Monday, September 10, 2012

Ghar ka Khana

Arahar ki daal, bhindi ki sabzi, barish ke mausam ki wo khichdi with fish fry, ghar wali chicken curry *slurp slurp* , lauki ki sabzi , wo green wali sag with aloo ,mutton biriyani, aloo posto, ghar wali kadhi, rajma chawal , that thick mutton curry , pomfret fish ki wo green wali curry , anda chop made with keema , keema curry , liver curry , gobhi mutter wali sabzi, baked gobhi, mummy wali macaroni, even the simple ghee-rice .. every food made in home has  a special meaning and even now I can feel that aroma and the smile with which my mother served all of them.

Bhindi ki Sabzi
Ghar ke khane ki to baat hi alag hai , especially for all of us who have been living outside our homes and know how precious the title of the post is to us .

chicken curry with rice
Bengali me ek kahawat hai "hade hade bujheche" (which means even her bones are understanding)
People say that if you like eating good food then you can also cook good food but mere sath problem ye hui that everyone in my family is a great cook.
If I wanted some breakfast I would ask my dad and he makes the most delicious omelletes and fries and bread dishes and there I would have it, my mom can practically make anything in the world and with loads of that thing called love it tastes nothing less than scrumptious :) and then jab sham ko bhook lagti thi then my brother is our very own hors devours chef and he would make the most delicious sandwiches :)
So you see I never really had to learn any cooking myself.  *hade hade bujheche*

hilsa fish curry
 Its been almost two years that I've been living outside home and its only recently that I've just started cooking.... and thats when I realized that its just not the same as what my mom makes .. infact its not the same anywhere except in ghar ..chahe food courts me bhi kitna hi na likh de "Home Style Chicken" wo home jaisa thodei na hota hai !!
 Even though many of us may know how to cook a good meal .. but really,even then its never the same ..
Ghar ke Khane me jo correct mithas, correct salt, correct of everything hota hai wo aur kahi nahi hota hai.

I remember how when we used to be kids in some remote corner of the world mummy would bake birthday cakes for us.. aah those were the most delicious ones.. my particular favorite was the one where she made a chocolate cake and designed it with gems, how she would make paneer for me whenever she would get a chance to (because my dad never liked it , so it was made specially for me ) , how she still makes that delicious custard ( of which i made a  very runny version once :(  ) , how whenever it would rain she would start frying all the spices for the khichdi :) , one of the moments which I remember very fondly is one where on a hot sunny day I came back from school to find her  waiting for me with dahi cheeni ... even that simple dish tasted no less than Amrit-Ras because of the gesture it was made with.

 aaaah those were the days , with so less to worry about and only thinking and asking "Ma Whats for lunch and Whats for dinner " :) :)

Dal Roti
I hope that by the time my children grow up we have some super fast sonic food delivery system where I cook the food and instantaneously it reaches their microwave or whatever they have in that zamana .
And by then if I am able to cook even half of what my mom cooks I will consider myself truly blessed :)

Ab bhaiyya, dieting-shieting,exercising-swimming sab thik hai , but when I go home I tell my mom sab banao main sab kuch khaungi and that I do without any tension or thoughts about calories , kyuki Ghar ke Khane se to sirf fayda hota hai nuksan nahi :)

Lauki cooked with prawn
Rounding off things , I feel that one of the major things which binds us so much to our homes is the food. Ghar ka Khana is such a real and tangible example of the love which our family showers on us.
 However much we roam around the world in search of money , success and self,  it is because of this love that we still feel that tug in our hearts to return to our homes time and again .

 Lucky are we to have received this simple undiluted  love at least for some part of our lives .
Lucky are we to have people who miss us so much and whom we miss equally.
Lucky are we that we can return to them and ask for our share of love again :)
Lucky are we to have experienced this magic once in our lifetimes :)

"Food is not only something to fill up our tummies with ,
It is  also something to fill up our hearts with,
It is what enlightens our senses and brings back happy memories of time gone by".

It is with this happy thought that I end this post today and also because I'm feeling hungry after writing so much about food :)

-Stay Hungry,Stay Foolish

Khichdi with fish fry


Amrita said...

Trust me, I was chatting with mom now and mom was having paneer and roti. Chimple dish. And you have noooooo idea how much I craved it. As in ulti craving. I refrained from saying it, cos she would feel bad but us lamhe ke baad yea post :( i hope you *hade hade bujhechis* :D
arre mom made food has no comparision :( even if you can cook the most gourmet stuff. my mom makes a cabbage curry in which she puts nothing but salt n turmeric powder. And dunno how much love and care. and it tastes uff!!
Waaaaaaaaaaaa me miss mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. me miss my ghar ka khaanaaa.. rula diya tumne mujhe :( :(

vanilla sky said...

Yes yaar matter how much you goto your regional food restus or cook yourself ....ghar ka khana is ghar ka khana :)
Even karela tastes good when cooked by mummy :)
I remember the first time I went home after joining ...I ate 5 fish piecces at a go !!