Saturday, January 23, 2010

Travails of being unwillingly spoilt (child)

PROLOGUE: I love my parents, no I really do and after I'm done with this post you"ll probably want them more than that DVD/Farmville you are thinking about right now.
Yes, both my folks are quite adorable *yawwwnn* , take good care of themselves *hooaayaawn* and me. They probably couldn't get any better zzzzz.......
Alas! the twain was not set to match.Sometimes I wonder if I should've been born in some other century and galti se koi mismatch ho gaya. And you must be thinking "look at the spoilt stinky brat". But ye hai mere parents ki kahani (starring your very own)
So here's how it goes:

Two children are quietly, diligently studying in their room.Isn't this like every pitaji ka bachpan ka dream?
Father is seen pacing outside the room waiting for the 'dua or dawa' scene. He frantically looks inside the study-room.

Daughter (me) :(strictness personified) Dad WHAT ARE YOU DOING????
Dad : hheheeh, oh you poor kids,studying for so long. rest a little.
Daughter:It's only been 5 hours, what do you want????
Dad: errr.. I was wondering if I could play a little...
Daughter: We have our XYZ tests and you want to play your songs now???won't do certainly won't do. Go Dad watch TV.

Meanwhile Son has finished another chapter,daughter goes back to studying albeit feeling a lil guilty.

Daughter: OK OK Dad, you can play now!!! *rolls eyes* (under breath) papa bhi naa!

SCENE II : Its a Mall *yay :D* You see a mom-daughter duo having a fight.

Mom: Shut Up! Just Shut Up Don't talk like a boka(budhu)
Daughter: arree maa, that shop is giving 20%discount. isn't that kifayti???
Mom: I hate it how when you use such foul language in front of us!
Daughter: What foul language haiinn? kifayti and tikauu ar bad words now?
Mom: Yes why are you worrying about money when we are there??
Daughter: (to herself) *coz its mine too*: Oh MOM, I'm talking about fayda only naa
Mom: There she goes again with that trashy bhasha. chi!
Daughter: Don't be such a Mamta B. now.
Mom: I'd rather the one with the K . Just Buy the jeans and do the calculations later.

SCENE III: Its the much abhorred boyfriend-discussion day.

Me: Moooom!!! Don't be senti about it now.
Mom: Shut Up.Did I even ASK? why give clarifications
Me: oh,err.. okk well you know normal parents are a lil concerned about these mamlas
Mom: *raising her eyebrow* SO?
Me: heheh that means you have no problem?
Mom: about what? NO.
Me: hehhee ok then :D :D
Mom: And girly?
Me: *waiting in anticipation* yes?
Mom: You're losing touch :P :D make it better next time. itne easily mujhe gussa nahi ayega :D *hahhahahhah*
Me: awwww MOOOMMMMM, suspense me meri death hi ho gayi thi. kyaaa yaaar!!! tennu kuch farak hi nahi painda :(
Mom: Naaahh i was just wondering which crazy guy would love you hhahaa
Me: awww mooomm self confidence ki band baja ditta!!!!!!!

*scene ends with both rolling with laughter*

Parents: Yayyyy chalo chalo dress up lets go the partyyyyy
Daughter: Ooofff not again :( :(
Parents: arre chalo chalo masti hogaaa
Daughter: But I don't know anyone :(
Dad: Always remember there's something out there.


Me : wooooohooooo wow this is fun, hey you all I didn't you were in town :D :D

Parents (looking on) : See once she comes she enjoys :)
Mom: Yeah shell se nikalna hi only problem hai.
Dad:Yeah, she's having fun hey :)
Mom: Now that the children are busy, you think we can...?
Dad: hop on the spaceship and lets go tooooo MARS :D


.....I would fly to the moon and back if you'll be...
If you'll be my baby
I've got a ticket for a world where we belong
So would you be my baby?......

ps : I had thought of making this post really sarcastic and witty but alas its turned into some bheegi hui matchis jaisa post :(
. And maybe the last bit should've been edited!


Amrita said...

Olaaaa kitna cute tha yea post.. haan sarcasm thoda sa tapak raha tha.. but nt at all like a bheegi hui maachis.. it was a very good deal!! And girl u used to study that much!! i have an attention span of 20 mins only- its been clinically certified !

Sree said...

Haha...nice one...parents ko bhi nahi chodti tum? Last bit ka editing? nah nah...ears-dropping on parents eh? :P

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...


A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

bachchi sudhar ja, ajar mera bachchi aaisi bandar bani na , to mayen usse kan pakad ke bahar chor aaunga. Gana sunne nahi dega, aasi gustaki to bardasth se bahar hai.

Boy friend, chahiye, hahahahahaha. Milega bachchi milega , tereko bhi, chane khilane wala milega.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Thank you :D arre nahi nahi study wala portion thoda sa exaggerated tha :P

arre that is imagination ka kamal :P
varna mom dad ki secret conferences ke bare me hum becharo ko kya pata!!

1. Thanks :P :D
2.jaao pehle meri aunty/tyri ko bula lao. i will talk to high command and then she will tweak your ears. hahahahaha :D
chana khana koi buri baat hoti hai kya???after all its 'natural'.
ps: punjabi chadd ke hor koi bhasha ati hai?

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Maine kab kaha ki 'chana' khana buri baat hoti hai, I will happy rather :).
Khush reh.

vanilla sky said...

"Dad: Always remember there's something out there." :)--something/ someone!

And how on earth could you hear your parents conversation? Leave them alone!

peter said...

Solid hai, My parents have given me liberty/action too par I only avoid it, I guess I suppress myself more than what i should :(

My uncle is like that, he comes with a carom board at 2 in the night when we brotherz and sisterzz are dead tired after din bhar ki masti and forces us to play :P

james said...

I think u have been blessed.. Its a good post though in your own chatpati style.

CRD said...

LOL..really funny and cute...:P

Your parents are WONDERFUL...are they open to the idea of adopting? They wouldnt even have to go thru the pain of watching the kid in qstn grow...ask em ...plzzzz :P

Blogrolling ya!


オテモヤン said...


raphael said...

ur parents rock baby!!

The Furobiker said...

5 hours!!! OMG! tell me your secret name is albert einstein!!

and yeah .. ur parents rock! Specially that bf wala part :D lol

Mads said...

n i thought my parents were crazy :P
*nikalofies hat for ur parents*

u study so much..nalayak :|

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


ooooof that part was my imagination tarka marke.

hehhe :D atleast you didn't take the post super seriously and yet got what I was talking about :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

thanks :) waiting for your post.

thanks for the blogrolling part :)
naaah I think 2 monkeys in one life is enough for them :P sorry :P

@chinese guy

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

yeah baby !

@Abhishek Khanna
NOOOO!!! wo to thoda over-exaggeration tha. hehe :P :D

You know Mads my mom once read my blog. I purposefully nikaloed that Su kyi wala page for her :P :P but then she read the comments and was like "Who are these guys??? "
after that she's been prohibited from my blog (Not that she remembers it :P ) hehe ;)

nahi nahi that 5 hours was an exaggeration.

Divya Khanna said...

lol... nw i understud sumthn... some1 shud be serious in life... most of the times it so happens that parents are... in ur case its u :)

n yea, cool parents u got :) :)

Rajlakshmi said...

awww your parents are angels in disguise :D
that was a lovely post :D

Anonymous said...

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ki said...

kitne cute hain! AWWWW :D

Mads said...


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ki said...

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Nidz said...

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