Friday, October 3, 2014

Eye Mask

I feel like writing about many things ... But each of which would be limited to a para....
so here comes a series of short blogs .

Has it ever happened to you , that you buy something seemingly innocuous and it ends up being the best purchase ever?

I have been using this eyemask for the last month and a half and am completely besotted with it!
An eye mask is a black patch like thing used to cover up your eyes against harsh lights.

For someone who has to travel frequently by train and gets little sleep due to forgetful, read inconsiderate co passengers, this invention is a boon.
Earlier I used to get irritated and would sometimes scowl when people would leave the door ajar or light on ,but now dude its like I don't even care ... Let there be darkness and my eye mask is to the rescue! :D

A confession , I love this silky thing so much that I have used it sometimes for a weekend afternoon nap as well .... Oh the feeling of siesta totally sinks in with this one .

Another added advantage is that it totally stops those small hair thingiesfrom flying into your face ...

So, those of you who are thinking what a silly post ... Dude first try then read it again
.. Waise bhi main awai kisi cheez ke bare me rave nahi karti ;)

Happy sleeping fellas ;)


Dhanya said...

Your post makes me want to buy one ;)

vanilla sky said...

Hahaaa will buy one someday :P