Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Mahan Things I have done

The Ladies and Zentlemen,

I want you to read the last line very carefully, varna mera mara hua muh dekhoge(literally).
This is a post , at the end of which you will probably cry or bless me from the core of your very heart.
Yes Of course, is story ki heroine main hu (na :D).Beware, this is the vain-est post you will see from me(I know you might be thinking.. huh! to ye to har post me hi karti hai), but still since I feel very good this morning, here I am on a very self-congratulatory note rather than a self-deprecatory note (which for some reasons is the more applauded one hmph!)

Anyway, here goes a list of the mahan things yours truly has done (they include standing up against injustice,corruption,helping people,being dayavaan and the works) :-

1.A strong believer in equality, and latho ke boot baaton se nai mante.. I promptly threw my pencil-box at my teacher.
She had given my class II ka paper to solve when I was in class I.

2. Once my friend Rupangi fell in a shitload of cow dung and started crying.I thought she was overdoing it, isliye main bhi usi me kood gayi. :P Also she stopped crying and started laughing.

3.My rule of life :- "Call friends when you want to .. irrespective of the fact whether it was you only who had called them the last 100 times" . agar main ye rule follow nahi karti to shayad aaj mere koi dost bachte hi nai :)

4.I have gifted mera bhai a Sony Camera, haven't yet bought one for me.

5.I once went and donated food and clothes to the beggars, without telling anyone at home about it.My mom still wonders where that potli went.

6.I have almost zero savings.I spend all of it on my family. I hate buying shoes for myself, my mom does that for me :)

7.I never forget people, or what they say to me.I can remember all of the stuff they have said to me.However, their memory isn't as good as mine.

8.I have always been fairly good in studies (Not the topper types but still good).I helped my brother who barely passed in Maths in class 11, he scored 79% in class 12. One of my happiest moments.

9. Also, I know that I'm beautiful and that's why I wear glasses, to give others the benefit of doubt.(What shit! glasses suck!They make my nose look chapta and I have to choose my earrings very carefully huh! My tryst with contact lenses is another story though..)

10.I refused to pay the TT bribe , just because I was traveling alone.I said 'aap asli wala fine lijiye , receipt ke sath'. He vanished.

There are thousands of things which I liked doing and made me feel good.

Now I want you to write something in this reply/comment which made you feel good about yourself. Chahe jo bhi ho, kuch bhi ho.I do not want any answers like "yaar tere jaisa to kuch bhi nai"

Happy Holidays :)


Aastha said...

Wa kya thoughts hai ... And i love u coz the things u just mentioned..Proud of you..Ummahhh

dj88 said...

i inspire people into doing stupid things!!!:-P

Anand Amit said...

i liked most of the mahan things you did and specially the sixth one i.e,

6.I have almost zero savings.I spend all of it on my family. I hate buying shoes for myself, my mom does that for me :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Anand : thanks yaar :) chuttiyan ache se beetana

Mads said...

this was very cute!! i loved that dung pe u jumped wala point :D

and well, being a lawyer, i always felt some added responsibility on my shoulders... so when autowale spit paan on the road, i shout at them n threaten to fine them...saying me lawyer n all :D and i volunteer now at an ngo where we teach poor kids...english, maths, science everything...plus we give them free notebooks n all..something like donation- whatever we dont need...

proud of u girl!! the camera thing was v benevolent of u!!

vanilla sky said...

Haha....I remember laughing so heard when you hald narrated the 1) story !!
2) is like daag achhe hai :)
3) true true...btw on the first read I thought bachte hi nai hai as mar hi jaate :P Like "passed away" :P

7) I imagined u r like those Naag movies....where the Naag never forgets who killed his naagin, takes a photo in his memory n goes n bites the person in some other place!!

On the glasses, I remember Hrithik saying to a kid in a show-Tell the world I love my glasses becoz it makes the world beautiful for me :)

Niceeee post :))

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Mads :
Dekhaa I knew it! I love the free-notebooks donation. coz if u donate just money they will spend it on other things :)
Luv u mads :D

Hmm I'v watched that episode too.. and at most times believe that too.. except the times when I have to buy earrings.
& buddhu you had to write some good deed of your own too.
Since you did'nt .. I will
"Saheli Chatterjee is like a Mother Teresa to street animals and also she cleaned up after her bro when he was a bachha"

The Furobiker said...

hehehe.. that jumping in dung thing is pretty awesome! I am happy none of ur friends fell in a well ! :D

I also agree more than 100% on zero savings part.. i am actualy under so much debt already that i will take about 10 years to be zero atleast! :D

Harish P I said...

Hm.. You have done some really brave thingsHm.. You have done some really brave things

Cяystal said...

You threw a box at your teacher? I admire you now :D
and OMG aw at you jumping into cowdung .. that is the cutest thing I've heard in a while LOL :D
and please buy a Nikon. Sony is mantal !
and I like coming down here after so long! FOllowed your blog, so shall be more regular :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Abhishek Khanna

oh thank god for that :P
everytime i go to an ATM I think yaar mere account ka naam 'savings' kyu hai

Thanks .... Thanks

Heyyyy.. :) u still there?

Cяystal said...

Not exactly. Thought of coming back a couple of days back and i am theeees irritated because people HARDLY post anything :@

joie de vivre said...

hahaha...i am smiling...

Azra Raphael said...

omg Truth! i like u so much more now!
u r reallly mahan my lady (no, im not being snarky or mean or anythng)! and i've missed checking out ur posts.

my heartfelt apologies.
im back though!

*in vector (Despicable Me's) voice- Oh Yeah!


I loved your articles. Well done - Papiju