Friday, August 10, 2012

Mujhe Gussa aa Raha hai

I am in such a bad bad bad mood !
And please sympathetic or "sab thik ho jaega" kinda advice are most not welcome because I hate those!
I am also hating all the cows in the middle of the road (which have suddenly seemed to multiply) and the cowshit everywhere making it hard to distinguish between mud aaanddd there you go cowshit again!!

I hate the small cigarette- bidi shop from where I have to buy eggs.
I hate it how i have to work double for everything that i want.
Average is just not good enough!
studying 6 hours is not enough!
12 hours of work is not enough!
Its never enough for me
whereas less than half of that is always enough for others

I am theees pissed off at people trying to judge my friends.
I hate sade hue dakiyanusi khayals that people still manage to fester in their little brains.
I hate it how people seem happy enough to be carbon copies of their previous generations.
And then I hate it more when such people call me "judgmental".

I hate stupid Baygon spray which doesn't kill mosquitoes!

I hate how my glass of Pepsi smells right now because the maid hasn't washed it properly!
I hate it how they made some dumb movie called "Bridesmaids" and were showing that on a Friday night instead of   Pretty Woman.

I hate it when guys try to question me and ask me if I watch sci-fi movies. arre bhaiyya a movie is a either a good movie or a bad movie . And yes for the nTh time , I have watched all your given Terminator, Armageddon, Evil Dawn and thousands of others which most of you haven't even seen but no I don't go on and ask you if you have seen Bridget Jones. Idiots!!
And yes ,  I still love Pretty Woman.

I am so gussa at my slow - have to connect it 10 times  per minute net speed!! There is nothing more irritating than typing a whole page of something and losing it to "Page not Found"

I am super angry for this stupid season of BBT , and I miss F.R.I.E.N.D.S dearly. I don't even know what's happened to my Grey's Anatomy :(

I hate it when I say something totally right and guys with big egos label me as "Feminist", even if its something as innocuous as "There's nothing wrong if a girl wants to work". Bloody inferiority complex wale people!

I hate it that I every time my salary seems like a pittance. By the 10th of each month I am like left with nothing but the basic amount.

I hate it how everyone can be cool about everything and I can't ! Is it because I have some extra long "feeling " tentacles or what!

I hate it how I am getting fatter by the day and cant even go swimming (because of work or rains)
I hate the moisture in my house , its just damp , damp and more damp everywhere!

I hate it how people have become intolerant and rude. Its like the word "tact" doesn't exist anymore.

And now it seems that even if I fight hard, in the end I will end up not getting what I want.
That is the part which I hate the most.
Its like a vicious cycle here.
"What I want the most, I Shall get not
What I never thought about,  I shall get in heaps."

And please anyone with sympathetic comments should stop right there , coz Haters Gonna Hate and you cant change the way I feel right now. You can of course join in with your own hate (unless you have the rainbow sticking out of your you know where)

The only thing which I do seem to like after writing this whole lot of crap is I,Me and Myself.
I do what I want and the way I want . Don't know why some people think they have to live their life according to my rules and when they can't they just turn around on me and literally jump on my face!

 I don't care about sounding like a vain kid here but yes, I don't care about you unless you dont care about me! There you go!

Anyway as I was saying .. this venting is actually making me feel good. Anger is such a strong emotion that if you don't let it out, it pretty much builds up a steam to burst your head  & even after facing all  of this , if I am writing here and have lived according to my rules then I have done pretty much allright. *hold head high up and walks away*

P.S : At this moment , without any silly considerations , I hate it when people are reading this and being lazy and not commenting! Some people actually wait for others to comment. bhai sahab har jagah copy paste nahi chalta! So if you are here, then VENT OUT!!


Amrita said...

Baap re baap ending ke lines ne to dara hi diya mujhe... totally would be angry if i wud nt be able to go swimming cos of work or rains totally with u there :D
baaki sab...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
bhai jawan khoon hai tumhara gussa jayaz hai :P hum to budhau ho chale hain :P

Aastha said...

Hmmm I can understand the emotions sometimes I also feel the same. But life is short and we should always try to be happy. You are lucky to spend your own money by 10th of every month swthrt :) ... And abhi kam hai but aage bahut milega that u wnt be able to spend it for coming 100 years .. And yes I am never leaving u alone now if such negativity surrounds you when you are not with me :P :P

rh3a said...

bol liya na? feeling thoda better? chal ab thandi ho, n watch pretty woman! :)

vanilla sky said...

