Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kahani thodi filmy hai

one of the first things I feel like after watching a movie ,is confessing love, or rather getting a confession out of someone :P :P

I already know this is the kind of post where no one else comments on coz they probably don't wanna intrude your privacy kind of thing.

anyway , I seriously need to bring closure to certain ^ ^ things.
and oh! I forgot, heartbreak hoke fir kabhi na kabhi theek bhi ho jata hai.

"kabhi mujhe lage ke jaisa , sara hi ye jahan hai jadoo
jo hai bhi aur nahi bhi hai ye, fiza ghata hawa baharein
mujhe kare ishare ye
kaise kahoon, kahani main inki"


Rojit Irom said...

"kind of post where no one else comments" Sorry that I just did. Can't help noticing that from2008 till 2011,your posts number has been falling by exactly 12. Hope you change this year. As always, a nice post. Keep writing \m/

Anonymous said...

first time i saw this blog and without reading anything, i felt that the background image of clothes is very very very distracting.. i had to find the words to read them..

Anonymous said...

well the best way to forget someone is get someone else....why waste your time on someone who doesnt appreciate the fact who you are?...

Amrita said...

Mujhe honestly samajh nehi aaya :(

The Furobiker said...

mujhe bhi :(

Amigo said...

It depends on film Amrita..But it happens..

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Rojit Irom :
:) Will try ... Thanks

@Anon : Do I know you? I vaguely think I do..

@Amrita : Heyy :) arre last ke lines are from a song from "Rockstar"

@Abhishek : arre chodo yaar

@Amigo : It does.. a lot :)

Amrita said...

Alle alle.. itna complicated post likhoge kahan samajh ayega... brains rust hone lage hain computer ke saath ladh ladh ke :)
ok think i shd check out the movie, sab uske gaane chep rahe hain and i am like samajh nehi aaya samajh nehi aaya with everyone :(

Mads said...

Hai? What was that?
Sorry... i dont know what to comment.. i might go overboard by assuming a lot of things from this post... and if i dont say anything, it'll be like.. hawww mads ne kuch nahi kaha :|
*scratches head*
i shall safely say, ya ya ya i feel the same after watching a love story :D
and then im like damn, when will i feel that way?! :P

Resurgence said...

Gal... Hamein phir se yeh dukh hua ki hamnein bachpan mein angrezi bhasha par dhyan kyun kendrit nahi kiya... kiya hota to shaayad yeh chhota sa aalekh samajh me aa jata... Waise shayad 'Rockstar' dekh kar bhi aa jaata... par hamein Tintin ne pakad liya aur hum Rockstar naa dekh sakein... :)... What was all that about? Are we now supposed to interpret hidden meanings (and that too from your post!!!!) as we had to do for all those Shakespearean texts back in School?... :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Amrita :
Noooooo dont watch it nahiiiiiii :P:D

@Madsy :

arre thats what I wanted to say in this post par shayad kisi ko samajh hi nahi aaya .. hehe


Sabse pehle.. hum to ashcharyachakit ho gaye aapki tippani dekh ke. humare blog me aapka fir se swagat hai :)

arre kya bataye rockstar ka kuch aisa asar hua ki socha kuch to likh de .. ab kya kare banne chale the premchand , par ban gaye shakespeare :D

vanilla sky said...
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vanilla sky said...

Santy, AR, AM are you guys listening?

Jo sach dil mein hai, zuban par kyun nehi? [as per the ad of Sach ka saamna :P]

Resurgence said...

Gal... Hum to kahi gaye hi nahi the... It was you who I think was on a break... Good to see you back in the blogworld... keep writing and keep enjoying... :)

little boxes said...

that is still fine.
each time i watch hindi potboilers, i get that "chalo, bhaag jaate hai" feeling!

Anonymous said...

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