Monday, January 2, 2012

Ooooh Main to Moti ho gayi!

The truth is that I never ever cared about being mota or patla.
jab main bachhi thi then mere relatives bolte the "beta kuch to kha le kuch to kha le, tere gaal gol gol ho jayenge ".
and I ate , I ate rosogullas , cakes , sizzlers , but to no avail.

Fir maine socha ki bhaiyya main to model banungi :D Tall dark and svelte ;)
But afsos, bachpan me jo height lambi lagdi thi , wo sali badhe hokar bhi same reh gayi .. hayyy ..

So I said koi nahi Ammu, hum to padhaku bache hai jo badhe hoke saxy ban jate hai :P

Fir , last year I joined mera job and came to know about my unhindered culinary skills (read dial and order).My love for pizza saw new dimensions when I came to know about the delicious pizzas @ 50/- wale offers :D aaay haayy every saturday sunday pizza and CCD ke brownies ke to kya kehne ... aur aisa hi chalta gaya .... for 6 months

and then suddenly out of the blue ------ "Ooooh Main to Moti ho gayi!"

Even then I didnt care ... arre life me to bhaiyya khao peeo aish karo :D

But then came The Vizag Trip and a Waterfall , waterfall pe chadhte chadhte to ho gayi meri OH MY GOD!!

and that is when I made this new year resolution To Finally Be Fit!!

Agenda 2012 :

I hate it when I go to a gym and have to run on a treadmill and my stupid hands are hanging side me :x ..... mano bhagwan ne meri sun li and achanak se mujhe ek skipping rope mil gaya!!!
(*boasts* The only races which I ever won were skipping races :D). Bass ab se I will do skipping everyday and be STRONG :D

Next in agenda is to give up my adorable , delicious babies -- Pizzas .
Those who are anjan from my Pizza love can view this post.

*cries uncontrollably at the separation*

But what must be done has to be done .

*takes deep breath and announces* My New year Resolution is to be like this :-

OK OK aankhein fadne ki zaroorat nahi hai , I will be something like :-

So here's wishing you a VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR

khao peeo aish karo :) :) :D :D :) :) :D :D :) :)

p.s :- aaj egg chicken roll ke samne control nahi ho paya .. but kal se PROMISE!


Aastha said...

Loved it... And I am always dere to support you...

SRS said...

naansense...tu to pehle se hi hawt gal hai !!!!

Rabindra said...

nice one.. :)

Anonymous said...

awesome, ekdam amrita ishtyle....

Ms. Capricious said...

wish you luck :) hope tomorow comes sooner :D and pizza the day after :P

Anonymous said...

Baby U r not moti re....

rh3a said...

yaar meri toh kabse ye haalat hai.. the other day i realised i'm turning 23 this month, and as a kid when i used to think how i'd be when i grow up.. i definitely saw myself fitter than what i am! so the alarm goes off n i resolve ki bas ab toh patla hoke rehna hai! :D
let's motivate each other! :P
good luck! :)

Nidz said...

Dhinchak post tha. nah dont give up pizza
khao piyo aish karo ky apata kal ho na ho!

The Furobiker said...


happy happy bday!!

motapa is just a state of mind!

Aastha said...


Thanks A Lot :D :)
ab main tum logo ke aashaon pe khari utrungi :)

@Ms Capricious

Oh I so wish that :)

chalo behen , ek sath lets get thin !!


hiiii , kaisi hai tu :)
yesss me doing aish :D


You meant happy new year na ? :)
Same to you ...

Resurgence said...

Happy Near Year Gal... Aur sach batayun Mote patle mein kya rakha hai... People everyday comment on my ever increasing Tummy... I never feel bad... (Even today I was discussing with my friends to buy a Sports bicycle so that I Can at least reduce some weight)... But who cares... Kha aur mast reh... :)

Anonymous said...

I like your control over the language ... if not weight. Good , keep it up. -Pappi.

Rojit said...'on. Resolution and that too in 'eating'. That's really one "Mission Impossible" for me. Anyway, nice post with full of humor and of course nice flow.

Amrita said...

hehehe good resolution but bottom line khaoo piyoo aish karo!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Hey resurgence , nice to see you around :)
Wah sports bicycle ka idea nirala hai
all the best to you too :)

@Daddy Dearest
Thankuu :)

Thankeee :) food to main cheez hai :D

*thumbs up * to that

Amrita said...

Have tagged you and awarded you :)

Azra Raphael said...

just here to scream "where the hell is your followers widget??"

and u know how much i love you and ur blog,right? =D

Mads said...

and abhi ur fb status is something about pizzas :O

u really have grown fat?? stupid girl!! i wont believe u till u upload pics :O u are crazy!! over dramatic..

and really? deepika padukone? :P :P

and arre hi5 @ model sapne :D