Thursday, October 15, 2009


The similarity between first and fourth year is that everything seems new. The first year seems new coz obviously everything IS so new while the fourth year feels new coz by then everything else has changed.

nahi , this is not another nostalgia filled post though I could apply for a p.h.d in that . This is one buddhi nani's kahani about the naya generation.It was yesterday only,that we spotted 3 chicks(mind you I am against the usage of *chick*) sporting denim skirts , yes the types which end way above one's knees. Now I do not belong to the *bandh-for-voting* party but hamare zamane me ye
to nahi hua karta tha .

question 1: ladki????
question 2: ladki in skirt ?????
question 3: NA ( because ladki-in-skirt was as rare a breed as the dodo was right 2 days before its extinction)

Hamare zamane me to people used to get committed and put that up in their orkut profile , but aaj kal use terms like "complicated","open relationship", " i-have-a-partner" , "I-have-bf/gf-but-still-looking" and "i'm looking at your gf".

Even those fachhas who used to be shirt-pant types have done it. galat mat samjho , i meant daaru shaaru.

Facchas have exclusive membership to the new lounges , while we of course had to make do with the chai ki dukaan .
Fachhas have their own gaddi and apni to chuggi hi sahi .

Fachhis are size zero and we thank god are not . ;)

But ek cheez hai achhi fachhon me , *respect for seniors* . seriously i was so impressed when one of them called me a
2nd yearee.

I hope that when hamare facche reach our advanced age unhe bhi yahi feeling aaye, coz what is umr if not for the young ones.

As insipid and repetetive this post might sound , the sole reason is to teach you about a new word i learnt :
halcyon(adj.)= peaceful and happy. eg. : the halcyon days of ones happiness.

Ending this post on a more abrupt note than the previous one .
Thankee , be back after a month . have fun :)


A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...


Mads said...

be back in one month? kaha bhaaging :O

i HATE all the faccha batches mainly coz they hv so much f**king attitude and dare to call me maddy, forget madhuri ma'm
im in 4th yr and is wale 1st yr batch mei se kitne saare bande aewhi aake flirt karne lage..and im like duh im in 4th yr..they are like, sorry ma'm and wink and buzz off and im like wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zamana already badal gaya re...generation gap hai apne mei apne sub juniors mei...

wat will happen with us and our respective kids :O
our respective jam+cake banane wale husband had better be awesome to help us out :D

btw ur in 3rd yr now naa? :-s
halcyon...hmmm...something which i've forgotten to feel these days :| exams che!! wo bhi 20th se! forget diwali party shartying now :| :'(

wat diwali plans?

and i bet peter the thesaurus would have known the meaning of halcyon.... :P

Akansha Agrawal said...

Ek mahine baad kyun?busy with shifting and all kya?

Our juniors are also good ppl... achhe bachhe hain... :D Thoda attitude hai, but they know saara kaam humse hi padega ;) Humse dushmani bahut mehangi padti hai... when there are no teahers to help out, it is the seniors to the rescue *angel-face* Vaise humne bhi seniors ki bahut respect ki hai... aage ki batches ka... god knows :-s

Halycon... thank you che :D hadn't heard it pehle :) but nice word che :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@ benevolent sultan (tyro)

ooofff i"ll just rename u as mr. long name!!

nahi re , no bhagging , but ajkal dimag se post layak kuch nahi nikalta hai :)
hehe ya they have attitude and nose rings :x (and also beautiful ,that too in engg. college)

:D :D junis flirt with you ???? hahhaa , arre mads mads :P :D

i know sometimes i feel like i belong to black and white films ka zamana !! kya hoga re apna 2 saal me ??

and yes i want a jam cake wala guy ( shit did i just admit to that??? *feeling guilty*)

I'm in 4th year mata, why else do you think i keep on writing about these nostalgia filled post??

all the best for your exams and like my dad says : " tum logo ka to hamesha hi exam rehta hai!!"

aah diwali plans, btw i'm dead scared of the pathakas but love the candles and diyas and the lights :) :)

RK ka diwali wala ad dekha?? :D :D

hehehe i was thinking too that peter the gr8 would know that :)


:) you really like my blog :) (not the types jo jhooth mooth me bolte hai )

:) hmm ek din juniors bhi apne marg pe chalenge :)

yeah its a nice word :)

Nidz said...

Did u say facchas? hehe first time i m hearing this wrd.
yes 1st yr every thign is new.. But then in 2nd 3nd yr make u feel so comfortable. apna hi ghar types..
ur post reminded me of college days.
we had fashion of long skirts in those time.. Some rangeen bag too. chaps.. uhhuuu different flats. t used to be fun shoping 100 rs ka chaps. wear and trrow in a mth or 2..
adn ear rings.. ohhooo teh down the lane shop to buy nail paints, .. god i m sounding so girli.. actually college taught me al tht. or else i was so tom boy types.
I love my junior is school. i never like batch mates, i didnt mind senior. ragging was so much fun :D

Happy Diwali BTW.. :D

Nidz said...

most of the time i only say.. look tht gal in short skirt.. sooooooo hot. !!!! my my..
(mind u this doesnt mean i m not straight :D)
committed and very happy

Amrita said...

oye be back sooner :D

and arre wah!! ur facchas are a different league altogether!

The Furobiker said...

aisi post budhape ki nishani hai truthful ji

Matangi Mawley said...

:).. cant help smiling.. bt u took me back to my col days!

Resurgence said...

Gal... Welcome to the 'old age club'... :)... Well, let them have attitudes ... :)... Shorts skirts... Kaash hamare samay hamare college me yeh sab hota... :(... neways Final Year will give u a lot more... also ragging honi band ho gayi hai na colleges se... isiliye yeh sab hai... :)

Sree said...

It was as much fun to have junior batches in for 3 yrs as much dreadful as it was when I entered as a junior...meri toh aisi waisi phaad di thi, senior logon ne...sigh! But looking back its memorable - also makes me feel like a veteran, a young one though! ;)

peter said...

I hated my immediate juniors, they were retards at least 70 % of them were for sure and no by the time I came to 4th year I was like,

1st year ? ok I was in 1st year like a million years ago.

and LOL at humare zamae mein wale dialogues =))

Halcyon ? ok yes I knew the meaning but it's slightly different what i was knowing, it's like a silence before the storm. yeah in a way it means 'peaceful' only.
and yeah I once had my status mssg as "halcyon days, is it?" and Mads asked me what does that mean.

Okay btw why after a month ?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Sweet addiction

first time??? in that case fachha = fresher+ faccha . ;)

must'v been eons since i last wore a skirt thingy.
yaar hum to direct kehte hai "kya maal hai"


@Abhishek K.
ya i gotta take my pills now!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Matangi Mawley


soon it"ll be old foggies club .
well, hamare yaha skirt wali aa gayi hai but dudes nahi aye :(

arre u must've had fun drawing all those cartoons :)

and i feel as if i was there yesterday only.
yeah thats kinda my interpretation :)
& main aa rahi hu :)