Heheee...cow dung :P


The Furobiker said...

hehe.. m sure u must be feeling better after writing this..

do one more thing, it helps me a lot actually, go to the roof at night and shout at the top of your voice.. "my choice of abuses".. or maybe you can start like geet in jab we met.. kutte, kutte kameene... :D

Andy said...

Lexie died in Grey's Anatomy. McSteamy was left saying 'we're meant to be' to an almost corpse. Jesus, the writers of that show are dead. Whatever the hell happened to happy season endings!

Life sucks. /sigh

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@Amrita : wahi to swimming nahi karne se to mood hi off ho jata hai !! btw I am all chilled now :P

@Aastha : kya baat kahi hai tumne janeman :D tu mere sath hai to har mushkil aasaan hai :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@rh3a : Yoooo! thand pe gayi kaleje vich :D :D *runs off* :D

@Saheli : :P :P ;) ;) *pottyyyyy*

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@The Furobiker : :D ye bhi try kar lenge :P btw have u really tried that?

@Andy : WHAATTT!!!! Lexi diesss??? and what happens to Mc Dreamy??
:( shit man .. anyway star world pe fir se aa rahi hai Grey's from the very first season, will catch up :D

p.s : is katherine heigel dead too ? :(

ShaGuaR said...

Hahahahaha... awsome :D i can relate to almst everything.. salary wali baat ne to dil jeet liya..

even i get pissed off at so many small small things.. for eg.. mere room me kabhi network nai aata :{} always have to go out and talk.. aur sala delhi itna mehnga ho gya hai.. how can anyone bloody survive here?? a movie ticket for 350 !! on weekends.. weekdays pe cheap hoti hai when we dont have time.. bloody marketers.. and once you get into mba u wil realize tere sare dard kitne chote hain!!

Andy said...

I don't really watch Grey's, but I watched the last season finale, and I was disappointed. Shonda Rhimes should kill herself. ARGH. McDreamy has a mangled arm, and McSteamy had some heart problem when the plane crashed. Apparently, he's going to leave Grey's, after a few initial Season 8 episodes. Katherine Heigl's character did have cancer back in the day, but she lived. She just left Alex and then came back but he'd sort of moved on and then they went and had a divorce. Stupid things. The annoying girl that recently lost her virginity to Jackson got fired from Seattle Grace Mercy Death at the end of last season. I have no idea how this is going to work from now on. If McDreamy loses his hand or something and can't operate on lovely brains and be awesome in the OR, I will cry and go on a rampage. ARGH.

I_-3 said...

i hate it when my friends are leaving me for someone else, when people ignore me, when i people follow me like shit and ask shitty questions every time, when i cannot spell things write and the auto dictionary bitches me, i hate it when people call me to tell me how they wrote a whole new paper and bitch me, when relatives come to my room like there is no other place in the house, when i am neighbours bitch me every time, when people do not give me credits, when my friends bitch me over girls, i am mad when people tell me to count when i am angry, when my parents bitch me over my hobbies, when i people say i am mad, when someone bitches me when i am mad at something, when someone talks to me in a while and to ask some random girls phone number, when people tell me how pathetic i am just because i am still a virgin, when i can not speak English good, when people envy me and leave me alone, when no one understands me, when people take money and do not bother to return, when i can not talk to same cute girl i like, when i talk to some girl and she seems to not taking me seriously, when i have to write so long just to make my point, when my code does not work, when some damn bitch gives a diplomatic answer to my question an i see that rainbow from you know where, when i can not search my assignment on google, when my professor bitches me by saying "i do not work hard", when i am the only one attending the class, when some one makes fun of me, when someone touches my personal stuff, when my phone was broken, when i am sad, when people say i am too sensitive, when people say ANIMIE are for kids to watch, when people judge people, when no one is hearing me in a discussion, when people say some movie is must watch but it is shit, when can not tell anyone about my real crush because i trust no one, when people get judge me one the bases of my facebook comments and status updates, when people comment on my height, when my dad say i can not get into army because i am so lazy,when any any friend reads my diary without my permission and bitches me, when people makes fun of someone just because he is different, when i am treated superior, when i do not find a toilet, when i listen to congressmen, when someone just bitches me on some shitty point in any debate, when i fear stage, when i am made to feel like a pussy, when write something and can not post it, when people pee everywhere, when people say take my picture and no one takes my picture, when internet speed sucks, when people do not know the difference between router and access point, when my earphones break, when people mistreat there stuff and ask me for my stuff, when i break trust, when no one tells me about the mass bunk, when i see people with fake crying, when i am ditched by a friend, when i am used, when i can not see the fucking captcha code.