Saturday, April 24, 2010


Do you feel a certain restlessness ? maybe breathlessness coupled with butterflies in your stomach,which ultimately makes you see small small stars and countless planets in front of your eyes?
Don't worry it isn't that usual confluence of emotions called LOVE , you're just getting a heat stroke.

If you never knew the meaning of feeling HOT, well now you know it.

My feet and hands have been charcolized and I don't even live in the sati yug.... wondering if that would make me candidate enough to be a penguin in my next reincarnation. Sigh! If only I could flap my wings, slide and do a *wheeeeee* with joy on the crescent of Antartic I'd be happy feet forever.

You know the heat has got to you when you cant think about anything other than it.
your thoughts go like : "Oh No! Its so shine-ly sunny outside" or" Man! Can't bear to step outside for the life changing viva I have to give" or "Where's my chata , where's my chata"

Even people like me who always believed that SUN is really a very good source of Vitamin D have been taken down.I dont know if SPF's even work, but I sure need a LCD screen.

And then amidst all this hotness I've stil gone out with friends, forgetting for one moment about the omnipresent yellow-ness, in search of a Havana, a Coca Gabbana and find a cafe which suits our budget. Siting with friends having an inane conversation , my mind slept off to the time when I used to long to be a part of a group of friends chatting away and for that fleeting moment the heat became bearable.... :)

However , bubbles burst too soon and cafes are sadists. We were served mud-paste in the name of cold coffee which left a yucky feeling all over for the rest of the day . That brings us to the end of this post but not before saying " I'm on a mission to save the world... from bad cold coffee..

Enthused by reactions of friends and family here is my perfect recipe for cold coffee:-

For 2 glasses :-

Pour in a Mixer/ Shaker

7-8 cubes of ice
4 teaspoons of coffee
4 teaspoons of sugar
1/2 glass of cold water
lil less than 1 full glass of milk

Mix/shake as long as u don't hear the ice getting crushed. and Viola! Its ready :)"

tip 1: to save your mixie from damage, you can crush the ice before putting it in.
tip 2: never ever and swear to god use those ghastly instant cold coffee pouches!!

-see ya


vanilla sky said...

How sweet post ! Love the tags !!

1) I've already gulped 3 glasses of cold coffee since morning.

2)Hehe, ice cubes didn't harm my mixer, I discovered 3-4 cockroach eggs at the back side. So you know..

3)mud paste !! Really :( Chuck CCD, Indian coffee house rocks!

Resurgence said...

Well... I do not drink coffee and hence would not be able to comment on the usefulness of its 'Cold' variant in this hot weather... :)

This time the heat is unbearable and you have beautifully described the meaning of Word 'Hot'... Just imagine after a decade or so how difficult it would be for one to explain 'S-P-R-I-N-G' in such a poetic manner... :)... :P

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Hey you forgot the cream, the white, soft, sweet, Oh IjustWantToHaveThis part.. You know what cream makes coffee ?
Legend ...(wait for it) dary .

True story. :)

rh3a said...

perfect! cool, light and soothing! infact, cream would jus make it heavy! and DO NOT misquote Barney "Legen (wait for it) dary"

Unknown said...

rofl, amrita, u took the post out of my next post was gonna be a poem on heat =P
cute tags and cute post re... :) :)
hows project going?

Akansha Agrawal said...

Ah well... tell me about it! THE HEAT! I travelled 2 days to the college on a two wheeler (pillion) and as soon as I reached home, I gulped down cold coffee, followed by tomato juice followed by roohafza :| and then went off to sleep in the AC ;)

Sach mein the heat is killing :(

Haan mainu coffee banani aati hai :P I haven't really been to CCD a lot... and I prefer their other cool drinks to coffee... Take care ok... and what is it with you and Mads taking away each other topics for posts... dono post kar do, we'll still read >:P

Matangi Mawley said...

cool post! ;) m trying tht tomo! down here.. it s like being inside an oven...!

Nidz said...

lol u knw i read the word "chata" (which u meant unbreakable as (chata which meant slap) laughs at myself :P

extreme heat give me craving to have chilled juice.. waise i m also obsessed with cold coffee.. i have really nice one.

to make ur coffee creamier >> add ur coffee to ur mixer grinder and work it out for like 2 mins...
its awesome tht way!

i got a Nescafe refiller and got a coffee shaker free :)
using to the max.

By the way i still dont knw teh difference between Nescafe sunrise and classic :-\

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) arre once my mixie broke down thanx to the ice :I

hot coffee is impossible now, but u can try the cold variety . On second thought, that is actually a good way to keep your pocket cool :)

thanx :)

Whenever I see the white cream I'm like Oh IjustDontWantToHaveThis!
coffee is coffee, not milk shake!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) I like it light too. and thanx too you or I couldn't have made head or tail of whatever barney said..

Why you asking about project :( :(
read the post and be happy na!!

How do u make tomato juice without making a bloody mary out of it?? :D
Haan yaar , and u know is mausam me its like I can sleep for hours and hours (in AC)
you're right CCD cold coffe sucks. I should have had that green apple soda :(
if u watch Friends then u"ll know me and Mads are having "UNAGI"
ps: i misquoted that... :P

Akansha Agrawal said...

I have the ready made variety... :P You've tasted Real ka tomato juice...? Pure heaven!!! 8->

*whispers* I am only on the second season of Friends... :| Even though I have caught on and off re-runs on TV, watching the entire thing one after another episodes mein... is bliss! :D :D

Dhanya said...

I have heard a LOT about u ;) Glad to meet you... *shakes hands*... *steals your cold coffee recipe and runs away to try it out*

joie de vivre said...

ha ha ha..hottie babe :P
koi baat nai hota hai...
Acchi Coffee mil jaye toh din bhi ban jata hai...

Take a Chill Pill :)

ki said...

pani in cold coffee? chalo try karte hain :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Matangi Mawley
!!!! tell me about it! thank god for the rains :)

hehe I meant chata=umbrella :)
yes put it in the mixie for 2 mins or listen to it all the same :)
hehe even I don't know the difference b/n the two , but suna hai one is lighter than the other (don't ask me what that means)

:D :D Real is better than Active na?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) I think the 'hearing a LOT' is courtesy Mads :D
*shakes handswith you too*
yes you can try it on your fiancee ;) :)

@Joie de Vivre
haha! hottie babe to u too :P

yes yes lil cold water goes a long way in preventing it from becoming milkshake :) try karke batana...

PULKIT said...

sweet and cute post

james said...

:) good one

Sree said...

Lol..perfect coffee is with filter coffee powder n not instant...and yes stay away from those instant sachets..cappuchino or wahtever!!
Good one re! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ty :)

hehe :)

yes I do that :D

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on the heat :(
. I have turned into this unsocial creature who has to be dragged out of her room. AC makes my super-lazy self feel more sluggish and cold coffees are happily adding their shares to the obscene lumps of adipose tissues near my belly :'(.
Sun screens make my face oily and dark and I sure realise that I am whining again X-(

Anonymous said...

Btw, I take the liberty to blogroll you and stalk you in your blogspace more.

eternalthinker said...

Perfect! That adds to my experiments TODAY. Muahahahha

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