Saturday, October 16, 2010



Random Ramblings !, Tyro Scratch Pad, Madhuri Mads Mad Mess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
Tadka!!!!!!!!!!! It sizzles!!!!!!!!!!

- It was great meeting you all , Saheli I knew from before, and the others from this world of blogs.
I like reading you as much as I like talking to you. This is not a goodbye, just an overwhelmed appreciation of things that happened, I call you my friends. :)


The Furobiker
, Cherrie's Blogs, James, Resurgence,Sree, Matangi Mawley, , BLOG VIBES, Frustration is just the beginning of medicine , JoieDeVivre, Raphael,
Viva forever...

I've been reading your blogs since the last 3 years. Back then most of us were newbies and the growth in all of you has been great, a
mix of intelligence , sarcasm, sense and love is what make up your blogs (I'm no judge, just voicing what I feel) , you are the ones who can really pen your thoughts, the ones who write more than blog and I hope to find you the same when I come back.

-Nautanki ladki


Andy,Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?,Dr. Acula, i me & "not so much of" myself ... ™, My Own Little World- Dhanya, TheDevilInDisguise.

I wish I'd blogrolled you earlier :)

-keep writing
:D :D :D

- Why all this show sha you ask? I'm not quitting :) just maybe taking a break, shayad 1 week shayad 1 month, but like Karan Arjun I will come back. I just felt like dedicating something to all of you , thoda aj feeling zyda aa raha hai :) anyway, happy rehna, keep blogging and more importantly enjoy life as much as you can ...

- c ya


Mads said...

i hate u, u made me senti :(
its like ur there, always there on my gtalk so i think when im offline, ki arre samrat look so good, i'll tell amu when i meet her raat ko...

or the huge plans we make together before any ranbir kapoor movie releases....

or the RANDOM fb searches for hot guys. or bloggers :P

or talking abt shopping, accessories, u teaching me how to put some ishtyle of kajal :P

haha...i shall never change n i know u wont change :)

we'll keep in touch through mails...i write awesomely lambe mails, so expect random crap about miley jab hum tum or some new fashion fad which has come up and i wud hv attached pics too, the useless thing i am :P

i love u :) :* <3

Dhanya said...

How sweet! :) >:D<

I wish I had blogged earlier. Met so many awesome people coz of blogger!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Aww... sweetie :)

Thank you soooo much for the dedication :D I know we haven't been chatted a lot over the past few months, yes CAT :( but i love, love you :*

Apne woh Star World k talks ;) Castle and Bones... see Madhuri Iyer, she knows I have always watched Castle, hmphf! >:P

Njoy ur life at Infosys :D and take a phone which will give you internet connectivity :P

Will miss you... :) :) :)

Take care...
*flying kisses*
<3 :* >:D<

P.S. Am also mailing it in case you don't get access to blogger...

Andy said...

Okay, since I am totally jumpy and hyper these days, I am doing all things a bit too theatrically. So here it goes:
Aawww!!!! That was so damn sweet! It'd put honey to shame!
Yes, I will enjoy life, try not to get depressed because of shit (I think the adolescent-hormones-crap is quite a pain in the arse), laugh and happy rahungi.
I just realized that this is the only blog where I use Hindi. Funny. C:
Yes, even I wish I had started blogging earlier now. Even though I haven't known you for too long, I wish I had blogged earlier. Or at least found your blog a bit earlier. Sadness. It feels like some friend is leaving school to go away to some other place. But anyhoo, you come back soon. :)
Okay, I'll shut up with my letter-like comment because you'll have many more coming. :) There're two long ones here already!
And you enjoy your life too! Good luck, peep! Have fun! :D :D :D
Love and smiles,

Dr. Acula said...

hehe :))) thank you amrita for the dedication..i'm surprised you remember me :D gosh, ive taken the longest possible break that could be...i want to read if not write!! i'll definitely come to read all your posts ive missed after my exams..u write really nice..sometimes im just lazy to comment :l have a good time you :) see you soon :)

Resurgence said...

Gal... Thanks for the dedication... it really means a lot to be appreciated and especially by a person who herself is a brilliant writer... :) Take a break... come back and join again sharing with us loads of ideas and fun moments... :) Have a great future... God Bless You... :)

John said...

better late than never :P

i like going through you blog too. it means a lot actually. :-]

best of luck :-]

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Sree said...

oye...kidar gayi tu!! more than 3 months...
Thank you for ur kind words in the posts...but that will not do...come bak! :)

Anonymous said...

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