Thursday, October 7, 2010


woke up this morning to find that I was missing something.....
turned out to be the things which I"ll leave behind... well, almost.

Song Dedication : Damn Cold Night(I'm with You) - Avril Lavigne


Mads said...

i didnt see my photu :-w

:) :) :) @ post...

The Furobiker said...

u can take the nailpolishes along though :D

in the third pic.. are you pointing at the road or the indica or the guy in red payjamas ? :D

Resurgence said...

Great post Gal... Nostalgia... :) When I first moved out for my job (and I had spent 4 years away from home to earn that job) I didn't have time to think about these... Our employer gave us a window of 4-5 days (at max) to be at home... Things were hectic... but when I look back... Many good things were kept away from my life and many good things become a part of mine too... It all evens out (soon and not in a very long time... :) )... I will be waiting for the post when you move out to another job... :) Best of Luck... Njoy... :)

Unknown said...

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A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

That Harry Potter keeps me away from this page for a while. I hate Potty.

More than you miss the things you leave behind, those inanimate muted things will miss you. Like in *'Toy Story', these things will aways come back to life in your presence.

*Like some people understand arithmetic when explained to them with hens and eggs, I have a premonition that you understand Literature, when put to you in form of Films or TV serials. hehehe .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

arre tu mere sath hi rahegi na :)

@Abhishek Khanna
Only the red pyjamas yaar!
Can't take the blue one :x

Thank You.
While you got a window of 4 days,I waited for 4 months. I don't know if i wud've felt less otherwise..
I guess everything evens out in the end. :) Thanks for the wish.


A Modification:
"Aaj kal pariyan milne lage hai,
Silly silly mails padhne lage hai,
Sawal poochte hai,fir jawab bhi dete hai,kabhi dant bhi dete hai,
Phir, pal main ankhon se gayab ho jate hai"

- bhalo thakish