Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Carpe Diem !!!

Do you know what Carpe Diem means ?

I knew at some time , and then chose to forget it like all the mundane words which I hide in some
cobwebby corner of my mind .

Carpe Diem !! is an exclamation used to urge someone to make the most of the present time .

To live in the moment is to be what we are .

All the cells , molecules and every step of our lives have conspired to put us right where we are .

To not sieze this well  thought after moment would be foolishness .

And yet , day after day we choose to forgo it .

Many years ago, one of my friend's google talk status read " I take a new birth with every breath I take".

I had thought "Oh! how energetic of him" and also what happens to his past births then ?

psst : I am notorious in confusing berth and birth , which has resulted in many a funny conversations .

What if we were all butterflies and had just one day to live .  What is the one thing we would do ?

I for one would love and shout at everyone at once . 
I have this fear that I have never been able to express to near ones how much I actually love them . 

Under all the well practiced pretense of "I can let go very easily" , lies the memory which is suddenly evoked after many years . 

When people leave us , they often leave happy memories behind . 

I"ll always remember her smell and not her dying breath when I remember my granny .
I"ll always remember her baby steps and not her dying flesh when I remember my dog .
I"ll always remember the fun when climbing trees and not the trouble when caught cheating with friends.
I"ll always remember her smiling welcoming face and not the spat we had when I left my best friend .
I"ll always remember the para gliding and not the tears when we vacationed to Goa .
I"ll always remember us talking  about our favorite books and not the mean words we said to each other  .
I"ll always remember how I missed my father when he was gone and not the scoldings when I would misplace things.
I"ll always remember the laughter and not the tears .

Carpe Diem , my friend , sieze the happiness in you and keep it in you . 
Sadness ought not to be yours . You have to find your happiness in what fate has assigned you to.

What would you do if there was No Tomorrow ? What would you really really really do ?

Take the shortest flight back to India
Eat the food you really want to
Profess love to the one that got away
Hug the person nearest to you
Write a long ass apology letter
Actually & Really Love yourself .

Take a pick my friend , the moment is yours to seize !!!


ವಿಜಯ್ said...

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Amrita said...

Oh so thought provoking.... I would call my parents from India if that could be done... and spend the whole day with them, k and kids... just the normal stuff... playing , having tea...
I dunno how the day would end... if I know a time.. I would pray and cry.. and wish I am not missed.

Unknown said...

Life flows and as I grow I learn a new meaning to "seizing". For me it's about doing things that I'm uncomfortable with. Staring down that fear, or just stopping myself from defining myself a particular way.

Long time. Glad to see you still write.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Hello !
Your name rings a bell but I've forgotten your blog's name.
I seldom write nowadays, but when I do , I do :)

How have you been?