Thursday, June 24, 2010

Batch 2006-2010

I'm leaving , I really am and its unavoidable, not that I ever wanted to avoid it.

I've been walking down the same lane for the last four years, knowing always that this day would come.I haven't been sentimental at all, except the day before my last exam, didn't study, kept remembering everything and everyone. How we'd all met, congregated together, all with specific goals for the future. Things, goals, people have changed in these four years, the change was subtle yet now one can see them clearly.

Few people know this, but when I was taking a year break after my boards, I had enrolled in a day college (just like that, to have something to show for the year lag) I went there for exactly one class and hated it. I knew that place wasn't me, I cried when I got home and resolved never to go back there. That was the best decision.

I guess I'm not really feeling a sense of loss, because I know what's mine will always be there for me. It was one of those places where there was a strong sense of belonging, it kinda adapted itself to me like I was always meant to be there, like I knew that good things were bound to happen here and that nothing else would feel the same way.

.Life is bitter sweet you know, and most people leave a fleeting impression on us , however there are some who bring out the best in us by letting us be what exactly we are. We face life in the best way possible, and it might boomerang, nevertheless your strength lies in thinking that some fine day it would all measure up.

Have been thinking of a hundred ways of writing this post , and with three drafts ready, still can't decide which one sums it up. 'Coz nothing could sum up everything. It"ll pitiable if I even attempted to add it up. So lets just live the moment and look forward to whatever comes along.

We"ll be stepping into a new kinda world ( to state the obvious) but wherever y'all go , what we had was good and it"ll remain that way. Let's just have cool lives.

And now for some fun to end this post. Following is an excerpt from something a silly girl wrote four years back..


"........... right now my life is pretty smooth with studies going good( touche wood). You know I just love going to college and I mean anyone would after an isolation period so long. And since I'm writing after such a long time lets start by giving an intro of my classmates :-

S :- She's become a relatively good friend over a short span of time, especially since I'm so not into fast friends. She seems a lil shy but otherwise is pretty nice and really helpful!!.

........... I think A is a little mad as in he is not as mature as a regular 19 year old should be but that's likable and its always cute to watch a " A and R " fight......... "

I could only smile when I read it. :)



paramveer said...

i can correlate it with myself. i have completed 3rd year at college 2 days before and right now it is feeling like a rehearsal to me when i think about it!
one year more and everything except memories will vanish as it seems!
i love my friends there and i know what is mine will always be mine :)

The Furobiker said...

its been three years i wrote such a post but still any last days n college post brings everything back in my mind as if everything happened just a few days ago ..

vanilla sky said...

No comments :((

Akansha Agrawal said...

Aww... I know what you're feeling babe... :) :) and in all probability... I am going to feel the same come next year, same time... :)

Go live the life... :D :D

Mads said...

im not really attached to my college, i crib abt it and everything but at the end of my final year, i know im gonna feel the same.

im gonna start my 5th year and final year but...this post already made me so nostalgic. i really liked the last diary entry sorta thing...A and S. u were bang on about A :P

truthful..tis was nice :)

Mads said...

was just reading one of ur old comments..where u asked me wat is pictoretto..its this game where 3 log ka team hai..and one person has to draw watever movie, book ka title on the board and that person's back is facing the other 2.
and the other 2 can ask only 10 questions. like is it agatha christie? or is it a best seller? and that person who's drawing can only nod yes or no.

its so tuff, thats the fun of it :D u hv only 1 min to guess :D

Keshi said...

Cuter than cute! ;-)

Hey hows u Truthful? Im here after a long time..just for a lil while hehe..hope all is well with ya.


Nidz said...

nice post girl. U write really well. i dont rem my last day in college may b cuz i was too excited abt the work i got thru college placement.