Thursday, December 24, 2009

A New Blogroll and ..

Its been a while since I wrote and here are a few questions which contain their answers in them. See if you can find 'em.

1. Why don't we smile at people we know albeit maybe just by name?

2. I like only chocolate and coffee and no other flavor. Then why are there varied flavors.?

3. I like many pirated-copied songs, is it because they sound apna-sa?

4. Why are we so different when at home and so different when out, is it the dresses, the back-pack, the pen or simply ourselves?

5.Life goes on without stopping, halting , you might stop-and-wait but why doesn't it?

6.why is it that sleep reckons the most the night before exams and I wake up at 5 on a holiday?

7.Why did we go for that movie with our best, knowing very well that its about some cheap and her not-so-macho dude?

8. Iis time really timeless?

9. However pessimistic, practical,non-believer we might be why do we still hope for a miracle?

10. Which is the best place to holiday ? to snuggle under your blanket or something which inspires this :-
"The Pleasant Sun, the soothing wind, the relieved mind, n the company of closest friends! Loving Every Moment."

And if you've got the answers, then here is an answer the question of which need not be asked
" there's one good thing about coming here, we found good friends" .

I finally have a blogroll , do go through them(and don't expect back a comment). Each is different from the other and I like all of 'em
for none is similar to each other or any other.


Mads said...

wah bacchi... congrats for blogroll..
i read the post twice but cudn't get when u say that these question contain their answers in them.
although i liked the questions u put up.

vanilla sky said...

Shooo...your blogroll pathetically shows my last post was 2 months ago :(

Akansha Agrawal said...

Main bhi hoon... \:D/

You've been doing some real deep thinking... :-w Questions that we know answers to, and yet we don't, hai na?

And kya haal hai? xams over? mine got postponed... :D :D ab next month hi hai... :) we also found good friends >:D< <3

AV said...


A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

"There's one good thing about coming here, we found good friends"

True, only if you stop calling me pervert :D.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@mads :
merry xmas :D
thanx :) arre answers mil jayenge ...

so update it !!!!

haan tu to hogi hi *tere widgets hayyy*
i wrote this post in 20 mins :P *lagta hai kuch zyda hi deep thinking kiya* :P
yes!!! exams over *dancing*
koi baat nai tere bhi ache jayenge :) happy xmas :D

see mads this is abhay !

what are you staring at?

Matangi Mawley said...

hey... i m nt tht bright either.. i couldnt get the answers evn after reading twice!

n congrats on u'r blogroll! :)

Azra Raphael said...

yay for the blogroll! and i can see myself on it too! so double yay, i guess! ;)

will check ur blogroll members straightaway. i'm off then!

Mads said...

abhay ji stole my blog link but didnt give him his...
i will read him :-w
abbe i didnt get ur post truthful :O
explain :|

fivefeetsmall said...

haha...i too wonder why we sleep extra hours during exams...

there are other flavours because other ppl like them ;)!

peter said...

I m there too :)
too much pondering u hv done lately it seems :P

RiĆ  said...

those were some interesting questions...its good to be curious in life. :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Happy Happy New Year to you also hai ji... :D :D

Kya kiya new year pe?

Keshi said...

There's only 1 answer to all those interesting qns - LIFE is one big MYSTERY! :)



Amrita~Ams said...


in my case...ppl are rolling back :|....(i realized long tym no update frm my side :P,,,,par ab kya kare..)..

i found answers of sum ques...any questions of all ans :P..

Happy new year \m/

Sree said...

Hey thanks for the blogroll!! :)
You expect answers? Bakwaas being my forte, I can try! ;)
1. we smile cos we think they know us very well.
2. Its for the others!
3. yea...since no one claims to own them, they so feel apna sa.
4. I'd say we behave like how we dress, else each n everyone wouldnt be consider themselves great playback singers under the shower! ;)
5. Life's not bugged. We are.
6. Cos we don't follow rules?
7. Cos someone else paid for those tickets.
8. Time is always less.
9. Its cos of we would like to see what that actually means!!
10. In a cold place with all those inspirations and ofcourse a thick blanket!!

yay!! Done!! :)
Waise, I have tagged you at my latest post...pls do pick it up!! :)

Sree said...

Btw, its always better to answer on your own na? than finding it in the question?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Matangi Mawley
hehe koi baat nahi. thanks :)

thanks for stopping by :)

abbe he doesn't write anything!
arre answers pakaoo hai :) fb pe dekh liyo.


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

in fact wrote this in about 20 mins. :)


:D awai tv dekha :P

that is so right, write more often :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


wah ji ! atleast someone could make out some tail-head out of my post. write na (kitni busy hai lazy billi)

wow u really took the pain to write all the answers and most of them matched with what i had in mind.
as for the tag, like you say "thanks buddy :) "

Resurgence said...

Good Questions... :)... And a Blogroll which has my blog name on it... ab shayad visits badhe logon ki... :)... Neways wishing You a Happy New Year (although a bit late... )... Njoy gal and reach for the sky this year.

paramveer said...

i lv pirated things....last soneday in good mood to save bollywood i went to the showroom to buy original love aaj kal dva...UNAVAILABLE.....then i went to a local road side shop n got one at 20 rs....i saved 80 rs.......

isliye i feel 'apna sa" with pirated songs n movies....haha


Mads said...

oyeeeeeeeeee ur comment was like the best comment i got for this post. cho cute!!
hugs even though u hate them :)
and post kar :| i hv to beg u and saheli to post hamesha...

Anonymous said...

Blogging finally :D

And I'm on the blogroll! yay! :)

Bada sochne ka time tha aapke paas so many DEEP thoughts! All is okay na?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Thanx for all your wishes :)
hope everything goes well for you too.
as for the blogroll ... heheh wait and watch.

I feel 'apna sa' just coz' they're bollywood :D

@chinese comment
:D :D

:D arre i don't hate hugs re, just don't believe in virtual ones :P
arre posting posting..

arre haan re all is more than Ok, and like I said,it took me 20 mins to write this post. :)

Preeti said...

dah.. I am happy your list of whys is smaller than mine :(:( congrats on the blog roll :):) cheers dear :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thanks :)