Saturday, December 24, 2011

Of SRK and Other Things...

I shall always remember my Mom gushing over SRK and saying things like " I just love Sharukh". I never understood the reason for her infatuation.

An average looking person, who danced and acted like everyone else. His movies came and went by, met stupendous success and yet I failed to get why the world went gaga over him.

I even had the chance of meeting him , when the team of Koyla came to shoot at Tawang.The encounter left me very un-impressed, here was a guy who smoked by the dozen and was sitting with his legs on the sofa , at a private function, Sacrilege! Was he even anything compared to my then favorite Amir ? Not a chance, I was sure that the actor who I was yet to meet was as good as he seemed.

Then the growing up part happened, loss of of naivety happened, SRK movies became passable , yet,Ok , so this was a guy who had worked hard throughout his life , and yet I wouldn't root for him.

College wrapped up and naukri started, SRK persisted .

Then came a new era, when suddenly movies thrived on things I'd rather not watch. What used to be called cheap and flashy came to be known as bombastic and mind-blowing.These movies even with their 2 minutes of laugh riots and fun, failed to leave a lasting impression.

SRK still made his own movies, the way he wanted to ,re-inventing himself, yet keeping his essence like what it always had been. I turned to look at him, being pulled down from his throne, of people saying this they did not expect from him ,though the same was somehow acceptable for others.

And all of a sudden I don't care how this he looks , I see the dimples in his smile, I see the same twinkle in his eyes, I see how he looks at his kids , I see how he makes everyone around him laugh, I see the passion that emanates from him and I want him to succeed, I want him to make non-cringe movies, I want him to go get it, like he always has,I want him to woo people again and I know he will, coz' even though it took him 15 years, I finally see him the way my Mom did :).

Other things :

Does it hurt when you know your friend no longer remembers you?

8 Schools and 2 College Streams: Taught me that the ones left behind become memories.

Distance: is what never matters if you are the best of friends.

A Phone Call : is all it takes to talk it out.

An Email : is all that I have of someone whom I adored.

I have a different life : is what they say when they mean that you don't fit into it anymore.

Excuses : are what they make, when they forget that I can see through it, like I always have.

Cracks : are all that I can see.

Complaints: are all that I hear from you, about my friends, about me and I see a meanness in you.

Far Away : is what you seem now, and I don't even know why.

What do I say : when they ask me "kya tu mujhse gussa hai"

Nonchalance : is what I feel when I think of them. The sadness has evaporated.

If : you think i will ping you, I won't. If you think, I will call you, I won't.

Maybe : distance does matter , a lot.

I am : used to losing touch, but never had I thought that even these best friends would fall prey to the circle of life.

I wish : we could still be the way we used to , shout at each other with limitless glee, write to each other as often as we did and enjoy each others' company just like before.

Anyone who asks me about the above few, should know that irrespective of how it ended, I shall always remember their big smiles ,affection, solidarity, teachings, they are and will always be the sparkling stars of my memory.


Amrita said...

Hmm... Always liked SRK and still like him cos of the reasons you stated :) Join the club gurl!
hey and some unsolicited advice - dont think too much about frns who are slithering to the background. Happens as vagaries of life take a toll. Meri maano, dont try too hard people who matter manage to stay with us :) Take care dear.

Rojit said...

Finally you broke the AP series :P Good write. I don't know about others, but SRK is always a nice guy with such a good gift of the gab and damn intelligent...almost a Marketing guru by himself and most importantly a good family guy! Not sure whether m right now sounding like a gal! :P Keep writing.

Mads said...

Amir is your fav actor, and u can't spell his name also properly =))

And joincidence or what, w.r.t the friends thingy! (w.r.t means with respect to, btw :P) i am in an entire FTW wala concept aaj kal, so seriously fuck them! u have so much more to do and look forward to !!

And I used to like SRK, now i dont like :P :P

Renu said...

There comes a point in your life when you realize:

Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won ' t anymore...
And who always will.
So, don ' t worry about people from your past,
there ' s a reason why they didn ' t make it to your future.

Nidz said...

same as mads. I used to like SRK but i dont like him now.
Ur post reminded me of a close fren whn i used to be in blore and whne i left blore she was no longer fren cuz she has no time and still said i mean a lot and i dont understand how..

Nidz said...

same as mads. I used to like SRK but i dont like him now.
Ur post reminded me of a close fren whn i used to be in blore and whne i left blore she was no longer fren cuz she has no time and still said i mean a lot and i dont understand how..

Andy said...

Is it sad that I have almost embraced the process of falling out and don't grieve over it anymore? I find such entire bliss in solitude, it's scary.

Resurgence said...

Hey... Welcome to the SRK Gang... Now at least someone would like my posts on SRK when they come... :)... Waise about friends and distances... Lives changes... scenario changes but once you meet it is like before only... I just got the chance to reconnect with some of the School friends... Infact one of them I met after 12 years (On the first day of this year)... there was some awkwardness in the beginning but towards the end of the day we were laughing out loud, pulling legs of each other and enjoying every moment... It was as if there was no disconnect... friendships always remain because those special moments hang with you forever... :)