock , who did her h.w regularly , but hey if u had done anything wrong to me , well , lord save u .

somewhere down the line maybe i havent changed at all , but being an army kid one of the 1st lessons we learn is  enjoy every moment as it comes along coz u know it wont last long . time doesnt stand so that u can feel sad to have left ur school , there r tests to be studied 4 , new friends to be made , parties u have  to attend , & things to be packed again.