Friday, November 13, 2009

like a kid

Staring at the blank screen
I don't know what to write about
I cant call it a writer's block
coz i don't fashion myself as a writer
I just dropped by to see what others do
Its no news that all I do is copy you

Munching chips,have expressed here
More than what I probably ever have

Visited a few old profiles,
All of them have changed so much
So much hep ,so much cool ,
The Best thing is that they don't even realize that

Made a few friends here
Only outlet is this W185q

I feel more like myself now
and not like living someone else's life
I know what is meant to be

I hate bella and her twilight
read the first page and could guess the story
there's not much to it
i wonder why do people feel thats love
Its like stephanie is the C.B of foreign land.

A twig broke down
it went down down and down
It hit the ground
just like prem did
the fall was hard
but it grew
it grew nice and leafy
it grew more beautiful than what it was
coz sometimes its better to get rid of what was pulling you down.


Akansha Agrawal said...

Hai na, hai na! I hate hate Twilight... *hides incase Mads is here* ;)

Could connect with most of what you wrote, par last para poori tarah se nahi samjha... :-s but I suppose last line sums it up no?

I love the label you've given it... <3

tk care :)

Akansha Agrawal said...
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peter said...

I second Akansha..I did not like TOILET either, and the best part is tht i have not seen the movie and haven't read the book !!
but still :P

like a kid kyun ? children's day special ?

joie de vivre said...

what a feeling..kuch mat kar...

Sree said... speechless...loved this kid!! :)

Mads said...

aaaaaaarghhhhhhh saaliiiiiiiiiii :X :X :X :X
i just read the 3rd part of twilight series...
i really liked the last paragraph a lot somewhat.
hatke poem it is..what's the occasion?