Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Is it difficult being straight ?

When things keep on falling what do you do to keep it straight. Do you start thinking that it was because of some fault of your own that fate happened to you or do you will it to your fate, do you carry along being yourself, even knowing that your-self has metamorphosed into something different from what you were.

Are we walking injured souls, born perfect only to be mutiliated by our own inability to keep it straight, do we see each failure as our very own fault though many of them could be due to fate acompli .

What is this fear which grabs us when voicing what we think , when someone else has already voiced theirs but which is different from us?

Why don't we think straight , that the chance of each person making it on his own is mutually exclusive from someone else's?

Even the stablest of us can give way to pressure. and then how do you keep it straight?

I was in class 7 when I first read about her. Her life appalled me even then.She has been under more than 14 house arrests in the last 20 years, read about the latest in your newspaper.

I don't know how she keeps it straight, knowing that she could do more, knowing that the brilliance which even the Nobel could not ignore might be going waste. But whatever it is that keeps her going is what I call straight.


vanilla sky said...

Hmm, ever her reaction to this time was so calm. Life teaches them to be tough.

Prianca said...

i really liked the approach which you have useed to address this sensitive issue.
that nobel laureate definitely has learned the art of "keeping it straight" after undergoing so much of mental trauma.
She is asia's one of the few prized writers and intellectual. at least, they could have spared her from their right winged conservatism. Nevermind, life indeed teaches them to be tough.

great post. you said a lot in the most compact words.
keep it up!
blogrolled u gal. :)

Keshi said...

TC Truthful. Gimme some time ok :)


PI said...

i don't know how she does it.really.
lovely post.

Mads said...

i'll admit, my g.k. is pretty decent but i dunno much about this issue but i got the point of ur post and well, it's just something that is appalling how she has stood so firm and...herself :|

made a good read. i guess its only such people who actual mein, real mein motivate us, don't u think?

james said...

nice post!
Food for thought!Why do we have brains but no motivation, why do we have spine but no one stands straight, why do we have no values only laws?

joie de vivre said...

Some people are highly motivated to do for others..She herself is a great personality...

by the way have sumthin for you on my blog..chk it out

Resurgence said...

Gal.... good post.... nice read... but is it so difficult to keep resolute and firm knowing well that you are losing every thing you have in the process? She is able to keep it straight because she realize the importance of her being there.... so has Dalai Lama... they care for their people and know that the mere symbolic presence of their being may motivate many... :) One advice... revisit Gandhi the movie with this thought...... :) and it is not as if people registered in History have the ability to do so... I've seen many common people reamining stable when they faced the ultimate test of adversity in their life.... A single man worked for 20 years to cut the heart of mountain so as to make a road that will connect his village to the outside world... it was his Taj Mahal for his wife.... The story is true.... :)

Matangi Mawley said...

that was so inspirational..

I liked the way you had built the write-up.. the graph was excellent!

frontier said...

Life's all about Survival of The fittest.. If u kno hw to control ur life u r da winner... nd she just proved it!!!....nd if u r inspired
den u will be dere in somenews paper one day!!!1

no one said...

Mast likha hain re ekdum !!!!!!!

Amrita~Ams said...

she is a gr8 personality..

P.S: i thought this is sum diff post..i mean i m expected sumthing diff..by title...heheh..anyways...its better than that :D

Mads said...

where be u....reply reply reply truthful.... :X