Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The past week has been nice, with my training ending and finally getting time to relax. Few friends are moving to different places and I know that this trend will continue further one year down.

When more people lose contact with each other becoming mere names on your 'friend list'. Some might have already attained that status.

Some of whom were *acquaintances* have become PGF( pretty good friends) and some more will fill up the lacunae created by those who have left.

And yet as my 22nd birthday completes a month, I realise that how few are there out of the 100s we meet every year ( via some mode or the other) who manage to leave an imprint even for a few seconds.

There's no limit,boundary and differentiability test as to how and who will be your friend 'coz life in itself is too short to decide many things among which *dosti* is the trivial-est of all.

Life is too short ,

to not smirk , to hold up , to not know how to spell S-H-M-U-C-K.

Life is too short,

to not laugh out loud, to cover your mouth while laughing, to not pee when you laugh hard,
to not see Chaplin, to not act like the aunty-in-maxi asking if her daughter has a bf.

Life is too short ,
to not make friends, to think that anybody other than your own demons could harm you,
to be judgmental, to hate others because they use wrong grammer-diction-language,
to waste hailing Rakhi sawant.

Life is too short ,

to not take a *dare* , to not say the *truth*
when the only judge is a bottle spinning on a table-top,

Life is too short ,

to not say " i looove french fries", to be superstitious,
to not take your favourite pen for exams , to not wear your favourite shirt on all 5 days of the exam,
to not try *bubble boom*

Life is too short ,
to envy those who have found love ,many times over :P ,
to not gossip thinking that it would be *politically incorrect * shmuck you are no bahuguna,
to not try to set up every friend with every one else :P, to not set morals for others who have things and beings we don't

Life is too short ,
to not try to bhangra, to not sing in front of seniors,
to think that *good girls should not drink*, i don't but thats another story already related,
to not whistle and then have a dog chase you , *his master's voice* did yo sayy?

Life is too short ,
to be too moralistic, to never bunk a class,
to think that we can only be bella and not edward, to not be proud of yourself, to not have contrasting thoughts.

Life is too short ,
to not feel sad listening to sad songs,
to not dance to and sing *dhik chik dhik chik* , to not wake up at 3am wanting to write a post,
to not call friends at 12am for their happpppyyy birthdays .

Life is too short ,
to think that the world is bad, that things might go bad, that being negative might save you from the blunders the world commits,
to not watch the first day-first show of *Kidnap*,
to repress emotions,
to not cry when Rahul leaves Anjali.

Life is too short ,
to be moralistic and preachy, to not collect donation for old age homes, to be out of touch with your inner self,
to listen to mumbo-jumbo,
to not enjoy life whichever way that be unless illegal , to not have life, to not have vitae, to not be a bourne,

to not plan, to not fall, to not get up , to not set things right,
to not tell yourself that everything will be perfect just the way you like it
and that your friends will be with you no matte
r what and where ever they go.


Priya Joyce said...

life ki philosophy lag rahi hei yaar yeh toh...truly true...agreed..:)
wat more can i say :)

vanilla sky said...

Heh! *bubble boom* I guess KwalityWalls has taken it off due to panic people created whenever I asked them to taste it ! Anyway, orange rules!
*envy those who have found love* hehe :)
yeah, see we have so many stories to tell because of some of the 'blunders' , like watching woh lamhe , atending graphics on fest morning ...

peter said...

You completed ur 22 b'day last month like me :O
I din even wish u :(
when was it ?

Yes today frnds are merely orkut away but still no one cares to ping or scrap you to know ur whereabouts unless it's ur b'day or u have a whacky DP.

Well poem was mast, i liked the examples thatz been used, a lot :)
Life is short but the poem wasnt :P

anyways belated happy b'day :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@priya joice

wahi to hai ye jii :)


they have taken it off???? NOOOOOO how could they do this to you???? we will write a petition to Kwality people.

ooof woh lamhe, that too sitting on the first row and you never understood the car thing , hehhee.

we will go down as legends in the history of mankind for being *THE ONES* for attending graphic classes on a fest day.
*cheerios* :D


Thats ok , I didn't really blog about it and thanks for the belated wishes :). 26th june ko tha.

:) ya had many more examples.. was tough ending it.

deluded said...

happy birthday you ass.

ass for not telling us when your birthday is.

more importantly, mail me.

deluded said...

and also, this is a very offensive post.because you have omitted the most important thing.

please add to it

life is too short

for hot girls to not flirt with deluded


Mads said...

i tried commenting before but it didn't go :'(
lets try this time :-w
i loved the post \:D/ sexy theme and so nicely written...rahul leaving anjali, getting envious when others find love and watching kidnap-1st show were the best for me =D
it was too long but koi baat nahi. too cool che.
i'll never forget ur birthday since my mom's b'day is also on the same dat =P
phas gayiiiiiiiii *evil laugh* :P
watsup btw? watched harry potter?

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Now if I say

“ You are good ” ,
“ You are cool ” ,

and don’t adulterate it with too much adulation ,won’t you smile .

if I say

“your smile makes me chuckle ” ,
“your banters vexes me ” ,
“your jokes leave me in laughter ” and
“ if I say you are my friend ” won’t you frown to produce a grimace ? but still you will

Smile because buddy you are my friend.

Seriously yaar life is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Life is short and it's wonderful on your side to bring out the essence of life. great article.


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@deluded doc

thanku ass. mail and say what * today is birthday* ?

"for hot girls to not flirt with deluded" is that anagram? :-w

abhi aa gaya :)
tune bhi kidnap 1st day 1st show dekha hai ? :P I've watched salam-e-ishq too :P :D :D

wah jiii see all 26thjune ppl read your blog :)
yeah yeah have seen harry p. btw apne blog pe comments nahi parti hai kya?

:) it is.
some people just need a good scolding.

@All I Feel
that's a nice name :)

Mads said...

naah i didnt see kidnap even though im a huge minisha and imran khan fan :D :P
hey even i saw salaam-e-ishq ka first day first show. and wats more..i liked it :)) :P

yeah mere blog pe comments padhti hu naa :O :-s i just dont reply to them immediately... :D
and i saw ur comment if u meant i shud see ur comment :P

Resurgence said...

Gal..... bhaari bharkam post tha.... :)... some good examples on life and some on which I differ but still a very good post.... :).... and haan in today's life when friends do not get time to exchange few words... you will stilll find the same chemistry after the initial awkwardness when they meet years after....... :)

Amrita~Ams said...

baap re..kitha kya kya likha tune..:|

mast tha..
seriously after coll...all frnds became..just wale frnd :|

james said...

Seems like you are introspecting a lot about life these days. You have a blessed and a content life that's why you feel its blessed. "Seeing life on life's term" Dr. Manhattan would say.

Anonymous said...

Wah! You are soo cute! Life is too short not to read amrita's philosophy on life and try to follow it :D

Birthday ka batana tha na :(

Happt Birthday :D :D :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@ Mads
hehe did u read kidnap's review by vanilla sky ?? hehehheeh
hehehhe ok ok i believe you , by the way I've commented in your love aaj kal post too.
i saw new york too :) *tota*

that was true ;). yes after the initial awkwardness everything melts down.

some of them have already become just wale friends :(

and all i can do is smile .

thanx yaar,

Sree said...

Life is too short indeed! :( Point noted...I have a lot of these things to do...!! :)

deluded said...



mail and say hi!


not anagram :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

haule haule ho jayga ... :)

@ deluded

Yogesh Goel said...

ur blog backgroud is simply cool..
saw like this one for the first time...really a cool concept...

keep it up..

tke cre
b well..