Thursday, May 21, 2009


4:00 am

"Oh! It's already time , must get up .Don't feel like sleeping anyway"

"Hmm will come out after 10am , why did I have to get up so early"

"chal lets finish my painting"

I scribbled a lot for sometime though nothing with clear definitions , there was something else...

6:00 am

"Hmmm lets have a cup of coffee , on second thoughts , mum will kill me ! "

Mum , yeah and Dad , how nice they've been , we've gone out . But I know what the poor souls have been thinking .. stupid suicide stories. I'm not like that!!!.

Mum says History and Civics were her favorite. I know what she's pointing to . But I hate S.S.T..
:) and Dad says ''bhabish na"

9:00 am

Ronnnnyyyyyyyyyy the new radio stations have started , listen to this Radio Mirchi . It's cool na? Now we"ll never buy any cassettes .

10:30 am

" It's Meenakshi's call , take it "
" oi result out ho gaya , apna roll no. bata"

" 563**9#"

" OIIIIIii CONGRTAS 86.2% , abbe tuhe science me 92 mila "
" Chal chal baki marks likh le "

The C.B.S.E results will be out today , and its a deja-vu . It's like I can clearly remember what a certain 14 year old was going through 8 years back . You know times change , but this feeling is what binds students. However much psychiatrists and parents say that these results do not matter,that LIFE is beyond the boards.

Every student knows what it feels like to be in waiting .
Waiting for something which decides their future , which decides what they"ll be ,which decides if they can finally go out and have some fun .

A word for those who"ll be getting their results today : congrats, you did it. :)

and for those of you who did'nt, you know what to do. Just follow the example of the girl who failed once but never gave up.

TO BLOGGERs : oi yesterday was vanilla sky's birthday ( she"ll kill me for sure now) & don't wish her on my blog.


A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Every student knows what it feels like to be in waiting .
:), true .

vanilla sky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vanilla sky said...

yeah, those 10 a.m sagas!! Every damn result comes out at around 10 am mostly!!
I remember the day my X boards were supposed to be out, and listening to radio mirchi sitting at one corner of terrace, very early in the morning.
I was feeling like beating those idiot RJs whose every 5 mins were saying 'Today is X results' and playing one crap song after the other.
(And grrrrr....)

vanilla sky said...

btw,why such a bull-like picture at the bottom of your blog?

and I've got a virus in my comp yesterday, whenever I try to log in to orkut a message come with all sorts of swear words and says baby dont go to orkut :(

peter said...

That time it felt important ..but now I realize that if u get 75 % or 85 % nothng changes ...!!
Best of luck to all the kids ..coz i have already been hearing suicide cases..thatz too bad !

and happy b'day vanilla sky ...Yes i will wish her here :))

and how come u changed ur name :O

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


even day b4 yesterday , one RJ wanted to talk to students about to receive their results, about their 'feelings' at the mo' !!

see the whole world is conspiring for u to study
don't go to orkut baby :P

but tab to realize nahi kiya tha :)
what who changed my name ?? pseudonym: I'll try to be truthful
real name : roy amrita roy :P

Mads said...

haila :P u are the tension taking and ending up doing awesomely well types, i knew it >:p
i hv yet to sink in that maths which u explained to me :((
but i will get it :-w
best of luck to the kids..and i sincerely hope when we get kids (arre with our respective husbands, respective kids...dirty mind...hmmph!! :P) then all this marks and crap wont be important and there wont be pressure on the poor kids :(
hate it.
i wont tell u how much i scored in my 10th and 12th but i'v always been an average student and doing worse in college and it sucks even more coz i dont care and my parents feel bad :-s
*agrees with vanilla sky* its irritating when the RJ's say, be happy and listen to radio mirchi even if u'v flunked. shut up u buffon of a RJ X-(

Mads said...

ok, do u hv yahoo messenger? then it will be easier for u to learn the smileys by urself :-w
all these smileys are lifted from yahoo messenger :D \:D/

Mads said...

i will wish vanilla sky on her blog...khekhekhe :D

Sree said...

Yeah...that binds them together!! Good post explain the psyche of the result awaiting mind!! :)

Priya Joyce said...

hehehe...belated happy b'day Vanilla Sky

khoob sky me udo

yeh wish hei kyaa ek khata ;)

and..tumne mujhe yaad dila di..3 saal pehle ka manzar..jab mere budday ko result aaya tha ;)

Anonymous said...

