Saturday, May 14, 2016

How do you scale up - New Experience in Old Bottle

This is about something which I had an equal part in developing ,
through some years, and yet when today people speak of it ,
they remember the one who started it.

Has it been that you idolized someone and then they revealed that they are humans too.

There are some people who we believe are right even when they do wrong.

I believed someone would always teach me the right from wrong.

And I have learnt a lot from the said person.

The second person is a friend from long time back .

These are the people who shape what your thought process will be like.

They say something with such conviction, that  you want to be what they want the world to be like.

You can also use the word "gullible" for me.

When people say ,what you believe is right , it's hard not to believe in them.

Somewhere down the line you grow up, and realize they are also mere mortals.

We hear their names again , even if they are not a big part of our lives anymore, it rings a bell , but not without the pungent feeling that the person is not the great big human you thought of them to be.

The more learned people will say , these are just a part of live's many experiences.

Yes , I believe I have had my fair share .

I might not be deluded anymore , but I can't help but miss the naiveness of those times.

I've stopped searching for heroes in others ,
I stopped looking from answers from God a log time back too.
Not because I am dismal but because both God and Heroes have more important things
than being heroic.

"Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?" - Adele

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