Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am such a bragger .

1. 06^2= 036 =(1*0) (1*2+1) 6
2. 16^2=256 =(2*1) (2*2+1) 6
3. 26^2=676 =(3*2) (3*2+1) 6
4. 36^2=1296 =(4*3) (4*2+1) 6

... and so on.

:D :D I discovered the above(by myself) yesterday , if you've understood do let me know :)

now my head is reeling.

why didn't anyone make a movie called 'parai ke side effects'

my non blog mates say they don't understand what i write !

I wanna write 55 fiction too.

The lack of ideas prevents that.

Can anyone send me a smiley directory or something? i know only the ones orkut provides.

MOM said :

hey today , there was a man , he kept on reading a book all the while he was cycling.
me: (agape) WOW ! but that's dangerous!!

MOM: Ooo what did u think? I meant the exercycle!!!!.

that was not 55 fiction , it was wait lemme count , its 34 reality :)

wait am feeling drowsy again , numbers ghoom rahe hai sar me .

-for deluded.


deluded said...

that was for ME?


i didnt know I was a mathematical genius ;)

although I always had this feeling I'd do something great - but then, that feeling ended when I discovered that sprite can be used as a stain cleaner

deluded said...

that was a 34 comment.

no wait, 36.



feh. Im not good with numbers.

I give up. ;)

I think I'll go back to eating cake now. on my exercycle ;)

The Furobiker said...

i am in the process of writing "padai ke side effects"

The Furobiker

vanilla sky said...

aha...the cat and sems have taken a toll on you. Sleep well :)

Priya Joyce said...

quite crazzy...:P:P

Mads said...

please explain that maths, i used to be good at maths and now im completely out of touch :|

i am thinking of making the movie called padhai ke side effects and casting u in the lead role :D ;)

hello??????? why do u go ask someone else for smiley when the smiley directory nahi, smiley encyclopedia is here!! :O [-( dhuuu i hate u, forgot me naa? :'(
p.s- i know ur not dumb, but im back to reading blogs ;) :D
missed u :(

peter said...

ok i got that pattern ..
the Einstein I am B-)

and parai k side effects adult movie ho jayegi isiliye kisi ne nahi banayi :P

ad smiley directory k liye yes u can contact mads !

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


:D naah you'r just medically frustrated . :D cake on exercycle , me too :)

@abhishek k.

correct inference . my head was really aching after this!!(wait can interjection be used like that? )

not that much

wow me in lead role !! :D peter ko bhi sidekick ka role de denge :P :D

hey i had asked u for smiley dictionary but u didnt gave any reply ,isliye to !!

ps= how is me being undumb and u reading my blogs related??
same here ,btw wen will then next ranbir k . movie release ??

CONGRATS ! :D ATLEAST SOMEONE GOT IT otherwise i was thinking sab ulta mujhe hi daantenge !


Ketan said...


Nice discovery! @ that peculiar numerical order.

LOL@55er (even less than 55 is also 55er ;) ).

BTW, I'd responded to your reply on 'A moral Brainteaser'. You might find some other interesting responses, too. TC.

Ketan said...

I also couldn't see the pattern in first go, but say it in the next attempt. :)

Mads said...


haan peter ko role milega... :-w as ur sidekick....or shud we make him the hero opposite u? ;;)

i heard in july ajab prem ki ghazab kahaani opposite katrina (he better not kiss her :X) is releasing :-w
and did u see the latest photo of love aaj kal is out :O deepika and saif che...deepika is wearing white tee and yellow hot pants :-s only her back is seen..and she looks hot [-(
(this is turning out to be a kitty party, for sure..)
wats ur story with hakka huh? :-w tell tell tell :D mujhe bhi darr nahi lagta ;;) although i hv sorted everything with her and i dont think i shud bring up some new probs again :-s wo bhi one the first day of my 2nd innings in blogville...but i cant resist :D

arre i said, i know ur not dumb, coz since i commented on ur post, its obvious that i read ur post, so its more obvious that im back to blogging :D samjhi? :-s if not, then chuck it che....
how do i teach u smileys :-s i can mail u if u want...or i will teach u on comments...whatever u say che....

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:D :D :D good you got that .
and about the comment in your blog , that was my perspective , a lil different from what u wanted maybe but all the same mine :) . & peace.

@ mads

HOHOHO yaaa chal I'll tell u the funda .

lets start simple
i wrote

2. 16^2=256
the ones digit '6' remains as it is .

the tens digit is twice the index no. plus 1 as in here the index no. is 2 , therefore 5=2*2+1.

the hundreds digit is -> index no * (index no -1)
here it is 2*(2-1) =2
net ans : 256

ab hopefully samjhi ,
as to how you"ll decide what the index no. can be . well its just 1+the leftmost digit of the no. to be squared.

*phew* hopefully ab tujhe samajh aa gaya :).

ya teach me smiley on blog only :D

nahi re maine love aaj kal ka ad nahi dekha.

do u really like deepika ? apart from the fact that she's ( sob sob ) ranbir's ?? sometimes she looks like patthar ki sanam.

hakka ka problem baad me 'discuss' karenge all i can tell u is that I had been banned from reading her blog long ago like abt a month b4 peter's fracas . ( don't mind peter :) )
ooooo ha good idea , peter ke saath main lead , nahi re we cant do to his fans what ranbir has done to us :P :P , and we"ll find some hot blog chick for her :P :P ( @ peter zyada ud mat :):P )

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

sry typo in the last line . hot blog chick for him.

ps - kya lamba comment tha .

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...



This at times servers more than a smiley :D .
Wow you study so much .

Anonymous said...

maths toh aati nahi mujhe, 55 fiction aata tha, woh bhi maths padh ke bhool gayi! :P

deluded said...

@truthful ladki

please also find a hot blog chick for me? please?

thanks ;)


deepika rules all. stop. fullstop.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

is it hangman? :O , ;(

hehhehe koi baat nahi. I"ll teach you match u teach me 55. wat say?

@deluded doc
ohhooo hey u already have hot blog chicks following you. how much more could one want !!!

yeah yeah deepika rules , you take her and give ranbir to us .

Sree said...

Padai ke side effect! lolz...

Mathematics ka M nahi aata mujhe...i do calculate instinctively!! ;)

Nice post! :)

Mads said...

i didnt understand :(
will ask sis to explain to me tomorrow :-w she is a maths whiz :-w

i liked deepika's acting in OSO but uske baad didnt like her in bachna.. and didnt bother to see chandni chowk. she has a good figure :( and loads of guys are after her. sigh.

and OMG :O i got two articles to show u. i was searching for deepika's hot pants in love aaj kal ka pic for u and got another article.
links are :-s

bloddy $%^@#$%@#$# >:P
:-w ---> this is waiting smiley
>:P---> this is glaring and tongue out wala look...
\:D/---> apna favourite dancing smiley \:D/
:-wehatedeepikapadukone---> our smiley :P ;)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

u kno calculating instinctively is the best way to do your maths.

i liked bipasha best in BAH.