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joie de vivre said...

number se koi kismat nai badalti..n i genuinly dont believe in marks

happy bday vanilla sky

BrownPhantom said...

Amazing to know that someone who failed once, later did so well to be nonchalant about marks in 80s and 90s :). I used to so wait for the results as a kid. You brought back memories.

deluded said...


nice post!

also, wake up at 4!!!!

I remember I got my results through airtel messaging. good days, good days.



about that anonymous tag, I would say

"bhabish naa"

Im too lazy to copy paste that much ;)

deluded said...

although I WOULD like to fill in my name on all the sexy parts.....but thats a completely different ball game ;)

deluded said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'll try 2 be truthful said...


arre i saw those two deepika articles u fwded. kya yaar cricket match ???? btw wat"ll u do if she plays with dravid? >:P (see am learning the smileys)

heheh madsy u've done full planning na . accha u can send your kids to me for maths tuition :D :).

main to exam & result days pe radio sunti nahi hu. somehow them RJ's sound very creepy :x.

10th & 12th marks don't matter much later on. and waise bhi btw jii wats ur comment on the supreme court's judgment "OBEY YOUR WIFE" haahahahhaha .

wat made u think both me and vanilla sky are extra strict people. imagine this ! we are in an engg college , with a girl:boy ratio of 9:100, yet no teensy weensy aankho ka ishaara:P (not that we'r into it u know) Furthur imagine this , all that the dudes can talk to us is about " can I get your notes xeroxed" I to have only one ummeed left that like in movies all the nerdys get the hero in the end. so we are quite assured in that area u see, puri insurance hai .:S :P
we are COMMITED but to our work . hohaahohaa

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


thanx ya

@priya joice

by god tere b'day par result aaya tha?? thats the same thing that had happened with moi mom!!!.

@anonymous ( who i thought was deluded but i guess isn't)

first : who are you
second : tag me anonymity?
third: are u that silly?
4th: the tag is as interesting as SRk's moustache in RNBDJ
5th : havent i done enough to provoke u ?
6th: heck , i typed so much for anonymous!

hmm :) bade hoke thoda dimag me gyan aa jata hai :)

whoa! I am not that girl , it was sort of a school legend !
yeah :)

@deluded doc

u WOKE UP AT 4??? that I gotta see.
why dont u do the tag ? :P
are you bong ? >:-w

Unknown said...

scorecards and their skyrocketing importance

nice blog btw :)

deluded said...

@ truthful ladki


and SHAME on you for thinking that I would send anyone any tags ever.(with so few sexy parts in it) :P



but how does being a bong matter?

The Furobiker said...

yeah.. it used to be so anxious moments starting 10 hours before the results!!

these newspapers and t channels have made it to be more of a nightmare!!

james said...

Wow! you got a very good memory. A lot of kids come to me for guidance mentioning that they are confused about what to do with their life(aren't we all?) and what lies ahead after IITs if they manage to qualify. I tell these teens to got enjoy sports make a gf and enjoy reading.Wish I had someone like me to guide me during my school days..hehe

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


sorry sorry.
arre it doesn't matter, but some of your characteristics are quite akin.

@abhishek k.
seriously , media should be banned on result days.

i think all of us tend to remember those few result hours irrespective of a good memory or not.and u've done pretty well without that guidance :)

Mads said...

i loved ur comments for anonymous =))
i think i will post comments for u as anonymous now :D to irritate u :D

arre no deepika wont play with dravid coz dravid wont be there \:D/ (dancing smiley) he's not in the squad for 20 20 WC naa :D
im wondering what will happen with her and dhoni and yuvi...khekhekhe
yeah i wil surely send my kids to u for all subjects tuitions re [-O<(begging smiley)
hehehe obey ur wife is simply bakwas but i guess justified since in most cases women are the ones suffering. anyway, if husbands suffer, they have the defence of domestic violence against men act, 2006 or 2007, dont remember (yeah there is such an act, really :D)

yeah i know, it happens when u cant find the one in ur college even if u want one and i totally get it in ur case :-w
mere college mei bekar ladke hai. i call them 'so called boys' coz i hv more balls than them x-(
that's why im single :(
and happy \:D/
and committed not even to my work :P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

chup kar ! khabardar agar anony bani to !!!!

and am beyond wanting ,ab to bas parai che