Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sound Of Morning

I woke up at 5 am today, it reminded me of the time when I was an early riser.Lately, sleeping schedules and of course net addiction has resulted in getting up late. Now, I don't have any problem against those who sleep till 11 am, why my brother never wakes up before 11 during holidays.

I've never been much of a morning jogger or stuff, I just love meandering around, listening to things, watch the dawn break out.. simple things. It was raining when I woke up, something about rains in the morning is so indescribably soothing especially the rustling of the leaves. Yes even though some people find it eerie it is one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. Even if it isnt raining, and the trees rustle.. wow I feel like Heidi.

Heidi was one of the first books I'd read along with Little Women, I loved both, but Heidi remains close to heart. At that time we used to live in a cozy small town in Assam, surrounded by huge trees and even now the sound of trees remind me of my quaint life back there.

My granny had an eccentric neighbour with 12 cats, every morning right on time she would switch on her Radio, turn it up to full volume, so that every one could hear it. The first strains of music from All India Radio is another favorite morning sound. There's something so un-music like about it that it seems melodious.

Then ofcourse there's the thing which makes no sound, but creeps in stealthily. Have you seen how the sky is just before the Sun is about to rise, a bit purplish , a bit mauevish and the horizon looks beautiful. The dawn breaks and all the other sounds come alive the chattering of birds, the tring tring of the doodhwala, the newspaper walah throwing the paper and of course the smell of tea... :)

I realised what a contrary experience is waking up at 9, all you get to hear is the maid shouting at you asking for some vim bar or washing powder, then you have to right away make breakfast or something.. leaving no time to enjoy the morning. I used to like waking up early & I think I"ll go back to my old habit ... also addiction to net isn't a very good thing, but alas! I don't really have much to do nowadays. dekhte hai kya hota hai .. :) till then cheerios.. :)

P.S: here's a site you can go through in case you feel some need for hope



Andy said...

Yeah, waking up early in the morning, going out for a walk (I normally did that in my PJs ;)) Then, if you had someone with you, you'd go to the chaai ki kitli and there you'd have that awesome cup of tea with that dash of adrak in it.
I agree, early mornings are bliss. But I normally start mine when it is afternoon... ;)

Preeti said...

I remember my 21th grade days where I was forced to wake up early rush to tuitions, come back home then school... ahh.. those days were lot more fun than now...

joie de vivre said...

Dear update my nlog url..its
and now your blogroll would show the right updates..

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

I like this post and the post before, but honestly kill me twice if I have misunderstood. You make breakfast. :).
Sounded like Paris Hilton patronizing her own brand of perfumes in David Letterman show.

No I have not come across a single morning waker, pink lover,avid harry potter fan who dislikes morning rains. Ask the restive guy who sleeps with his football in bed anticipating a football match next day, how bad the sound of morning rain sounds. He feels like pinching the anus of the rain deity.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I do like tea with adrak... with someone or alone :) it spells bliss..

Hey preeti, long time :)
i was wondering what 21st grade is :P
thank god i always had tuitions in evening ;)

Updated ....

yuck! what were you thinking! yuck!
again, yuck, from my gut!
don't they say football is great on rainy grounds?

Matangi Mawley said...

My first "waking up early" business- 12th std. tuition! I got so frustrated! I stopped going to all the tuition classes.. and studies all by myself!

fate had gr8 other plans for me! morning shifts at work! 6 AM at office!!! :( :( :(

but thank goodness- that shift persists no more! :)

gr8 write-up!!

Angel said...

lovely post

Mads said...

vim bar it seems =))
yeah, whenever i wake up in the middle of the night i.e. morning 5am or 4am, and me n my friends always spare some minutes getting lost in the weather. u know, it actually doesnt feel we're on planet earth in the morning- its so pleasant and serene and seems like there's nothing negative then...
and @ the site, i love it as u know :) :)

Hamid said...

Peace be upon you.

Thanks for writing.

Hamid said...

Peace be upon you.

Thanks for writing.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Matangi Mawley

six A.M.!!!!!! Please pray to god that I never get that shift!!


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